The Pride of Babylon

April 25, 2015

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpgSCRIPTURE

You said, ‘I will reign forever as queen of the world!’ You did not reflect on your actions or think about their consequences.

~Isaiah 47:7, NLT


Two things are said to be very rare sights in the world: one is a young man humble, and the other is an old man content.

~J.C. Ryle

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The ‘queen of the world’ was a reference to the city of Babylon which dates back to Genesis. Babylon was at it’s zenith during Isaiah’s life time. At the time it’s hanging gardens and descending water falls made it one of the seven wonders of the world. The Babylonian captivity for the Jews took place during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and this was probably the peak of Babylon’s grandeur. Daniel the prophet rebuked Belshazzar for desecrating the golden vessels taken from the Temple in Jerusalem and told him, “The kingdom will be taken from you” and it was taken that very night by Darius the Mede. In 539 BC the empire fell to the Persians under Cyrus. Babylon’s existed until Alexander the Great who took it in 331 BC. He intended to rebuild it and make it greater but he died before pursuing his plan and the city, it walls and towers were torn down. Babylon, once great, no longer exist. It has become a symbol of worldly pleasure, power, prosperity and PRIDE. When John speaks of Babylon in the Revelation, he is referring to the antichrist world system driven by PRIDE.

I did not intend to give you a history lesson when I sat down to do the blog. In yesterday’s DBR that second part of the verse jumped out at me…You did not reflect on your actions or think about their consequences. I cannot count the times that I have acted in haste without considering the circumstances. About five or six years ago, I did something stupid and it came back to bite me this past month. I am not mad at God or anyone else: I should have thought about what I was doing and possible consequences. I imagine most of my bone head decisions could be laid at the door step of PRIDE.

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  • Miss Clara has bursitis in her shoulder, got a shot yesterday in B’town and feels better but is still fighting a UTI.
  • Front Pew Shower for Ginny Shaneyfelt this Sunday.
  • Sunday schedule: LCBS 9:15, Worship 10:15 and 6:00. God willing we are preaching on the Cross Sunday morning and the Burial Sunday night.
  • You have just two Sundays to order ROSES FOR MAMA. I wish I knew how many years we had Roses for Mama but I would have to guess 8-10 years. It has been a huge success but we did have a drop in attendance last year. Instead of the kids coming to DBC to be with Mama, Mama is going to the kids. We are going to try it one more time. MOTHER’S, it is your day, let the kids come to you.

Keri and Kane

Sing The Happy Song!

December 5, 2014



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Beloved, I do not consider that I have made it my own; but this one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus.

~Philippians 3:13-14, NRSV


Trust the past to God’s mercy, the present to God’s love and the future to God’s providence.


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I was reading Psalm 137 yesterday which is a lament of the Jewish exiles in Babylon. The Jewish people had a reputation of being singers and musicians…The Babylonians taunted them, “Sing Us A Happy Song.” The Jews refused to sing. Matter of fact, they put their musical instruments into storage and vowed never to sing in Babylon. The key to the Psalm is the word ‘Remember’ which is used four times in nine verses. The Jews vowed not to forget Jerusalem and their memories of worship in the Temple. God is not constricted to an area, a city and He certainly cannot be confined in a structure. God was as real in Babylon as He was in Judea but the Jews were not open to this truth.

Memory is a good thing. If we had no memory, we would have no relationships. Memory is a precious gift but there are some things we need to intentionally forget. Jeremiah told the exiles, Build homes and plan to stay; plant vineyards, for you will be there many years. Marry and have children, and then find mates for them and have many grandchildren. Multiply! Don’t dwindle away!  And work for the peace and prosperity of Babylon. In other words, forget Jerusalem and the Temple; forget the way things use to be, make adjustments and get on with your life.

We all have regrets: perhaps some of us have more than others but we cannot go back and undo or redo: we must move forward. We must follow Jeremiah’s advice, “Make the best of a bad situation. Bloom where you are planted until God moves you or calls you home.” We need to follow the Apostle Paul’s example, “forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.”


  • I cannot believe it: December 5th and SENIOR ADULT CHIRSTMAS this morning at CB in Hartselle, 9:30 am.
  • Today we pray for FAMILY.
  • Sunday is a full schedule: Deacons at 8:00, LCBS at 9:00 and worship at 10:15 and 6:00. Sunday am we will {LORD willing share a CHRISTMAS message on “Jesus Our Savior,” Sunday night, “Jesus our Emmanuel.”

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Singing A capella

June 17, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


But how can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a pagan land?
~Psalm 137:4, NLT


What do we do when the music stops? We sing the songs of faith life Paul and Silas, a capella if necessary.

Wally Amos Blackman

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I don’t usually start with a video but watch this before you read the devotion…you will enjoy the video, it is vintage Barney Fife.

The Jews were taken from their land and placed in relocation camps in Babylon. They were very unhappy with their circumstances. Their captors had heard stories about their musical ability, how they sang as they marched up to Zion and so they taunted the Jews, saying, “Do us a number…it’s in your blood…come on and perform for us”…But the Jews refused to sing. They hung their harps on the Willows by the river bank and clammed up. No music, no singing…they were not in the mood. What do we do when our circumstances turn sour? What do we do when the music stops? Paul and Silas sang hymns of the faith with no piano, organ, guitar or drums. We cannot let the world take our song. What ever you do, keep singing, a capella if necessary.

The above thoughts came from Walter E. Blackman’s message at the Pastor’s Conference [6/16/14]. Wally is the pastor of East Highland Baptist Church in Hartselle. He is a good preacher and an excellent pastor.

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  • Gwendolyn Segars departed this world Monday evening [6/16] around 2-3 pm. They will make arrangement first thing Tuesday am. Mrs. Segars had a massive stroke last Saturday morning.
  • Big difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day attendance wise. One of the deacons said that it is not fair: The mothers get praised and the fathers get chewed out. My daddy use to say the same thing. As Scar says, “Life is not fair.”
  • I got it all wrong: Bill Harrison is still at HH, coming home today and Cassie and boys are home safe and sound.
Lori at Feeding Center

Lori at Feeding Center

DBC Crew

DBC Crew

Singing In The Darkness

December 10, 2012


SCRIPTUREBy day the Lord shows his faithful love, and at night I have a song for him—a prayer for the God of my life. [Psalm 42:8, ERV]

QUOTE: The Nightingale sings its most beautiful music in the darkest part of the night. ~Anonymous

COMMENTARY: No one is immune from feelings of doubt and even despair. Sometimes we need encouragement which is the primary reason we assemble as believers. A Jewish exile wrote Psalm 42. When the Jews were carried to Babylon, they went through a period of depression. How would you and I react if a foreign invader came in, made us prisoners of war and then relocated us in a foreign land with very few rights. The Babylonians taunted the Jews…”Where is your God?…Why didn’t He save you? Why don’t you sing us a song, we’ve heard you Jews love to sing?” The Jews did not feel like singing. It is hard to sing in the darkness. Anyone can sing when they are happy but have you ever tried to sing when you are depressed? The test of any believer is whether or not they can sing in the dark. Can you sing when you do not feel like singing? 

Remember, Jesus is our song!

EXTRA: Good services yesterday. I am thankful. Very good attendance in both services. David and Michelle Andrews are still in Huntsville. I am headed that way this morning. Anthony “Wolf” Shaneyfelt has surgery tomorrow in Huntsville.

I was honored to have Granny Turrentine in the service yesterday morning. Her sister was visiting from Michigan and Granny wanted her to hear some good preaching. I think she got disappointed. I told Sue the other day that she ranks real high on Granny’s list, right under Melissa and Cody. I said, “Sue you even rank above Curly.” She laughed and then said, “Bro. Jack, you rank above Curly.” My camera was a little out of focus. 


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