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October 28, 2015



Whenever the cloud lifted from over the sacred tent, the people of Israel would break camp and follow it. And wherever the cloud settled, the people of Israel would set up camp.

~Numbers 9:17, NLT


a cs lewis Gods presence


God is omnipresent, it is impossible for Him not to be present; as David said, wherever you go, He is there. But God knew that the Israelites were very immature in their faith so He gave them a manifestation of His glorious presence. This visible presence came in the form of a cloud, not just any cloud but the shekinah glory cloud. At night it was a fire cloud giving light and comfort to the timid Israelites; in the day it was a hovering cloud that gave them shelter from the heat. When the cloud lifted and moved, the Israelites broke camp and followed the Cloud.

God has given us a different kind of cloud; it is not visible nor external. It is invisible and internal. God has given us His Spirit to comfort and guide; to enlighten and to shelter. Revivals happens when we yield control of our lives to the Holy Spirit. Revivals are never flesh driven, they are always Spirit lead. Would you consider surrendering control of your life to the blessed Holy Spirit? Would you join me in praying this prayer by John W. Peterson:

Come Holy Spirit dark is the hour
We need Your filling
Your love and Your mighty power
Move now among us stir us we pray
Come Holy Spirit REVIVE the church today


  • Bill Wilbourn may be a bit better. K.T.’s dad, Fletcher is also in DGH with bleeding ulcers. He is weak but recovering. Pray for Diane Taylor, this is Shannon and Shane’s mom. It’s Courtney’s mother-in-law. She has COPD and congestive heart failure. I plan to get back to see her today. I was on a tight schedule yesterday and didn’t get to spend the time there that I should. Pray for God to use me to help.
  • LORD Willing I am talking my sweet granddaughter and some of her friends to the Volleyball championship today but I am coming back after the first set [3-5 games].
  • THE GATHERING TONIGHT at 6:30: let’s make it three in a row in triple digits.
  • I took Big Mama, Holly and Chloe on a ministry visit last night and they wanted to stop at CB. Men, you know that we are the last ones to know what is really going on. Mama’s and daughters keep secrets. Holly just happen to let a cat out of the bag last night. I wondered what happen to my white gold wedding band, Holly had it melded down for the cash. I said, “Do you want this one?” Pointing to the cheaper model on my finger, she said, “Nye, it’s not worth anything but I got a $150 bucks for the other one.” Poor old Jeremy, he took his off because it was getting too tight and she had Will melt it and converted to cash. Jeremy and I are upset. Our wedding bands had huge sentimental value: I can’t really put a price tag on mine. Big Mama was giving her the hush sign but Holly ran through the signs and spilled her guts. That kid tells everything and I can’t figure out who she takes that after.
  • I got home from the Funeral Home last night at 10:30. I didn’t go until 8:45 and still had to stand in line an hour and a half. Red Wallace got there earlier and stood in line until he got hungry. He got out of line to go get something to eat and when he got back the line was longer. He said, “I may have to leave and go get breakfast, if this line doesn’t start moving.”

Gary, Keri and Kane

Our Sins

July 12, 2015

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


You spread out our sins before you—our secret sins—and you see them all.

~Psalms 90:8, NLT


Since our fall in the garden, man has had a tendency to hide his sins and flaws. It is a form of self-deception: sins cannot be hidden from God.


my thoughts red

Our sins may be hidden from us, even possibly those who know us best but they cannot be hidden from God. The process of our awareness of our sin and depravity is a life long endeavor. God, through His word, our experience and the illuminating power of the Holy Spirit reveals our sins. He is merciful and gracious by revealing our sins incrementally, usually one at a time. I don’t think any of us can handle a full revelation of our sinfulness. In all probability, we think we are better than we are. I remember my school days and there were times that I was confident that I did well on a test but when I got it back, it was full of red ink. There were also times that I thought I did poorly and I was shocked when I saw a good grade.

The bottom line is: it would be wise for us to be HUMBLE and HONEST. The place to begin with the honesty is with Jesus and yourself. He already knows the truth. Your confession is not going to change HIM but it may change you.

extra 2

  • Well, it has been a week and once again I praise God for the ability to work and to help others. God has been good to me, not only more than I deserve but more than I can comprehend.
  • We have to really get focused on Gary Garner. He has had a bad week. Let’s pray together…would you join me? Father, we pray for Gary to be encouraged by something: progress, definite diagnosis or out right healing. We believe YOU are not through with Gary. You have used him to help so many and now we lift him up to YOU. The doctors don’t know what to do. Our eyes are upon YOU. In Jesus name, heal Gary.” I hope you can say “Amen” to this prayer.
  • July is streaking by and August is going to be on us soon. AWANA is moving to Sunday night which means a major adjustment in our Sunday schedule. I think it would be wise to take these steps one at a time. Due to the AWANA change and shortest of time, I am going to propose that we try the new Sunday morning schedule in September, not August. That will give us more time to spread the word.
  • Our plate is full today: Deacons at 8:15, LCBS at 9:15 and worship at 10:15 and 6:00. Wanda Yarbrough COLS is at 2:00 pm at Rideout’s Brown-Service in Decatur. Burial will be at Courtland. It is an old cemetery and one of my favorites. I may be getting like Mother. She loved cemeteries.
  • Carman is doing better. His legs look much better. Their A/C went out Friday night and they were camped at Sandra’s yesterday. I think Emogene and Carman overheated before they moved to Sandra’s. He loves his ramp.
  • Joe David made it home safely: PTL.

Guns 00055

God In You!

June 21, 2015

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But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper [paraklētos] will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you.

~John 16:7, NASB


As the sun can be seen only by its own light, so Christ can be known only by His own Spirit.

~Robert Leighton

my thoughts red

I am guilty of dreaming what it would be like to be in the presence of Jesus as were His disciples during the incarnation. All insecurities would flea in His presence because there is nothing He cannot handle. Yet He told the disciples it was too their advantage that He go away. Just how could it be an advantage?

Have you noticed in the O.T. that God is with people. He was with Abraham, He was with Jacob, He was with Moses, Joseph, David, Elijah and on and on. You cannot find this kind of language in the N.T. Thanks to Christ, God is not merely with us, He is in us. Paul said in Romans 8:1, Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. This phrase “In Christ” is found 87 times in the N.T. God with us is good, God in us is better. [Kyle Idleman, “Not a Fan”]

extra 2

  • We got a dust settler last night: believe it or not, our corn still looks good but the patch I saw near the school looks like it has already bit the dust. They say it will break 100* on Wednesday. We need a good hurricane. Note, I said “good hurricane,” one that will bring us rain without plowing into the coast.
  • Happy Father’s Day.
Eugene Luther Bailey

Eugene Luther Bailey

  • LCBS at 9:19 and worship at 10:15. No PM services.
  • Tracey is home safe and sound: Keri is in Grand Bay.

From Bobby Of L.A.

Order of Worship In The Future Church

PASTOR: “Praise the LORD!”

CONGREGATION: “Hallelujah!”

PASTOR: “Will everyone please turn on their tablet, PC, iPad, smart phone, and Kindle Bibles to 1 Corinthians, 13:13. And please switch on your Bluetooth to download the sermon.”


“Now, Let us pray committing this week into God’s hands. Open your Apps, BBM, Twitter and Facebook, and chat with God”


“As we take our Sunday tithes and offerings, please have your credit and debit cards ready.”

“You can log on to the church Wi-Fi using the password ‘LordIOU.’

The ushers will circulate mobile card swipe machines among the worshipers:

  1. Those who prefer to make electronic fund transfers are directed to computers and laptops at the rear of the church. b. Those who prefer to use iPads can open them. c. Those who prefer telephone banking, take out your cell phones to transfer your contributions to the church account.

The holy atmosphere of the Church becomes truly electrifying as ALL the smart phones, iPads, PCs and laptops beep and flicker! It is especially colorful if you dim the house lights.

Benediction and Closing Announcements.

  1. Don’t miss your small group meeting on facebook.
  2. Thursday’s Bible study will be held live on Skype at 1900hrs GM
  3. You can follow your Pastor on Twitter this weekend for counseling and prayers.

    [My comment, I hope I don’t live to see it] 

Tribute To my Father Eugene L. Bailey


Fool Proof

April 15, 2015

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God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.

~Ephesians 2:8, NLT


Faith pleases God and it prompts man.


my thoughts red

Paul preached grace, pure unadulterated grace and to the Jews, it was a stumbling block. They believed in two things that are antithetical to grace. [1] They believed in special favor. They believed that being descendants of Abraham was equal to a new birth. This created an inordinate pride that lead them to believe they could earn salvation on a point system. [2] In other words, they believed they could be saved by obeying the laws of Moses. They were convinced they could receive right standing by their own efforts.

The first thing Jesus did to upset them was to inform them that being a descendants of Abraham was grossly insufficient and then he went on to point out the fact that their righteousness was totally unacceptable. All their righteousness was tainted by their selfish desire to glorify themselves. God confounded them; He made salvation simple, so simple that a child can be saved but salvation is not something we do for God,  it is something He does for us.

God’s grace initiates our salvation; His grace makes salvation possible for sinners. We can response to His goodness is faith. Faith works in two directions Godward and Manward: [1] Faith pleases God {Hebrew 11:6} [2] Faith prompts man,  Abraham was moved by faith. So faith has a Godward side and a manward side. Since my salvation is a gift {grace} I can only boast in Christ. If I had any part in earning my salvation, I would have bragging rights.

If you buy a new car but you are short $1,000 and you come to me for a loan; you have made a mistake. You have given me bragging rights. Every time I see you go by in the car, I will think or say: there goes a car that I help pay for. Literally, if I paid $10 on your car I could boast. Salvation is all grace because God retains all the bragging rights. What impresses me is that His Grace, His plan cannot be abused. It is fool proof.

Let’s say for example; you determine to do God’s will your way by the power of your flesh a part from His grace. In the flesh you attempt to serve Christ by living morally, doing good deeds, faithfully attending worship, and tithing every cent that goes through your hand. The end results of attempting to please Christ by living in the power of the flesh is: Pride, vain glory [you crave recognition and praise], you become super judgmental of others, you are ungrateful and you cannot offer sincere praise to God. You going through the motions of praise but it is all pretense.

God has it fixed where it can only be done one way: HIS and the end result is praise to His Son. It’s like buttoning up a shirt; if you don’t start right, you will not end right. If it originates in the flesh, the flesh will seize the glory; if it begins with the Spirit, Christ will get the glory. You cannot begin in the flesh and end in giving Christ glory.

extra 2

  • Today we pray for the World.
  • Regular schedule tonight: Lord willing I will be with you as you try to move back toward normal.
  • No Senior Adult Fellowship this Friday. I need a little more time to get back to 100%.


Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

~Romans 8:1, NLT


“God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain. But He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.”

~Source Unknown

my thoughts red

An old preacher once said, “I rather live in Romans chapter 8 than the garden of Eden. You are fenced in on one side by “No condemnation” and on the other by “No separation.” I agree with the old preacher, there is more security in Christ than in any place. I read through Romans 8 in the NLT yesterday and I was blessed. There is a lot of comfort in Romans 8 for a believer in Christ. Check out the ending…I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. It is enough to make an Episcopalian shout.

extra 2

  • A good day in RETREAT and for RETREAT. I love rain. I know I am in the minority but I prefer rain and 40-50 degrees to dry and 20 degrees. After last week, this feels like a heat wave. Thomas has a nice man cave and I thank him for sharing it.
  • Today we pray for TEACHERS.
  • PTL for another great visit with Kenny last night, two nights in a row. Pray for his son Bradley to get here safely: I think he is in route. Kenny was sharp as a tack. He is going to watch the championship game. I don’t think I will watch it: call it sour grapes, bad attitude, sore looser or too much to do. I’m not sure I know myself.
  • People are shaming me for putting Gregg’s wedding picture on Twitter. Don’t be feeling sorry for him; he deserves everything he gets. Ken showed me more after he left: he thinks he got them all but he didn’t.


A Temporary Fix

December 17, 2014

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You haven’t got a bucket and the well is deep! So how were YOU thinking of getting living water?

~John 4:11, CT


Christ is not a reservoir but a perpetual spring. His life is continual, active and ever flowing.

~A.B. Simpson

my thoughts red

The Samaritan woman was shocked when Jesus spoke to her and amazed that he would ask her for a drink. The woman responded with a “What, You a Jew are asking me for a drink.” Jesus said “If you knew who I was, you would be asking me for a drink and I would give you living water.” She said, “You don’t have a bucket and this well is deep, how are you going to give me a drink? Are you greater than our father Jacob?”

To answer her last question: “Yes madam, Jesus is infinitely greater than Jacob [Ya’akov].” Jesus doesn’t need a bucket because He is the well and the spring that furnishes the water. We need a bucket but not Jesus. The water in Jacobs well is just like the water we drink every day. It is necessary for life here on earth but it satisfies us for only moments. Our physical body requires that we drink and drink again. We can drink a gallon of water but it will not last; it is a temporary fix. Jesus has something that will last for eternity. You drink the Living Water and you will never thirst again, ever.

extra 2

  • Today we pray for the WORLD.
  • Tonight is our final AWANA for 2014. We will have supper at 5:30, AWANA at 6:15 and the gathering at 6:30. No music tonight; just a sermon. My group will be out by 7:00. The Youth are going caroling.
  • They did not do Preston Roberts surgery yesterday but his oxygen level is up, PTL.
  • David’s uncle departed this world last Sunday…COLS for John Edward Hopper, age 54, will be Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at Shelton Funeral Chapel. Mr. Hopper passed away December 14. Visitation will be tonight 5:00-7:00 at Shelton’s.


yosime sam christmas haters



December 15, 2014

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 Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

~Hebrews 11:1, NLT


Faith assures our hope and gives conviction about things we cannot see.

~Nicholas Thomas Wright 

my thoughts red

Claire Randall

Claire Randall

Diana Gabaldon wrote a fictional novel “Outlander” that features a British WWII nurse who mysteriously takes a step back in time. She finds herself in the Scottish turf wars of the 18th century. She lives amidst violence and death but her WWII experience has taught her much more about taking care of the wounded than the 1743 Scots understand. When Claire mentions ‘germs,’ the Scot are like, “What are germs?” She realized instantly that it would do no good to try to explain so she used another word. Germs have been around for a while but we did not see them until the microscope was invented.

So much of reality is unseen: Oxygen, practically all the gases, germs, bacteria, pain, the soul, angels and yes God who dwells in unapproachable light. If I said I did not believe in germs, the world of medical science would deem me a fool, yet some of the more intellectual among us deny the existence of God on basis of Him being unseen. We Christians believe that the Great Unseen created the seen; the Invisible One created all that is visible and He did it via the power of His Word. Paul told the Athenians, “Indeed God is not far from each one of us, for in Him we live and move and find our existence.”

Don’t be deceived by your eyes: God is not distant like a star, He is as close as the air you breath. Always remember, “What God says overrules what you see.” Jesus said of Jairus daughter, “She is not dead, only asleep,” and they laughed at Him because they had seen her dead lifeless body with their own eyes. Sometimes it’s better to listen than to look.


  • Overwhelmed folks! There is no other word to describe how I felt when Willard handed me the results of the offering {over $1,600} and it continued to grow. Before I left the building, Willard brought me the envelope and said, “It grew, now there is more than $2,000.” It grew more last night with $200 more coming in. I really can’t tell you how many children we sponsored but I know of 16. Folks, I don’t know what to say? I am at a lost for words and that doesn’t happen often.
  • Today we pray for MISSIONARIES AND MINISTERS. I appreciate you praying for Joe David. He preached the best message I’ve ever heard on stewardship. I’ve always told him, “Son, you have to be brief or brilliant and for us, we had better be brief.” I’m not going to tell him that again: I need to be brief. If you didn’t understand the message yesterday it was because you didn’t want to.
  • Joe David and I will be going to Huntsville today. Preston’s surgery has been changed to 1:00 pm.
  • CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PLAY was a huge hit in spite of technical difficulty which we always seem to have. I was impressed with the singing and the motions. Everyone on stage was in sink and participated. Matthew will make it to Hollywood. The boy is a born entertainer. It was all good. We thank Charity, Stephanie, Beth and Shohn for doing a great job. Huge crowd and big turn out for CHRISTMAS SUPPER. We ran out of ham and chicken.
  • This Wednesday night is full throttle and then we hit our holiday slow down. Next Sunday {21}, we have Deacon and wives’ meeting at 8:55 in Sanctuary, LCBS at 9:00 and worship at 10:15 and no pm service.

how can I be jolly

Seeking Revival

November 2, 2014

revival theme with wade2014jpg



Now seek the LORD your God with all your heart and soul.

~I Chronicles 22:19, NLT


Revival cannot be organized, but we can set our sails to catch the wind from heaven when God chooses to blow upon His people once again.

~G. Campbell Morgan

my thoughts red

celebrate JesusToday we will find out if our prayers have been effectual. I believe God is at work and that we are going to see the evidence of His power this week. I agree with Morgan, we can set the sails but we cannot make the wind blow. Revival is the moving of the Spirit and the O.T. word for Spirit is ruwach which means ‘wind’. Jesus told Nicodemus, “The wind blows where it wishes.” We can not direct the wind but we can pray for God to have mercy and refresh us with the moving of the ruwach. Pray, pray, pray!


  • Today we pray for REVIVAL.
  • Deacons and wives meeting in the Sanctuary at 8:50 am.
  • Donuts and biscuits will be at the parlor at 8:30 with LCBS at 9:00
  • Two Revival Services today: 10:15 and 6:00
  • I want to commend our folks who worked the TRUNK-A-TREAT: once again, you came through in flying colors. June and I left immediately after Trunk-A-Treat for Forest, Mississippi where we took part in the Celebration of Life Service for a dear friend. We got out of our element just a tad and had no access to Wi-Fi so we didn’t get out a blog, not that we would have had time to do one. Everything went well there and we have a good trip home.
  • Due to time change and fewer duties today, I got to stay up late last night. First time in long time and I enjoyed it. I went to bed at ten thinking the prayer chain had broken at some place and woke up this morning with a message which means, I gave up too soon. But I got a great nights rest and hope you did as well.
Wade Morris

Wade Morris

An Inside Job

September 30, 2014

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So we have good reason to give thanks to God without pausing. For you have taken into yourselves the word of God we brought to you and received it as a message from God—not just something whipped up by someone like you or us—and that word is at work in you who believe.

~1Thessalonians 2:13, The VOICE


God is energizing you so that you will desire and do what always pleases Him.

~Paul Of Tarsus

my thoughts red

The Apostle Paul teaches us that Christianity is an inside job. Religion works on the outside but Christ begins the work of salvation on the inside and from there, it works out. Dr. Warren Wiersbe says, God works inwardly by using four tools: [1] The Holy Spirit [2] The word of God [3] Suffering and [4] Prayer. I do know for a fact that people who suffer have a different perspective. I also know that salvation is grace from start to finish. You cannot come to Christ in confession of sin and not expect to be changed. The Rich Young Ruler came to Christ but he had no intention of being changed or transformed by God’s grace. He was willing to make a few changes himself but he would not yield control of his life.


  • THE GOLDEN GIRLS has been rescheduled for October 11, 9:00 am at Cracker Barrel in Hartselle.
  • Baby Shower for Zack & Kimie Cochran at Sandy’s this Saturday 2-4 pm. It is a boy!
  • There is a FRONT PEW SHOWER for Katie Matthews Sparkman this Sunday October 5th. Katie is having triplets {Girls}.
  • Don’t forget, your deadline for ordering Wednesday supper is Tuesday morning by 9:00 AM.
  • Remember, you give your mission offering in envelopes for the next two Sundays. LM is Lottie Moon, GRACE is Guatemala, and the Gideon International envelops are marked. Pick up your envelops in the foyer.
  • We have three books by Ronnie Rogers, REFLECTIONS OF A DISENCANTED CALVINIST. Read this book and then chapter 2 in Platt’s book Radical. You don’t need to read anymore than chapter 2. You will see very clearly what we have been talking about. The books are $10 and you have to see Mandy. They will not be in the foyer. Calvinist believe that salvation is monergistic–regeneration comes before faith. Salvation is God alone and man has no part in it. Calvinist are good at double talk but read chapter two and the story of the old preacher who took his students to the cemetery.
  • I have not talked to a soul that did not get inspired by the service Sunday. The video was good but the singing was better.

my two cents worth.

The key to being a good leader in church is to be a good follower. In the kingdom of God, you can’t lead until you learn to follow. The disciples ultimately became good leaders but before they lead, they learned the discipline of following. There are no shortcuts. You cannot skip the course on following and jump into leading: it will not work. You must learn to be faithful to all the services of worship and supportive of all church ministries. When you refuse to be supportive of others, chances are, others are not going to be supportive of you.  It is the Law of Leadership and I did not invent it.

Proverbs 29.4 msg


school teachers c

Our Helper

September 24, 2014

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“The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid.
What will man do to me?”

~Hebrews 13:6, NLT


It is impossible for that man to despair who remembers that his Helper is omnipotent.

~Jeremy Taylor

my thoughts red

A couple was making plans to build a house but the man was hit with a brain tumor. He was a gracious Christian who never complained. To the day of his departure, he had an unbelievable spirit. His widow decided to go through with the plans but she knew nothing about building a house so she called a fine Christian man who is a retired builder: He is helping her build the house, something she could never do on her own. Even from the secular point of view, there are times when we need help and it is a blessing to have good friends that are there to help us. Jesus gives us 24/7 road assistance. He told His disciples, “I will not abandon you like orphansI will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you and will be in you. This magnificent helper is the HOLY SPIRIT, the mysterious One who moves like the wind. We cannot see HIM but we can see the evidence of HIS presence. I saw Him moving last night. Thank You father for our helper.


  • In preparation for our REVIVAL we are going to do 24 days of prayer–praying all 24 hours of the day. This begins October 9th and goes through November 1st. You can sign up in the foyer. We need at least 24 intercessors: 48 would be even better. 
  • SEE YOU AT THE POLE in the morning at Elementary…7:20 am.
  • SENIOR ADULT Tailgate Party Friday, 11:30. Seniors, your option is Potato Salad or a dessert. We are grilling BBQ Ribs and Chicken.
  • Mission to the Park….Saturday…Leave DBC at 7:30 am.
  • Today we pray for the WORLD…according to Paul in Romans 11, the Jews are coming back to God which means coming to Christ. We are talking one great REVIVAL. Let’s pray for Jews to turn to Jesus. We need them folks. If we could get them fired up, they could help us get the gospel to the world in a hurry. Read Romans 11 in the Message: it will bless you.
  • Congratulations to John and Cindy on the birth of their grandchild…Erin had a little girl last night. I intended to be there but I had a little accident and didn’t get to go any where.



yosimanedumb mule


A woman goes to the Doctor, worried about her husband’s temper. The Doctor asks: “What’s the problem? The woman says: “Doctor, I don’t know what to do. Every day my husband seems to lose his temper for no reason. It scares me.” The Doctor says: “I have a cure for that. When it seems that your husband is getting angry, just take a glass  of water and start swishing it in your mouth. Just swish and swish but don’t swallow it until he either leaves the room or calms down.” Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn. The woman says: “Doctor that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband started losing it, I swished with water. I swished and swished, and he calmed right down! How does a glass of water do that?” The Doctor says: “It is not the water. It’s the fact that you have to keep your mouth shut while swishing the water…that’s what does the trick…”

obama kerry holder

Quote: I love this country, it is the government that frightens me.