June 24, 2016



Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.

~Ephesians 4:32, NASB


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

~Oscar Wilde

I could write pages on the word “kindness” but I’m going to keep it brief. Yesterday we were in the court room all morning on those hard oak pews with no cushions. Our judge was Brent Craig who happens to be a member of the West Hartselle Baptist church. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a kinder man working in difficult circumstances. Unfortunately for us, we were about the last case to be called so we got to hear three dozen or more that preceded ours. There was everything from domestic abuse to check kiting. One woman gave a bad check for a $17 pizza that is going to cost her $1200. There was several cases of domestic violence but one involved a tall skinny woman about the size of Big Mama and her husband who would go 230. She beat him up and he was there to drop the charges. If I had been the judge, I would have fined him $1000 for not being a man. This woman was 6 feet tall but she didn’t weigh a hundred.

But this is beside the point which is Judge Craig’s compassion and kindness on a lot of reds. I saw bleach blonds wearing clothes way to tight, tattoos galore, pony tails on men, Mohawks, skint heads, and know-it-all teenagers who think drugs are something to wink at and yet this judge never, not even once, made an unkind remark and a gesture of contempt. You could not pay me enough money to do what he does but that’s because God did not call me to be a judge but He did call Brent Craig.

We were thrilled with the judges ruling which gives us more time. Other than waiting all morning, everything went great. We got Hope back to the FOUNDRY by 7:50, just ten minutes before her curfew and they were thrilled to see her. She is an icon at the FOUNDRY. They love her and she loves them. If you want to go see Hope; my suggestion is to go to the THRIFT STORE between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm and just asked for Hope. She will be working in the back. I go on Thursday night but you can’t visit until 6:00 and you have only a few minutes before their worship service which is 2 hours long. The people who run it is not Baptist, they are Assembly of God and they don’t believe in watches or clocks. Personally, I enjoy it but there are those in the Bailey clan who prefer the KISS formula: Keep IShort/Simple or as some say, Keep It Short Stupid. I could say the same thing they say in one third of the time, maybe less.

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August 13: 6-9 PM

Hope Verses Presumption

August 5, 2015

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Finally, they cried out to the Lord for help, saying, “We have sinned against you because we have abandoned you as our God and have served the images of Baal.”

~Judges 10:10, NLT


In our petitions to God, let us look upon Him as a just, as well as a merciful God; and neither despair or presume upon his mercy.

~Abraham Wright

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If you have studied the period of the Judges, you know that Israel was inconsistent in their faith. They would drift toward idolatry, selfish and wicked living; then come under bondage to some prevailing power. In their bondage they cried out to the LORD and again and again, He had mercy upon them. In chapter 10 there is such a prayer but God gave a quick reply: “You’ve been worshiping Baal, so why don’t you pray to Baal.”

Then the Israelites got desperate, and pleaded with the Lord, “We have sinned. Punish us as you see fit, only rescue us today from our enemies.” Still no answer from God so the Israelites decided to repent, get rid of their idols and serve Yahweh. Then God saw their misery and had mercy.

I refuse to throw in the towel and I disagree with those who say that leadership doesn’t matter. God delivered Israel by sending them a good leader. I am convinced that a good leader would help us; that leader could be Ben Carson, I don’t know. He says he will defund Planned Parenthood [Abortion Provider]. God is capable of raising up a good leader and He could bring America to her knees, in seconds, without working up a sweat. On the other hand, God could give us what we deserve.

The bottom line is: we dare not be proud or presumptuous but neither do we give in to hopeless despair.

extra 2

  • Another long day but God’s grace is amazingly sufficient. We got home last night about 7:00 and we have to be back at church in the morning at 7:00. The Danville area Teachers are having their in service meeting in the sanctuary this morning beginning at 8:00.
  • Things continue to fall into place concerning the BLOCK PARTY. I called Ronald Asherbranner yesterday morning and he told me he was ready: fireworks are already in hand and paid for: you can’t beat that with a stick. I also talked to Bryan Drake who will be with us for BP and August 16th am worship. He is going to work the park and then come on stage at 8:00. You can bring clothes Thursday night after 5:00, all day on Friday and Saturday am…August 13-14-15.
  • On my way to Huntsville to see John on Monday, I stopped at McDonalds to get an ice cream cone. I was making some calls and I went in, ordered and paid for the ice cream and then I continued my conversation and went to the car. When I started to pull out; I thought, something is not right and then it hit me: I didn’t wait for my ice cream. When I went back in, a young girl was standing behind the counter with my ice cream cone in hand. She never said a word but gave me a strange look. It was not a look of pity or sympathy: it was more like contempt.
  • Josie and Mylee went with Holly and myself to the service yesterday; on the way back Holly ask me how old I would be this Saturday and I said “Sixty-Six.” Mylee said, “Granddaddy you look thirty.” I thanked her for the compliment. Then Josie said, “Holly, you look forty-five.” Then I said, “This is going to make the blog.”