Thinking Like Jesus

April 22, 2015

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 Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.

~Philippians 2:5, NRSV


We cannot imitate deity.

~T.W. Hunt


I have read Thomas A. Kempis THE IMITATION OF CHRIST and I highly recommend it. Yet there is something we must understand, we humans cannot imitate deity. We are immortal because of Christ death for us on the cross and His gift of everlasting life but we are not eternal beings. We had a beginning: Jesus is the Great I AM. He has no beginning or end. He is, He was, He has always been and He will always be.

Once we are converted to faith in Christ, we can grow daily and incrementally toward His likeness even to the point to thinking the way Jesus thinks. How did Jesus think? Paul tells us in Philippians chapter two: Jesus did not think selfishly. He did not think condescendly [although He was exceedingly better than the best of us]. He did not think about His own personal interest, what was best for Him. We can sum up Jesus thinking in one word, it the same word we use for deacon. Jesus thought like a servant…”What needs to be done here? What do I need to do?”

You and I are never going to be Jesus. In heaven there will be one Jesus and He will have no clones but you can grow spiritually until you think like Him. What do you need to do in regards to Vacation Bible School? What should you do for your neighbor? What should you do this Sunday to render yourself a servant to the body of Christ? What should you do for families in Guatemala who live on dirt floors and have corn stalks for walls? What should you do about helping high school seniors and college students go on mission to Guatemala? How do you think? Do you think mostly about helping yourself or do you think like Jesus by thinking of others.



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Just two more night of AWANA and Wednesday night suppers…my, my how the year has zoomed by…Supper at 5:30, AWANA at 6:15 and the Gathering at 6:30. We are in the book of James. Tonight message is HOW TO TURN TRIALS INTO TRIUMP.


Keri is going to Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Praise the Lord for Dr. Earl getting her accepted. They are waiting on call…should come within the next week.

Keri and Kane


Brittany Linderman lead off the 8th with a triple to right center. She belly slid head first in to third. The ball beat her to the bag but it took a short hop and went past third. Our 3rd base coach got aggressive and sent her home a hard hit grounder to short but the throw was off target and Brittany scored the winning run. I was hoping to get to see the boys play baseball but they finished before I got back in the go. The game last night was my first in over a month.


First full day yesterday, no naps, no rest times. Over 6,000 steps and I didn’t do any intentional walking. Back is a little tight and right knee still giving me problems. I am hoping {praying} to be able to travel to Cherokee, Alabama for Hollis Jarnigan’s Celebration of Life Service. June is talking off to drive me and I hope to preach tonight at DBC. I think Friday is my last day of steroids. I will be thrilled if the LORD allows me to carry out my plans for the day.

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God’s way is perfect. All the LORD’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.

~Psalms 18:30 NLT


If God’s word is not perfect, how can God be perfect: if He be perfect, how can His word not be perfect!


my thoughts red

Gary Anders favorite verse is Proverbs 30:5. In you don’t believe me, asked him to quote for you Sunday. It goes like this, “Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to Him for protection.” The KJV reads…Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. When I was a boy, some preacher came up with a cliche that went like this: God said it, I believe it and that settles it. Later someone changed it, If God said it, that settles it whether you believe or not.

extra 2

  • TODAY WE PRAY FOR MINISTERS AND MISSIONARIES. This a travel week for J.D. who has to go to Birmingham and to New Orleans. Remeber Haley Rae is in seminary also.
  • Praise the LORD for two additions yesterday: Mylee Reese Garner on Profession of Faith and Jeanie Sims by letter. I love ending the services with a celebration.
  • Great attendance yesterday and phenomenal offering, $31,355.00. Also the benevolent offering was over $500.
  • Cain and Keri were both at church yesterday but we need to continue praying for them. Mrs. Irene Pope is very low and Judy’s mom, Beatrice Freeze is in HH.

Keri and Kane

Fool Proof

April 15, 2015

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God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.

~Ephesians 2:8, NLT


Faith pleases God and it prompts man.


my thoughts red

Paul preached grace, pure unadulterated grace and to the Jews, it was a stumbling block. They believed in two things that are antithetical to grace. [1] They believed in special favor. They believed that being descendants of Abraham was equal to a new birth. This created an inordinate pride that lead them to believe they could earn salvation on a point system. [2] In other words, they believed they could be saved by obeying the laws of Moses. They were convinced they could receive right standing by their own efforts.

The first thing Jesus did to upset them was to inform them that being a descendants of Abraham was grossly insufficient and then he went on to point out the fact that their righteousness was totally unacceptable. All their righteousness was tainted by their selfish desire to glorify themselves. God confounded them; He made salvation simple, so simple that a child can be saved but salvation is not something we do for God,  it is something He does for us.

God’s grace initiates our salvation; His grace makes salvation possible for sinners. We can response to His goodness is faith. Faith works in two directions Godward and Manward: [1] Faith pleases God {Hebrew 11:6} [2] Faith prompts man,  Abraham was moved by faith. So faith has a Godward side and a manward side. Since my salvation is a gift {grace} I can only boast in Christ. If I had any part in earning my salvation, I would have bragging rights.

If you buy a new car but you are short $1,000 and you come to me for a loan; you have made a mistake. You have given me bragging rights. Every time I see you go by in the car, I will think or say: there goes a car that I help pay for. Literally, if I paid $10 on your car I could boast. Salvation is all grace because God retains all the bragging rights. What impresses me is that His Grace, His plan cannot be abused. It is fool proof.

Let’s say for example; you determine to do God’s will your way by the power of your flesh a part from His grace. In the flesh you attempt to serve Christ by living morally, doing good deeds, faithfully attending worship, and tithing every cent that goes through your hand. The end results of attempting to please Christ by living in the power of the flesh is: Pride, vain glory [you crave recognition and praise], you become super judgmental of others, you are ungrateful and you cannot offer sincere praise to God. You going through the motions of praise but it is all pretense.

God has it fixed where it can only be done one way: HIS and the end result is praise to His Son. It’s like buttoning up a shirt; if you don’t start right, you will not end right. If it originates in the flesh, the flesh will seize the glory; if it begins with the Spirit, Christ will get the glory. You cannot begin in the flesh and end in giving Christ glory.

extra 2

  • Today we pray for the World.
  • Regular schedule tonight: Lord willing I will be with you as you try to move back toward normal.
  • No Senior Adult Fellowship this Friday. I need a little more time to get back to 100%.



December 16, 2014




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Though he was God, He did not think of equality with God as something to cling to. Instead, He gave up his divine privileges; He took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being.

~Philippians 2:6-7, NLT


Jesus Christ, the condescension of divinity, and the exaltation of humanity.

~Phillip Brooks

my thoughts red

I heard Paul Harvey tell the story some 30 years ago about a man who refused to attend church with his wife and children on Christmas. He chose to recline in the den. It was a cold day with a thick snow on the ground. It was so cold the birds were seeking shelter and one flew into the sliding glass doors that separated the warm lighted den from the cold dark outside. The man had compassion on the bird but it broke its neck when it hit the glass. He wanted to help the other birds so he went to an outside building that had light. He cut the light on and opened the door but birds did not trust him and would not enter the shelter. He found some grain and made a line leading through the door but the birds would eat the grain up to the door but would not enter. The man became frustrated with the fearful birds. “I’m trying to help them,” he thought “and they will not let me.” He thought and thought and finally reached the conclusion that to lead the birds to shelter, he would have to become a bird. There is more to the story but you get the gist.

I was telling this story once as it related to the incarnation, God becoming man to save us from death and hell and someone in the audience interrupted: “It’s not a good analogy. A lot of folks would become a bird to save a bird. It is more like being willing to become a rat to save the rats.” I thought wow, he has a point. Birds are free, majestic, beautiful and at times noble. Rats are filthy vermin. Rats are the epitome of depravity. I cannot think of anything good to say about rats. I have a bird feeder outside my home study: I enjoy watching the birds. I do not enjoy watching rats. Rats are filthy, disgusting, germ carrying rodents they mess and destroy.

Would you become a rat to save the rats? I wouldn’t; I don’t think they are worth saving. The condescension of Christ from heaven to earth, from God to man, was a far greater humiliation than you and I becoming a rat. Wow! The love of Jesus is incomprehensible.

extra 2

  • They did not get to do Preston’s surgery yesterday [December 15]: oxygen levels too low. Pray for Katie, Russ and Preston.
  • Today we pray for TEACHERS.
  • Mandy and Jamie will finish our Children’s shopping today: thank you DBC for your generosity. I am so very pleased with what you have done.
  • I will be the secretary most of the day so if you need me, call my cell, do not expect an answer from the office phone. Most of the calls are tele-marketers and I don’t have time to answer them. If you need me, call my cell.
  • Tomorrow night is full throttle and then we begin to slow down a bit for the holidays.
  • I ran into Don Widner at the ball game last night. Every time I see him, he reminds me of some of the goofs I made when I worked with him as a football official. I posted a story on MY STORIES for those who have the time to read it: it is supposed to be funny. You make the call!

David and Ginger

bills at Christmas

Loving Jesus

August 20, 2014

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Sir, if you are the one who carried Him away, then tell me where He is and I will retrieve Him.

~John 20:15, The VOICE


A person’s soul is in grave danger when their desire to know doctrine surpasses their desire to know Jesus. It is possible to know all about doctrine and not know Jesus.

~Oswald Chambers

my two cents worth.

At one time in His earthy ministry, Jesus was very popular but He knew well the reason for His high ratings. He was healing the sick, raising the dead, giving sight to the blind and feeding the masses by the thousands. On His last entry into Jerusalem, I have a feeling that only Jesus Himself understood how His mission would turn ugly. I think even His disciples still believed He would claim the throne. We have a tendency to love people who are in a position to do good things for us. Everyone loves a philanthropist. We all want to get in line, hoping to get our fair share. Jesus knew that the miracle-working aspect of His ministry was coming to a close. A lot of people turned their backs to HIM but Mary Magdalene was not among them. When she went to the tomb on Sunday morning, she was looking for a body. Her intentions were to anoint the lifeless body of Jesus. She was not coming to Him for a miracle or a free lunch. She was drawn to HIM by her love for HIM, not for HIS gifts but for HIMSELF. Mary loved Jesus even when He lay in a tomb.

Some people love church; some love to sing, preach, and teach. It is easy to fall in love with the spotlight. I don’t think this temptation is limited to preachers. When you are on the stage, there is a constant temptation to perform, to try to impress the audience and if we are not very careful, we will become performers instead of lovers of Jesus. Even the well intended become more devoted to “Their idea of what Jesus wants” than to Jesus Himself.

Personally, I am overwhelmed by my selfishness. It seems to be a never-ending struggle. Yesterday I read a verse in James that both convicted me and gave me hope…You may think that the situation is hopeless, but God gives us more grace when we turn away from our own interests. That’s why Scripture says, God opposes the proud, but He pours out grace on the humble. My comment is WOW, what an encouraging word. “God grant me the grace to turn away from my own interest.”


  • I am trying to work us out a PRAYER CALENDAR…I have some of the pieces in place…Sunday would be our day to pray for preachers and church staff…Monday would be Missionaries…Tuesday would be Teachers…Wednesday would be widows, widowers, the elderly…Thursday would be the sick…Friday Youth and Students and Saturday Civic Leaders/the Country or better still REVIVAL. I am open for suggestions: matter of fact, the above is a suggestion. You may have a much better idea. I just know we need to get organized.
  • I have been forgetting important things and it upsets me but I do want to ask you to join me in lifting up Chanda Morgan who is having a procedure today, Daphne Hutto {Teddy’s daughter} Kenny Holladay who has treatments on Wednesday, Bill Wilbourn [Debbie Gilliland’s brother], my Aunt Angie Blackburn and Barney Sessums [old friend]. If you want to, pray that I will be faithful to remember these people in prayer.
  • I don’t know for sure if it is the LORD or just me being confused but I may need to fast from the internet and blog. It has become a passion and it very well could be that there is much more Jack than Jesus in it. If you don’t see one for a few days you will understand what’s going on. When Joe David mentioned fasting Sunday, the blog is the first thing that came to my mind. It has become a big part of my life; perhaps too big.

celebrate Jesus Son of God


For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

~Jeremiah 29:11 NLT


The moment you start blaming others; your risk of failure increases.


my thoughts red

The physical universe is a reflection of spiritual realities. Jesus taught spiritual truth using images from the natural world. We must remind ourselves that Jesus created both realms, the natural and the spiritual. Jesus reminded us that His Father is always at work and He has the ability to work through all things natural or spiritual, good or bad. We have a tendency to give up when negative things happen but God can use the negative to produce the positive. We live in a world of opposites and God can use one just as well as the other.


Whereas most folks prefer day, night is necessary. We sometimes wonder why God allows evil but if there was no evil, could we know good. If we had no knowledge of war, peace would mean very little. If we did not know failure, we could not know success. The fact that negative things happen to us does not mean that God is against us. God is always working in our favor for His glory. God has a plan for you which gives you a future and a hope. Don’t quit; don’t even give it consideration. Walt Disney went bankrupt seven times. Donald Trump went bankrupt once. Henry Ford never graduated high school. Albert Einstein could not read until he was seven years old. Colonel Sanders was broke and homeless at the age of 62.

  1. Take responsibility for your sins.
  2. Don’t make excuses: make plans.
  3. Keep your eyes on Jesus
  4. Remember: failure is not final unless you quit. Don’t quit.

P.S. There is only one way to heaven-Jesus and one way to hell-not Jesus.

EXTRA animated

  • Heavenly Treasures Jewelry Show at Danville Baptist WEE Care May 1st [this morning] 8:30-11:00 am. Presented by Barbara Pickens and Debbie Blackwood
  • Visitation for Betty Hodgman, David Wood’s aunt is today [May 1] at Pecks 11:00-1:00, burial at Mt. Tabor.
  • Visitation and COLS for Mr. Truman Screws is today at Pecks-Visitation 1-3 and service at 3 pm.
  • Shohn is in Atlanta at a Children’s Workshop and I will be going to the funeral home around none and may go to hospital a little before so no one will be at the office.
  • Kenny Holladay had a little better day yesterday but he is still in a lot of discomfort and has more test today: the kind of test we all dread.

World Is Anti-Christ

March 11, 2014


Children, it is the last hour. And as you have heard, “Antichrist is coming,” even now many antichrists have come.

~I John 2:18


Afflictions are useful to keep alive in us the unsatisfying nature of this present world.

~John Newton


Atheist bill board


Madalyn Murray O'Hair

Madalyn Murray O’Hair

The picture above was an electronic billboard displayed on Time Square during the past Christmas season. When I first saw this picture in DECISION magazine, it disturbed me deeply. It’s a little unsettling to me that someone in America would be so bold and brazen as to display such a sign at the hub of Western civilization. Something told me to do some research: I had a hunch and for once I was right. The AMERICAN ATHEIST, a non-prophet organization paid $25,000.00 to have this message flashed in two parts, top pic first, then bottom, every 15 seconds throughout the Christmas Season. This is the group founded by Madelyn Murray O’hair and is now led by a Jew name David Silverman.  Silverman is not a practicing Jew in terms of religion but he is a Jew. He was raised Jewish and attended a Jewish College. He is a Christ hater more than he is an agnostic.  The American Atheist is headquartered in Cranford, N.J., listed as a nonprofit organization of about 2,200 members.

Ron Silverman

Ron Silverman

His less than massive following doesn’t threaten me. My concern is for the millions of Jews who live in New York and at various places around the world. In light of history, is this the message they want to send? Do they want to be personified as CHRIST-HATERS? Remember what their forefathers said, “Let His blood be on us and our children.”  The Jewish people are highly intelligent with exceptions like Silverman who does not appear to be very bright. Study the picture, especially the eyes, he doesn’t look bright. I don’t know what the Jews thought when they saw the sign, perhaps they rejoiced, I don’t know but if they are wise, they will use their influence to discourage Silverman. The Jews in the Northeast might do well to study the history of Western Europe. I think the last message they want to sent to the world is; “Jews hate Christ. “ It has never served them well and they have enough influence to take care of the likes of Silverman.

On the other hand, Silverman did have the name CHRIST flashing every 15 seconds and this bill board may have generated more thought concerning Jesus than anything of a positive nature. Did you notice, Silverman wants Christ out of Christmas but he still wants Christmas. Does this dim wit not understand that without Christ, there  is no Christmas. “Forgive him LORD, he does not know what he is doing.” I know that it is fashionable these days to bash Christ but is it wise for the Jewish people to take the lead?


  • In my haste and weariness I forgot to mention our four new members: Michael, Kim, Walker and Patton Young. They united with the DBC family Sunday morning. We also had an outstanding offering and that makes five in row. If you count designated and undesignated together, it was right at $18,000.00. HALLELUJAH, what a SAVIOR!
  • I noticed that the back pew got tickled Sunday night but I had no idea what they were laughing about. I asked several interactive questions and one was: “Why don’t people go on MISSION TRIPS?” The answer I was looking for was people are afraid to get out of their “Comfort Zone.” Of course, I cannot hear it thunder. The children were giving all sorts of answers and none of them were right. Adam had said “Comfort Zone” three times and I never heard him. So in frustration, I say, “The answer I am looking for is we are afraid to get out of our Comfort Zone.” That’s when,they went to giggling. First of all, there is no way he hollowed: I can hear a person when they shout. That’s how June gets my attention. Secondly, Deacons need to be setting a better example by sitting at the front. Amen! I bet Teddy and Tim agree with me. It is kind of funny, now!
  • The only thing about this time is getting home late. I didn’t walk in the door until 8:30 pm last night: no bath, no blog, no bed-med, just half crazy and half dead.
  • Ralph Glenn is a little better, going to Doc today. Roger Burcham is in his last week of treatments, has four more.

The Power Of His Word

February 1, 2014



As Jesus said, “I Am he,” they all drew back and fell to the ground! 

~John 18:6, NLT


God is not silent. It is the nature of God to speak.

~A.W. Tozer


I love the verse above. Some believe there were as many as 300 in this arresting party and they all fall like dominos at the word of Jesus. Three powerful words, “I AM He.” Wow! On this dark night when you had to be at arm’s length with a torch in hand to tell who was who, Jesus cuts through the darkness with three powerful words, “I AM He,” and a mob of people find themselves on the ground. They could not stand against the word of the great I AM. At the mere word of Christ, Satan’s ensigns fall. Jesus didn’t push or shove, He simply spoke.

I love the scene in Ben-Hur where he sees Jesus at a village well. Judah Ben-hur has been captured by the Romans and is being transported to the coast for shipment to Rome. The Romans cruelly refuse to let Judah Ben-Hur have water. Jesus just happens to be in this village and he calmly fills a cup and brings it to Ben Hur. The Romans soldier steps in front as if to stop Jesus. Jesus looks directly at the Roman soldier and he cowers in fear. Jesus had no weapon in His hand, no army backing Him up: He simply looked at the soldier who backed away in fear. I know it is fiction but it is fiction based on facts.

We may be fearing the wrong things: When Jesus is ready to claim His kingdom, he will not need weapons of mass destruction. He does not need a sword, an assault rifle, tank or missile. He can accomplish His will by the power of His word. Satan and all his horde will melt like wax under a hot sun. Jesus will slay the enemy by the breath of His mouth. WOW! Triple WOW!


  • Great meal at the SAFE meeting yesterday. A huge thanks to my sister June Daphney who hit it out of the park with those delicious rolls. She made 75 and not a one was left. Thanks to my helpers Mandy and Floyd. A special thanks to Dian who stayed and helped us clean up.  Our next SAFE meeting is also on the last day of the month, February 28…Soup, Salad and Sandwiches.
Terrific Threesome

Terrific Threesome

  • We’ll be having breakfast with the Widows this morning at 9:00 and then going to Athens for Ray Browning’s COLS at 11:00 then we are going to have to study.
  • Sunday Schedule Normal except evening worship is one hour early: 5:00 PM instead of 6:00. Deacon’s meeting at 8:00, LCBS at 9:00 and worship at 10:15 and 5:00 [Fellowship following evening worship] Floyd will be in the Foyer Sunday morning after service with a sign up sheet: your options are soup, chili, sandwiches, finger foods, cokes, desserts. If you had rather donate money: give it to Floyd and we will buy pizza or chicken fingers.
  • Those who want to watch the game can go to the YOUTH ROOM as soon as you fix your plates. The rest of us will eat, fellowship and go home.
Sunday Night Fellowship

Sunday Night Fellowship


January 30, 2014



A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?

~Proverbs 20:24, NIV


The greatest gift of sight is to see as Christ sees.

~E. Clayton Calhoun


Life is filled with inconveniences and interruptions. I was behind when I got to the office yesterday.  Little did I know that I would be getting phone calls and visits. I did not blow my stack or have a melt down and yes, I do have a witness. It is easy to get bent out of shape when things or people hinder or impede our progress but it helps to understand that God works through these things that get in our way. Slow traffic has saved me from a lot of speeding tickets. Interruptions and inconveniences can be good things:

  1. Inconveniences slow us down, sometimes to a dead stop. This gives us time to think. Maybe even change directions.

  2. Inconveniences reveal our lack of patience and reveal our need to  depend on Christ.

  3. Inconveniences can even spare our life or keep us from danger. Practically every plane crash has someone on the manifest who survived because they missed the flight.

  4. Inconveniences can slow our pace and give us time to notice others who need our help.

  5. Inconveniences can temper us and make us more like Christ.


  • If you are without sin, don’t read this: Sometimes on my way to Decatur General I cut through at Targets and drive down Summerville Road past the Country Club. I got behind a slow Mercedes the other day and I was fussing. I was pretty close to his bumper but backed off knowing I was being rude. We went around a curve and there they sat, radar gun and all. He saved me from getting a ticket. 
  • Another good crowd for supper and some new faces in worship PTL. I got to preach to 30 people last night. It is usually about 20. The cold weather may have helped our attendance.
  • Janet Fields is still stuck in Birmingham. Hopefully she will get to come home today. I hope the roads clear up because I am planning to go down this evening. Keith McKay got snowed in at Atlanta but he took the back roads and snaked his way out. The Chick-Fil-A on 280 tried to close but workers could not get home. They re-opened and started giving food to stranded motorist. Then they stayed open all night for a shelter and then served breakfast yesterday morning. They made FOX news. Of course none of the lame stream media picked up the story. It magnifies Christian charity and we can’t have that can we?
  • What about that band last night: was that good or what! I love to hear our guys play. Brian Ellis is still getting rave reviews. He has to sing more. People are still bragging on the song that he, David and Sloan did last Sunday night.
  • SAFE tomorrow at 11:30 in the parlor…Mississippi pot roast, Big Mama’s green beans, Floyd’s famous mashed potatoes, Datchie’s delicious homemade rolls plus fried Apple Pies and whatever the Seniors bring. Yum! Yum! Plus great weather…50*, a regular heat wave.
  • Breakfast for those who live alone Saturday Morning at Cracker Barrel. Meet at the church at 8:30 if you need a ride or at CB at 9:00.
  • Can you believe this bunch below makes fun of the way I dress.
Christmas Party

Christmas Party Throw-Back “Sharp Dressers, huh?”

Piling On

January 29, 2014



We are now on our way to Jerusalem, where the Son of Man will be handed over to the chief priests and the teachers of the Law of Moses. They will sentence him to death, and then they will hand him over to foreigners who will make fun of him. They will beat him and nail him to a cross. But on the third day he will rise from death.

~Matthew 20:18-19


Mercy requires love and understanding: the ability to put the interest of another first.



Matthew 20 is a very interesting chapter. Jesus is about to leave Jericho and head to Jerusalem where a cross awaits Him. Jesus has a heavy heart and He shares His burden with His disciples but it is like water off of a ducks back. Instead of showing some understanding and compassion, the mother of James and John approaches Jesus and asked that her boys be given preference in the Kingdom. This leads to jealously among the twelve and an argument. Just what Jesus needed, right? He’s hurting on the inside and the guys are arguing about who among them is the greatest. Jesus gives them a brief lecture on greatest and then they began walking out of Jericho headed for Jerusalem. A blind man sitting beside the road begging hears it is Jesus, he goes to crying out for mercy. Long story short: Jesus shows him mercy. The tired and burdened Savior ask the man, “What do you want Me to do for you?” The man said, “I want to see,” and Jesus restored his sight.

As I read through this chapter a few days ago, it hit me…everyone wants Jesus to do something for them but no one would show compassion and mercy on Jesus. Instead of sympathy and understanding, they keep piling on with I want this and I want that. I got a little angry on the inside as I thought about these people be so insensitive? Surely I would listen to Jesus, console Him, tell Him how much I loved Him and pray for Him. But I know the truth, I am no better than the disciples, I am worse. I’m sure they looked upon Jesus as a Super-Hero: the invincible One who needed nothing. I really believe Jesus was crying out in His own way for understanding and He got none. Folks we can’t glory in a thing: Jesus wrought our salvation all by Himself: we were no help and that’s a shame.


  • Preston Grammer came through surgery OK. I didn’t stay because of the snow storm. Janet Fields got snowed in and will try to get out today. We will go back on Thursday. I know today will be a hard day for Preston. I didn’t get to see Dana Segars because the snow came so fast and the streets were bad when I left Princeton so I made a dash for North Alabama. It was touch and go until I got to the Hanceville Exit. There were a lot of wrecks and a lot of stranded motorist.
  • Ken and Christy  Tapsott have a new grandbaby, Christopher Miles [8lbs and a few ounces] born about 5:00 yesterday evening. The LORD is good: Bailey and Chris are tickled pink, the entire family was elated.
  • Paul said, “In all things give thanks because it is God’s will for those of us in Christ to be thankful.” I want to give some thanks: I am thankful for the two things above but I am also thankful that I do not live in Siberia, Alaska, Canada, Michigan, New York, Antarctica, or the North Pole. I don’t know if this cold weather is killing the bugs or not but it is making me thankful for Spring. Hey, I might get thankful for Summer before it’s over. How many single digit nights have we had this year? A bunch! I never remember school being out [I think this makes 5 days] for cold weather. An NO, they should not have to make them up. We need to do like Hoover and refuse the federal money and run our own schools. Have Swamp Johns every Saturday night. I’d be willing donate extra just to have the freedom to have what we want for lunch. Can you believe it, the Northeast Liberal bureaucrats tell us what we can have for lunch. It is the same group of idiots who believe in evolution. You can’t be reasonably intelligent and believe in evolution. Folks, it is time to take our schools back.
Saw A Lot Of This

Saw A Lot Of This

And This...

And This…

...and this...

…and this…

I didn't see this but it was taken yesterday.

I didn’t see this but it was taken yesterday.

Celebrate Jesus