Everything Is A Gift

May 21, 2016



What do you have that you did not receive?

~1 Corinthians 4:7, NIV


Grace is getting what we do no deserve, namely heaven; Mercy is not getting what we do deserve, namely hell. Gratitude is our way of making His grace and mercy visible.

~Ya’akov [adapted]

I stumbled across the verse above several years ago and it literally changed my life. I had a pagan friend who boasted about his accomplishments and I could not wait to try this question on him. I asked him, “What do you have that you did not receive? He got quiet and didn’t say anything for several seconds and then he shocked me, “I guess the answer to that question preacher, is nothing.” I didn’t know what to say next: the heathen got it right.

I heard a man say once, “No one has given me anything. I worked for everything I have.” I told him, “You mother gave you birth, is that not a gift? God has put air in your lungs; is that not a gift?Everything you have is a gift. God gives us intellect, talents, the ability to work and to make wealth–everything is a gift which means I nor anyone else wants to hear your narcissistic diatribe. 

I don’t worship doctors. I need them from time to time but their are not my God. My God gave them great intellect and skill so I give HIM the glory.

EXTRA animated

  • Tom Bennich is better and I am not for sure that Ruth came home.
  • Sunday is slightly different: we will have Deacon’s meeting at 8:15 and LCBS at 9:15. We will be observing communion in the morning service and Sunday evening is Baccalaureate.
  • Sunday is also SENIOR DAY for high school and college graduates. We will do recognition’s in the morning service.
  • MISSION OFFERINGS will be going to HOUSES IN GUATEMALA for the next few weeks.


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