May 14, 2016



“God overlooked people’s ignorance about these things in earlier times, but now he commands everyone everywhere to repent of their sins and turn to him.”

~Acts 17:30, NIV


People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

~Friedrich Nietzsche

I don’t normally quote Nietzsche but I did major in Philosophy at ASU and I do agree with some of the things he said even though I do not admire him as a person. If you are fearful of the truth: you need to stop reading now. This blog may make you uncomfortable.

In this months IMPRIMIS, Heather Mac Donald, who has degrees from Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford, wrote an interesting article about the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement which holds to the false premise that “racist police” are the greatest threat to young black men today. The movement has triggered violence against policemen and sent the crime rate soaring. FBI director James Comey said, “The Furguson effect has sent a ‘chilly wind’ through law enforcement and has attributed to a sharp rise in homicides and the targeting of cops.” Obama had the audacity to rebuke the director for his comments but the fact remains: violent crime is up by almost 20%. Baltimore’s per capita homicides rate last year was the highest in history. It was Milwaukee deadliest year in a decade with a 72% increase. Cleveland homicide rate increased 90%.

Every year, approximately 6,000 blacks are murdered. This number is higher than white and Hispanic combined and blacks make up only 13% of the U.S. population but who is doing the shooting? It is not the police, nor is it white civilians, it is blacks killing blacks. Black youths age 14-17 commit homicides at ten times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. The police killed 987 civilians in 2015, half of them were white and only 27% were black. [To read Mac Donald’s full article, go to HILLSDALE.EDU and then look for the IMPRIMIS, April, 2016]

The facts above are the tip of the iceberg. Guess who is backing the Black Lives Matter [unless you are an unborn black baby] campaign? If you guessed the elite Jews, you would be right. The ACLU is the primary sponsor. Hasia Dinner, an American historian on American Jewish History wrote, “Jewish support for black causes was a way for Jews to broaden their own rights without becoming conspicuous by advocating their group interests.” The Jews want to be seen as victims, not perpetrators.  What does the ACLU, NAACP, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Congress for Racial Equality, Anti Defamation League and the National Urban league have in common. They were all founded and funded by the elite [wealthy] Jews in America. Seventy-five percent of the NAACP’s revenues come from Jews and for the first 64 years of it’s existence, the NAACP did not have a black leader; it was lead by a Jew.

One other tidbit: did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a speech writer? It was a Jew by the name of Stanley Levison. What does all this mean? I will tell you tomorrow, Lord willing.

No extra: I got in late, very late.

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