Israel, you have seen so much, but what has it meant to you?

~Isaiah 42:20, GNT


Rebels never take notes.


It would make sense to make a note of what does not work and especially that which leads to destruction and disaster but Israel refused to see what was happening to them. Isaiah said, “You have eyes but you don’t see, ears but you refuse to hear. God has made you feel the force of His anger and to suffer the violence of war. Like a fire, His anger burned throughout Israel but you never knew what was happening; you learned nothing from it all.”

You may find this statistic hard to believe but 76.6% of prison inmates are repeat offenders.An unbelievable 56.7% are arrested and incarcerated within the first year of their release. If I had to do a week in prison, I guarantee you, I wouldn’t spit on side walk once I got out: the last thing I would want is to return to prison.

Some years ago, someone studies the history of Israel during the period of the Judges and came up with what we call the CYCLE OF SIN. Slavery, Israelites cry out to God {Prayer}, miraculous deliverance, peace and prosperity, sin and rebellion, apathy and indifference, oppression and persecution, then back to slavery and bondage. America is somewhere between indifference and oppression which means persecution will be next.

What do you call a person who refuses to learn from their mistakes? Dumb, stupid, hardheaded, rebellious, proud, slow, a dimwit or dipstick! One thing is for sure, he or she is not bright.


  • Tom Bennich, a friend of DBC, was promoted May 27, a little after 4:00 PM. Tom hadhis bags packs and was ready to go. If ever I saw a man homesick, it was Tom. Most of us are thrilled when we wake up from a surgery: I got the feeling Tom was disappointed. I talked to him a couple of times earlier in the week and so did Joe David, we both thought he was going to make it. Mrs. Edith wanted him to pull through and so did we but the LORD and Tom had something else in mind. On the way back from the hospital June said, “Tom is going to be missed.” The first thing I thought of was LUKE 14: it will not seem right without Tom. He was the most Mission Minded man I’ve ever known: He loved his church [1st Hartselle] but he didn’t stop there, the loved DBC and many more. There is no telling how many mission trips he made or how much money he gave away–truly, only the LORD knows.
  • Well, we got started on our visitation and had some great visits but didn’t get a lot of ground covered. We appreciate Rebekah and David feeding us last night. Rebekah served a delicious meal and we got to see their new house. This is twice this week that we have got to see a new house. Also had delightful visits with Vanda and Bobby, Bruce and Sandy and with Roger. Dot wasn’t home so I can’t count that one. You could help me out by giving me an appointment, especially those who work in the day time.
  • One service only Sunday: 10:15 am.


WHat memorial day is about_n

Remember and Learn

October 2, 2014

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


But just experiencing God’s wonder and grace didn’t seem to mean much to the Israelites—most of them were defeated by temptation during the hard times in the desert, and God was not pleased.

1 Corinthians 10, MSG


Creating a god you can control and comprehend is called paganism.


my thoughts red

You know I am fond of list and you can find one in 1 Corinthians 10: the proposition Paul makes is we should learn from the mistakes of others. The mistakes the Israelites made are recorded as a warning to us not to do the same…

  • We must be on guard so that we do not get caught up in demanding our way.
  • We must not turn our worship into a circus that is designed to bring pleasure to us rather than pleasure to God. [Worship is never about us: no mere human is worthy of worship]
  • We must not be sexually promiscuous. The Israelites were and 23,000 died in one day. Our politically correct society will not tell the truth: “Promiscuous and perverted sex is highly destructive both to soul and body.”
  • We must never put God to the test when it comes to serving our interest: we must be devoted to serving His interest. The Israelites were selfish and God unleashed an epidemic of poisonous snakes.
  • We must stop stirring up discontent–the Israelites did and it cost them their future and the promise land.


Dr. Junior Hill

Dr. Junior Hill coming to DBC August 21, 2016

As a part of the celebration of my last month at DBC, Junior has agreed to come and preach for us on Sunday morning, August 21, 2016. Remember, this man has an open invitation to practically every Southern Baptist church in the country. What an honor it is to have Junior as a friend and to have him preach for us one more time God willing. Neither Junior nor I are assuming anything: God may have other plans and His plans are always better than ours. At the same time, I have to tell you that Joe David and I are excited. Everybody loves Junior.

EXTRA animated

  • We had over 100 for supper last night: can you believe it! We had 120 in AWANA. Our total last night was 202 with 16 van riders. It is either the 3rd or 4th week in a row that we have went over 200.
  • Baby shower for Zack and Kimie Cochrane this Saturday at the home of Sandy Cochran: 2;00-4:00. It is a boy!
  • FRONT PEW shower for Katie Matthews Sparkman this Sunday: Girl’s, three of them.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS have been rescheduled for October 11.
  • Today we pray for those having trials and we have a long list: First, I will list the cancer patients… Linda Dutton, Bonnie Moore, James Floyd Bailey, Angie Blackburn, Kenny Holladay and Larry Garner. I beg you in Jesus name to lift our friends battling this dreadful disease up to the Father. Those sick or recovering from surgery, wrecks, etc…Dale Marbut, Barney Ray Sessums, Jim Bonner, Shannon Garrison, Dale Boyd and Bill Wilbourn.
  • Mandy has the offering envelops fixed for this Sunday: Grace, IMB and Gideon, all you have to do is go to the welcome center and pick up your choice. It will be as easy as falling off of a log.
  • Everything is subject to change because as we were reminded Tuesday, “You never know what a day will bring,” but LORD willing we will be out of town Friday and Saturday. I will be getting in late Saturday night [if I get in at all]. I need prayer, Jerry is driving and Tim is navigating: trust me, it is not a good combination. Pray for Jerry Allen to go with us: he will not let his daddy drive.
  • No Deacon’s Meeting Sunday morning. Actually, they will get two weeks off.
  • Burger Queen is pro-gay rights. Even though they promoted their gay pride whopper in San Fran-sissy-co only, there is a possibility that they will promote the gay pride burger nation wide. You can get more info at AFA. It offends me and I have not been to Burger Queen since I found out in July. There is no way the Burger Queens can survive in the South if Christians stop patronizing them. Folks we have to take a stand somewhere. We can live without Burger Queen.  I don’t care how you feel about it, do what is right!



The Secret

One day, one friend asked another, “How is it that you are always so happy?
You have so much energy, and you never seem to get down.”

 With her eyes smiling, she said, “I know the Secret!”

“What secret is that?” To which she replied,

“I’ll tell you all about it, but you have to promise to

share the Secret with others.”

“The Secret is this: I have learned there is little I can do

in my life that will make me truly happy.

I must depend on Christ to make me happy and to meet my needs.

When a need arises in my life, I have to trust Jesus to supply according to HIS riches.

I have learned most of the time I don’t need half of what I think I do.

He has never let me down.

Since I learned that ‘Secret’, I am happy.”

The questioner’s first thought was, “That’s too simple!”

But upon reflecting over her own life she recalled how she thought a bigger house

would make her happy, but it didn’t!

She thought a better paying job would make her happy, but it hadn’t.

When did she realize her greatest happiness?

Sitting on the floor with her grandchildren,

playing games, eating pizza or reading a story,

a simple gift from God.

Now you know it too!  We can’t depend on people to make us happy.

Only Jesus Christ in His infinite wisdom can do that.

Trust HIM!

And now I pass the Secret on to you!

So once you get it, what will you do?

YOU have to tell someone the Secret, too!

That GOD in His wisdom will take care of YOU!


Same Story: Different Name

December 6, 2013

my hope Christmas


For the Lord brought Judah low because of Ahaz king of Israel, for he had encouraged moral decline in Judah and had been continually unfaithful to the Lord. 

2 Chronicles 28:19, NKJV


History repeats itself but the only thing we learn is that we don’t learn from history.

~Adrian Rogers


Ahaz was the worse king in Judah’s history with the exception of Manasseh. Ahaz stripped the temple of its gold to bribe the king of Assyria. He sacrificed at least one of his sons to Molech [burned the child alive]. He eventually closes the doors to the temple. He built pagan altars all over the country. He did everything possible to encourage moral decline. The Chronicler said in verse 23, “He was the ruin of Judah.” History is repeating itself, we only have to change the names.


I know it’s Christmas but I’m trying to finish the O.T. in the NKJV and these thoughts about the kings, which seem political, keep coming up. Stay with me, I will get to Christmas.

SCRIPTURE:  Yet, my brothers, I do not consider myself to have “arrived”, spiritually, nor do I consider myself already perfect. But I keep going on, grasping ever more firmly that purpose for which Christ grasped me. [Philippians 3:12, J.B. Phillips]

QUOTE: Winners never quit, and quitters never win.~Vince Lombardi

Watch this short video before you read the commentary… 

COMMENTARY: Jim Marshall was a very young man when he made this embarrassing mistake but he did not quit. He played 20 consecutive years as a defensive lineman without missing a game. He earned the nick name “Old Indestructible”. When he retired in 1979, he held the NFL record for playing 282 consecutive games. Everybody makes mistakes. If you compare failures to successes, some of us are like Thomas Edison who failed for more often than he succeeded but he never quit. Mr. Edison’s dictionary did not contain the word “quit.” When his New York power plant and laboratory went up in flames: he told his son to go get his mother. “Why” said the boy…”She’s never seen a fire like this,” said Edison. After the fire was contained. He had his workers salvage a table. He had a staff meeting sharing his plans for a new beginning and when it was over, he crawled upon the table and took a nap. He failed often but he never quit and neither should you. Give the devil a hard time today–don’t you dare quit. Jesus can handle your failure and He doesn’t want you to quit.

Thomas Edison
Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration

EXTRA: You got to love this weather.