March 25, 2016



But when people keep on sinning, it shows that they belong to the devil, who has been sinning since the beginning. But the Son of God came to destroy the works of the devil.

~I John 3:8, NLT


There is pleasure in sin but only for a season. If there was no pleasure involved, no one would be tempted.

~Tim Kamikaze Keenum

Sin is similar to fire in that he attracts but then destroys. Moths will fly into the flame of a candle. Mosquitoes and many other insects are attracted to light, they cannot resist the temptation although it means certain death. Sin is like fire in the way it destroys, first it attracts and then it burns.

Ultimately all who refuse to repent will suffer the consequences of eternal fire. Have you heard of Baba Gurgur. It is a natural gas fire near the city of  Kirkuk in Northern Iraq. Scientist estimate that it has been burning for 2,500 years and no one can put it out. The flames are perpetuated by natural gas percolating through the rocks. Similar fires are found in India, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, and Turkmenistan. No one started these fires and no one can put them out.

Would a loving God send humans into an eternal flame? Technically God does not send us to hell, we are attracted to sin and refuse to repent. The essence of sin is “I must have my way: I insist upon it.”┬áThis attitude puts us in a constant state of rebellion. As C.S. Lewis says, “In the end God says, ‘not my will but thy will be done.'” Hell is the consequence of demanding our way.

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  • I cannot get over the wonderful weather this week. It has been perfect. Thank YOU Jesus.
  • We completed the first phase of our new office and man cave. The LORD blessed me with three days off and just enough energy and health to get it done. Phase two is wiring and getting electricity to the building.
  • Today is a happy/sad day for me. Gary and I shared some dreams together and I was convinced that the LORD was going to heal him. We had some big plans that will not materialize in this world. Six weeks or so ago, I realized that Gary was not getting better and I have grieved since. Gary loved to help people. He was a people person. He not only helped others, he did it cheerfully. Every time I look at the ramp in the FORTE, I will think of Gary. I do rejoice that Gary’s suffering is over. He suffered much more than people realize and in that light, I am thankful for his promotion. Pray for his COLS which is today at 3:00 at DBC. God blessed me and DBC when he lead Gary to join our fellowship.
  • June just told me that Kevin Turner [former Bama fullback] passed away with ALS at the youthful age of 46. His son is going to Clemson. Dabo and Kevin were team mates at Bama.
  • Tomorrow is Joe David 40th birthday. It doesn’t seem possible. Our children were born in March, April, May and June. All are two years a part. It didn’t happen according to plan, it was providential.
  • SWAMP JOHN’S coming April 3rd. Sunday is your last day to purchase tickets. Amy has to call a number in on Monday. I think we are around 250 but I thought we would do much better. We have to pay them $8 per plate so we are not raising much for St. Jude’s and in my opinion, they are worthy. St. Jude’s is a charity hospital and yet they treat you like royalty. I have never seen anything like it.

swamp johns