Wise or Weak

March 20, 2016



“Don’t do anything with that man. He is not guilty. Last night I had a dream about him, and it troubled me very much.”

Matthew 17:19, ERV


I’m not henpecked, I only do what the voices in my wife’s head tell her to tell me what to do.

~Image quotes

If you listed to the advice your wife gives, you are wise. If you yield to her when it’s your responsibility to make the decision, you are weak. Pilot’s wife gave him some very good advice, “Jesus is innocent; have nothing to do with His execution,” but Pilot did not heed her warning. Pilot’s political career plummeted after Jesus crucifixion. Eventually he was banished to an Island where most think he committed suicide but no one is sure. There are two other legends about Pilot: one says that he lost his mind before killing himself. Pilot washed his hand over and over, saying “I can’t get His blood off my hands.” The other states that he was gloriously converted to Christianity. Augustine is among those who believe Pilate became a missionary. Both he and his wife are “Saints” in the Coptic and Greek Orthodox churches.

I don’t know enough to argue but his wife was right; she gave her husband excellent advice. Women have a intuition that men do not have and in some cases, this keen intuition gives them greater insight. I think it is wise to give her the benefit of the doubt. Of course, you can do like me, ignore her advice and bulldoze ahead but eventually you will learn to respect her opinion. 

Hey, she is at least two steps ahead of you and has been since the start. You didn’t pick her out, she picked you out. Those things you call coincidental, she calls planning.


  • Some late minute changes: No Deacons meeting and no baptism.
  • Robert Pope is responding well to rehab, he is walking some now on his own and got the feeling back in his leg.
  • I thought Gary Garner was about the same: he was asleep when I was there. I haven’t got to talk to Randy Lewis yet but hope to see him next week. I visited my Aunt Angie yesterday. She is in good spirits.
  • The Kenny Evans date has been changed to MOTHER’S DAY.

Gary, Keri and Kane

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