May 14, 2016



“God overlooked people’s ignorance about these things in earlier times, but now he commands everyone everywhere to repent of their sins and turn to him.”

~Acts 17:30, NIV


People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

~Friedrich Nietzsche

I don’t normally quote Nietzsche but I did major in Philosophy at ASU and I do agree with some of the things he said even though I do not admire him as a person. If you are fearful of the truth: you need to stop reading now. This blog may make you uncomfortable.

In this months IMPRIMIS, Heather Mac Donald, who has degrees from Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford, wrote an interesting article about the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement which holds to the false premise that “racist police” are the greatest threat to young black men today. The movement has triggered violence against policemen and sent the crime rate soaring. FBI director James Comey said, “The Furguson effect has sent a ‘chilly wind’ through law enforcement and has attributed to a sharp rise in homicides and the targeting of cops.” Obama had the audacity to rebuke the director for his comments but the fact remains: violent crime is up by almost 20%. Baltimore’s per capita homicides rate last year was the highest in history. It was Milwaukee deadliest year in a decade with a 72% increase. Cleveland homicide rate increased 90%.

Every year, approximately 6,000 blacks are murdered. This number is higher than white and Hispanic combined and blacks make up only 13% of the U.S. population but who is doing the shooting? It is not the police, nor is it white civilians, it is blacks killing blacks. Black youths age 14-17 commit homicides at ten times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. The police killed 987 civilians in 2015, half of them were white and only 27% were black. [To read Mac Donald’s full article, go to HILLSDALE.EDU and then look for the IMPRIMIS, April, 2016]

The facts above are the tip of the iceberg. Guess who is backing the Black Lives Matter [unless you are an unborn black baby] campaign? If you guessed the elite Jews, you would be right. The ACLU is the primary sponsor. Hasia Dinner, an American historian on American Jewish History wrote, “Jewish support for black causes was a way for Jews to broaden their own rights without becoming conspicuous by advocating their group interests.” The Jews want to be seen as victims, not perpetrators.  What does the ACLU, NAACP, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Congress for Racial Equality, Anti Defamation League and the National Urban league have in common. They were all founded and funded by the elite [wealthy] Jews in America. Seventy-five percent of the NAACP’s revenues come from Jews and for the first 64 years of it’s existence, the NAACP did not have a black leader; it was lead by a Jew.

One other tidbit: did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a speech writer? It was a Jew by the name of Stanley Levison. What does all this mean? I will tell you tomorrow, Lord willing.

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October 30, 2015



“But those who brazenly violate the Lord’s will, whether native-born Israelites or foreigners, have blasphemed the Lord, and they must be cut off from the community. Since they have treated the Lord’s word with contempt and deliberately disobeyed his command, they must be completely cut off and suffer the punishment for their guilt.”

~Numbers 15:30-31, NLT


Free will is one of two things: compliance or defiance.




I am rather certain that you have never heard of Christopher Hitchens: ethnically, he was a Jew but in religion, he was an atheist. Being a Christ hater, it does seem rather odd that he didn’t change his first name.  He wrote a book entitled: God Is Not Great. Atheist are such hypocrites; why spend your life fighting something that doesn’t exist. Of course, you and I know that God does exist and that He is infinitely great. Hitchens’ book is pushed by the FREEDOM FROM RELIGION FOUNDATION. I could tell you about this group but why don’t you Google it and read for yourself.

In my daily bible study, I do one chapter in the Old Testament and one in the New. Yesterday I was in Numbers 15 and Matthew 23; I was amazed at the connection. Jesus said to the Pharisees, “You will be held responsible for the murder of all godly people of all time—from the murder of righteous Abel to the murder of Zechariah.” The Jews, going back to the ancient Israelites had a propensity to defiance, this is what made them so hard to govern. Nothing has actually changed, it was the Jews who showed contempt for Jesus and it was the Jew who plotted and cheered His death. It was the Jews who chased Paul from city to city as predicted by Jesus in Matthew 23. We must balance this truth with the fact that there has always been a faithful and believing remnant among the Jews. That remnant exist today and the migration of Jews to the Holy Land is, in my opinion, a part of the remnant. They haven’t acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah yet but they will. I think the wealthy Jews in America who support FREEDOM FROM RELGION FOUNDATION, AMERICA CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION, AMERICA ATHEIST SOCIETY and all of these Christ hating organizations are going to be judged with the Pharisees because of their contempt for God, His word and His Son.

Look at what James said about the rich Jews: Look here, you rich people: Weep and groan with anguish because of all the terrible troubles ahead of you. Your wealth is rotting away, and your fine clothes are moth-eaten rags. Your gold and silver are corroded. The very wealth you were counting on will eat away your flesh like fire. This corroded treasure you have hoarded will testify against you on the day of judgment. Check it out, James was addressing the Jewish community, he never reached out to the Gentiles. He could have said, Look here, you rich Jews, because that is who he had in mind.


  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed by Slick Willy. She is the first Jew to sit on the court. She is a member of the ACLU and co-founder of WOMEN’S RIGHTS PROJECT an arm of the ACLU. She supports the killing of the unborn and is a good or bad example of the rich Jew in America. She has done nothing to help God fearing, freedom loving, tax paying Americans. She did help women get the right to kill their babies.
  • Sorry, Will’s pie chart got me stirred up.
  • Joe David visited the hospitals today: Dian Taylor was doing better, thank you for praying.
  • REVIVAL begins Sunday, it has been on the books for more than a year. This is not a weekend to take off and get away; it is a time to COME TOGETHER. Every member is important and every member will be missed. If you are taken away providentially, pray for the revival every day.
  • Beautiful day yesterday and we should have another today: Gregg is coming out this morning and we are going to try to get the drain problem solved in the FORTE. We are going to be minus three shrubs by about 9:00 am I hope. If you want to save them, you better show up about 8:00.
  • DHS boys last game of the Season tonight: wow, did the season go by in a hurry or what.

Gary, Keri and Kane


Jewish Persecution

August 30, 2015

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


Then some Jews arrived from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowds to their side. They stoned Paul and dragged him out of town.

~Acts 14:19, NLT


 Persecution purifies and prosperity pollutes!


my thoughts red

I was reading in Acts 14 yesterday where the Jews followed Paul from city to city and stirred up trouble. The Jews were very subtle, they worked through others to incite mobs and riots. Go to Acts 13:50 to see their strategy…Then the Jews stirred up the influential religious women and the leaders of the city, and they incited a mob against Paul and Barnabas and ran them out of town. This is the same MO [modus operandi]  they used against Jesus, “To stir up and incite.” By doing it this way, the Jews could distance themselves from the event and claim innocence. This is exactly what they did with Jesus death.

The Jews were the first great persecutors of the church which is common knowledge but did you know that they continue to persecute the church using the same age old tactics that they used in the first century. Vladimir Lenin was a Jew or at least had Jewish roots [which he attempted to keep secret] and he kicked off the greatest persecution in history. More people have been martyred since 1917 than in all the other centuries combined. Some say we cannot be certain that Lenin was a Jew but it is clear the other Bolsheviks who brought Lenin to power was at least 85%-90% Jewish, and Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler were both in agreement that the USSR was the product of Jewish intrigue, power, and wealth, and that Bolshevism represented a world catastrophe engineered by International Jews who were engaged in the deconstruction of Christendom — i.e., they wanted to destroy Western Civilization and culture.

We know that the holocaust was cruel and cannot be justified from the human standpoint but it has been used since to take our attention away from the clandestine operations of the Jews to destroy the church. Some think they got what they deserved which I don’t necessarily agree with but you would think they would learn and just let it go. The truth remains, they are backing the persecution of the church big time.

There are three antichrist, anti-Christian organizations in America today. The American Civil Liberties Union is a cover for Jews persecuting Christ. It was founded by Jews and has always been predominately Jewish. Of course they had rather you not know this fact. They want to been seen as victims not persecutors. Then there is the Southern Poverty Law Center which is also predominately Jewish. This is the group that dogs Judge Moore’s every step. Then there is the American Atheist Society whose current president is a Jew. Madelyn Murray O’Hair, the founder of the AAS was not a Jew but she had the backing of 24 wealthy New York City Jews. O’Hair was a vile woman who was addicted to porn. She hated Jesus with a passion. She was full of the devil. She was also gifted at mind control. She could put a spell on people. In other words, she was a witch and the Jews used her while they hid in the shadows.

I am not anti-Semitic, Jesus and Paul were Jews but they [unrepentant Jews] are antichrist. As Stephen said, “They have a history of persecuting the prophets.”  The good news is, this 2000 year practice of Jews persecuting Christians is coming to an end. There is going to be a great revival among the Jews. They are going to turn to Christ in masses. Like Paul, they are going to be converted from great persecutors to avid evangelist. They are going to help us get the gospel to the world.

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  • I got immediate text from the phone message. No one believes I can operate a Samsung. I will get the I-Phone 6 Lord willing. I have to have assistance from time to time and there are those around me who can help me with the I-Phone. I couldn’t have an I-Phone without someone helping me. I need help so there is not much of a decision to make.
  • PTL, Hallelujah, Gary Garner got his first treatment yesterday and he is tickled to death. He told me he would be at church next Sunday and if so, I think you folks are in for a blessing.
  • Regular schedule today.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS went great; absolutely wonderful. We had 11 total, the most we’ve had since we started.

Gary, Keri and Kane