The Code

May 19, 2016



The LORD Himself will be our King; He will rule us and protect us.

~Isaiah 33:23, GNT


Prophecies are promises without an expiration date.


Isaiah made hundreds of prophecies but most folks will miss them because they do not know the code or the key. I’ve been watching WASHINGTON’S SPIES on AMC and I am amazed by the complexity of their espionage. The way they used codes and encrypted messages is fascinating. If their dispatches fell into the wrong hands, they would not be able to decipher the communication unless they had the code.

If an unbeliever, Jew or Gentile read Isaiah, he or she would not see what we see because Jesus is the code. Once we become a new creation in Him, we see things that otherwise we would not see because the Holy Spirit is illuminating truth to us. Most of Isaiah’s prophecies seem impossible and they are until you factor Jesus into the equation. Jesus is the Key. I have discovered recently that they are two Zionist movements, one is Christian and one is not. I can tell you this, Israel will have a King who will rule the earth but it will not be a Warburg, Rothschild, Greenspan or a descendant of Ben Shalom Bernanke; it will be Jesus, the One whom the elite Jews like the four mentions above rejected. Messianic Jews sees this as clearly as you and I. The unbelieving Zionist intend to rule the world through banking [controlling the currency]and because they have done so for hundreds of years, they believe it will happen. I believe Jesus will have the last word.

I probably will not live to see it but I firmly believe that God is going to stir the Jewish people. I believe there will be a revival among them which will bring them to Christ. We need their help in getting the gospel to the world. Either way, Jesus is coming again and this time as a KING, the LION of Judah, and Lion’s don’t negotiate. 


  • Sunday is SENIOR DAY…spread the word. We will honor high school and college graduates in the am service. They need to be present.
  • We are also doing COMMUNION Sunday Morning. This one will include Children’s Church. We will not get back to normal until the first Sunday in June. Joe David will be preaching on Sunday Mornings from May 29th until July 10th. I am going to use this time to visit every family in our church. I will still be preaching twice a week which is a national secret. I’ll be doing the Sunday and Wednesday night messages.
  • The Election of the PASTOR’S SEARCH TEAM in June 5 and 12. You have two Sundays in which to vote. It will be secret ballot and in the foyer. We have a business meeting on June 12, after morning worship.
  • Two of our Senior Adults have been having a hard time: Mavis has another upper respiratory infection and Ruth has been in the hospital.
  • Since we moved our VBS date, we will be able to go to the Hartselle Camp meeting Sunday night June 12 at 7:00. Make plans to be there!

VBS JUNE 13-17