The wicked are too proud to turn to YOU or even think about YOU.

~Psalms 10:4


The worse wickedness is that we refuse to acknowledge the passionate evil that is in us.

~David H. Lawrence

Years ago I visited a young man and did something I don’t normally do on a first visit, I shared the gospel presentation known as FOUR SPIRITUAL LAWS. I thought the guy was showing interest although he expressed no desire to repent of his sins or ask Christ for salvation. I went back a month or so later to follow up and this time, he was in a totally different mood. I could sense that he was not glad to see me. You know me, I can’t leave well enough alone so I asked him, “Have you thought about what we talked about on our last visit?” “Nope,” he said, “It hasn’t crossed my mind.”

At first I thought it was a ploy to get rid of me but now I’m not sure. I think Psalms 10:4 may be in play…“The wicked are too proud to turn to God or even think about Him.” Jesus tells us about such a man in Luke 12. The man was a very successful farmer but never gave one thought to God or others. Can any human being be this narcissistic? My answer would be “Yes.”

Wickedness is its own punishment: like a cancer, it consumes from the inside out.


  • June and I graduated two more last night: three down and six to go. It was 10:41 when we go home from the party which is late for me.
  • Everybody and their brother are going out of town: we have some headed for the beach and some for the mountains. June and I are stuck at home: I really hate that, not!


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SCRIPTURE: It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. [Galatians 2:20b, NLT]

QUOTE: “Bless you prison, bless you for being in my life.  For there, lying upon the rotting prison straw, I came to realize that the object of life is not prosperity as we are made to believe, but the maturity of the human soul.”  ~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

COMMENTARY: Attila The Hun, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Maximilien Robespierre–what do they all have in common?

  1. All were egomaniacs who thought the world revolved around themselves.
  2. All were ruthless dictators.
  3. All of them ran out of time before they accomplished their twisted dreams.
  4. All are remembered in a negative light. History admires them not! Their deaths were the cause of mass celebration.
  5. All came to a terrible end. Attila The Hun drowned in his own blood on his wedding night. Hitler shot himself and bit a cyanide pill at the same time. Stalin died screaming in terror.  Robespierre, after murdering some 40,000 on the guillotine, was carried to the guillotine himself without trial. Although no one is certain how Pol Pot died, it is believed that he committed suicide and left instructions for his body to be cremated. He was about to be handed over to an international tribunal.

What is the point?

  1. Life does not revolve around you: it revolves around JESUS, deal with it!
  2. You time on earth is too brief for you to establish your own significance or identity. Die to self and live for JESUS! Now! You are running out of time.
  3. If you want to be remembered in a positive light: don’t be a self-centered jerk. Stop thinking about yourself and think of others.


  • Never thought I would say it but Andy Stanley is a better teacher than his father and his father “aint bad.” I can’t think of a soul that doesn’t need to hear what Andy has to say about the stewardship of time.
  • PRAY for COMMITMENT SERVICE this Sunday…MY HOPE with Billy Graham…Matthew Committment Service
  • All the blogs are getting more hits…I don’t know what is going on but I am excited. My guess would be that Facebook has given us more visibility.  New Top Ten posted last night on TEN most Evil Men in recent history. It is a paste from another site and is very interesting. History buffs will want to check it out.