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Something horrible and disgusting is happening in the land: Prophets prophesy lies, Priests rule under the prophet’s directions, and My people love this, but what will they do in the end? ~Jeremiah 5:30-31, GWT


The millstone of God’s judgment grids slow but exceeding fine.

~R. G. Lee

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Jeremiah witnessed the death of a nation. To get a sense of the horror he felt, read the book of Lamentations. The Israelites of his day refused to repent; Jeremiah said, they are more stubborn than rocks, they refuse to turn back. [Jeremiah 5:3]. God said to Jeremiah, My people are fools. They don’t know Me! They are stupid people. They don’t understand. They are experts in doing wrong, and they don’t know how to do good.” [Jeremiah 4:22]. God didn’t destroy Judah, they destroyed themselves. They made a series of bad choices which resulted in their destruction. We live in a culture where “victims” outnumber “victors”. Turn on the nightly news and you will see what I mean, everything is about “our rights” but little is said about our “responsibilities”. Blacks feeling victimized by whites, women feeling victimized by men, the poor feeling victimized by the rich, the perverts feel victimized by our Judeo-Christian culture, etc. We have become a nation of complainers; each man blaming another for his misfortune. We sound like a bunch of cry babies. GROW up America! Get a grip. We reap what we sow. It is our sins and our bad choices that are the root of the problem. We are not having back luck, we are reaping what we have sown. I’m sorry folks, but I don’t want to hear drunks and drug users talk about bad luck. It’s not bad luck that got them into trouble, it is bad choices. Admit it! Man up, stop whining like a brat.
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  • Wonderful praise service last night! Praise the LORD.

  • Carmen Livingston might get to come home tomorrow and Cecil Linderman is probably going to be moved to a Nursing Home but I don’t know which.

  • Some folks got a shower yesterday, we got our dust settled. I am thankful for the prospect of rain. We had a lot of clouds yesterday and that helps. Just think, this is Spring; Summer doesn’t start till Sunday.

  • Speaking of Sunday, we have a couple of videos we are going to show in honor of the fathers. Joe David will be preaching. No pm service Sunday and no Deacon’s meeting.

  • No Senior Adult Fellowship for June or July.

  • Today’s blog was a copy and paste job from October 23, 2009. I do the flash backs on Wednesday.

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But You, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness and truth.
~Psalms 86:15, NASB


“It seems to me it’s always the evil we refuse to see that does us the greatest harm.”  
~Robert Baer
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I wish I had a glowing upbeat report to share with you about the Marriage Rally but that would be wishful thinking. Not only did I not see one soul from Morgan County [other than those with me], I saw no one from the Alabama Baptist State Convention. We may have had 250 people. Some were saying 500 but they were being optimistic. There are supposedly one million evangelical Christians in Alabama: where were they yesterday?
We have lost our States Rights: Mr. Lincoln took care of the sovereignty of the States. We are no longer the Unites States of America, we are the socially cloned States of America. We have lost our right to privacy and ownership of property: we have Mr. Roosevelt to thank. The IRS has no right to know your income and no right to seize your property yet they can do both. Please show me where the Federal Government has this right in the constitution. They have control of higher education, the curriculum for all public education and they control the courts. If that were not enough, they have the full support of the media. They demonize folks like Roy Moore and glorify freaks like Bruce Jenner.
The truth is: the cultural war is directed towards Christians, not religion. We have a lot of Baptist that have religion but they have no relationship with Christ. They are admiring fans but not adoring followers. These religious Baptist are not personally offended by gay marriage or the liberal agenda as a whole. There is no moral outrage: it doesn’t exist. The truth is: most folks will not read pass the third line of this blog: “It’s not your war, right?” You are correct: this evil only attacks and antagonizes the true followers of Christ.
On the bright side: my sources tell me the weddings went great. We had horrific traffic going down and Jerry said, “What if all these people are going to the rally?” They were going to the beach or some where South of Montgomery but my group had a ball. Felton doesn’t meet a stranger. Thanks to Felton, Jerry and Keith the trip was delightful in spite of the traffic. Plus our guys got a kick out of doing an act of kindness at lunch. It was a good moment: perhaps I can share it someday but the LORD says, “Not today.” Thank You Jesus for your mercy and grace.

Have a great day!