The Wicked

June 8, 2016



Soon the wicked will disappear. Though you look for them, they will be gone.

~Psalm 37:10, NLT


The  evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.


The Hebrew word ra’a’ means evil, bad, wicked, injurious, displeasing and unethical. It is used 96 times in the Psalms and 15 times in Psalm 37 which is a classic. A wonderful future awaits the one who sets his/her delight in the LORD Jesus Christ but for those who rebel against God and His anointed, there is no future. You cannot fight against God and win. You do not have to repent; you do not have to turn from sin and your selfish ways but you have zero chance of succeeding.

God told David, “Don’t waste time fretting over the success of the wicked, their triumph will be short lived–they are going no where.” They will dry up like spring flowers on a hot scorching summer day. They will disappear like smoke from a chimney: first you see  them, then poof, they vanish. It may appear that they are succeeding but their judgment is coming and their strength will be broken. Our God is so secure in who He is that He laughs [v.13] when He sees them plotting and scheming.

A wonderful future awaits those who delight in Christ–Those who fear God and acknowledge His son. They will live in peace and inherent the land but the rebellious have no future, none at all. [v.37-38]

EXTRA animated

  • I visited on Monday night and got in so late that there was no blog. Actually, I had two things come up on Monday: [1] My computer at the office crashed and [2] I was out late and give out. June asked if I was going to do a blog and I said “no’. I don’t think she could not believe it.
  • This is a busy week as we prepare for VBS: one of the last DAY SCHOOLS in the county. June noticed as we drove by last night, East Highland has gone to a night school. I am glad I am retiring. I’ve been telling you it was coming but I still don’t like it. We are going to be busy the rest of the week getting ready so if you call the office and no one answers, it is because we are outside or in the other building.
  • I made a mistake on May 29 of telling you that we had our debt reduced to 2016 but that was wrong: I was looking at the wrong chart. We did reduce it by two months. Our balance is around $58,000 and our next offering is July 31. Again, it falls on a Holiday weekend but there is nothing we can do about that. Our last one will be October 30 but Halloween Eve shouldn’t hurt us.
  • Don’t forget, our Sunday night church this week is at the HARTSELLE CAMP MEETING. Dr. Junior Hill will be preaching. Junior will be with us on August 21 and possibly for my retirement party. I am considering incorporating in January and working under the umbrella of EASTERN GATE MINISTRIES which was Junior’s brain child.

Junior Hill



The wicked are too proud to turn to YOU or even think about YOU.

~Psalms 10:4


The worse wickedness is that we refuse to acknowledge the passionate evil that is in us.

~David H. Lawrence

Years ago I visited a young man and did something I don’t normally do on a first visit, I shared the gospel presentation known as FOUR SPIRITUAL LAWS. I thought the guy was showing interest although he expressed no desire to repent of his sins or ask Christ for salvation. I went back a month or so later to follow up and this time, he was in a totally different mood. I could sense that he was not glad to see me. You know me, I can’t leave well enough alone so I asked him, “Have you thought about what we talked about on our last visit?” “Nope,” he said, “It hasn’t crossed my mind.”

At first I thought it was a ploy to get rid of me but now I’m not sure. I think Psalms 10:4 may be in play…“The wicked are too proud to turn to God or even think about Him.” Jesus tells us about such a man in Luke 12. The man was a very successful farmer but never gave one thought to God or others. Can any human being be this narcissistic? My answer would be “Yes.”

Wickedness is its own punishment: like a cancer, it consumes from the inside out.


  • June and I graduated two more last night: three down and six to go. It was 10:41 when we go home from the party which is late for me.
  • Everybody and their brother are going out of town: we have some headed for the beach and some for the mountains. June and I are stuck at home: I really hate that, not!