Israel, you have seen so much, but what has it meant to you?

~Isaiah 42:20, GNT


Rebels never take notes.


It would make sense to make a note of what does not work and especially that which leads to destruction and disaster but Israel refused to see what was happening to them. Isaiah said, “You have eyes but you don’t see, ears but you refuse to hear. God has made you feel the force of His anger and to suffer the violence of war. Like a fire, His anger burned throughout Israel but you never knew what was happening; you learned nothing from it all.”

You may find this statistic hard to believe but 76.6% of prison inmates are repeat offenders.An unbelievable 56.7% are arrested and incarcerated within the first year of their release. If I had to do a week in prison, I guarantee you, I wouldn’t spit on side walk once I got out: the last thing I would want is to return to prison.

Some years ago, someone studies the history of Israel during the period of the Judges and came up with what we call the CYCLE OF SIN. Slavery, Israelites cry out to God {Prayer}, miraculous deliverance, peace and prosperity, sin and rebellion, apathy and indifference, oppression and persecution, then back to slavery and bondage. America is somewhere between indifference and oppression which means persecution will be next.

What do you call a person who refuses to learn from their mistakes? Dumb, stupid, hardheaded, rebellious, proud, slow, a dimwit or dipstick! One thing is for sure, he or she is not bright.


  • Tom Bennich, a friend of DBC, was promoted May 27, a little after 4:00 PM. Tom hadhis bags packs and was ready to go. If ever I saw a man homesick, it was Tom. Most of us are thrilled when we wake up from a surgery: I got the feeling Tom was disappointed. I talked to him a couple of times earlier in the week and so did Joe David, we both thought he was going to make it. Mrs. Edith wanted him to pull through and so did we but the LORD and Tom had something else in mind. On the way back from the hospital June said, “Tom is going to be missed.” The first thing I thought of was LUKE 14: it will not seem right without Tom. He was the most Mission Minded man I’ve ever known: He loved his church [1st Hartselle] but he didn’t stop there, the loved DBC and many more. There is no telling how many mission trips he made or how much money he gave away–truly, only the LORD knows.
  • Well, we got started on our visitation and had some great visits but didn’t get a lot of ground covered. We appreciate Rebekah and David feeding us last night. Rebekah served a delicious meal and we got to see their new house. This is twice this week that we have got to see a new house. Also had delightful visits with Vanda and Bobby, Bruce and Sandy and with Roger. Dot wasn’t home so I can’t count that one. You could help me out by giving me an appointment, especially those who work in the day time.
  • One service only Sunday: 10:15 am.


WHat memorial day is about_n

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg 


But see here, you who live in your own light and warm yourselves from your own fires and not from God’s; you will live among sorrows.

~Isaiah 50:11, TLB


The ultimate slavery is total independence from God.


my thoughts red

In our nation, independence–the freedom to speak, write, assemble and worship without fear of persecution– is a prized possession and make no mistake about it, I am a patriot and a lover of freedom but understand that true freedom can only be found in Christ. Those who seek to live independently of Christ are of all men, the greatest slaves. What is a guitar string detached from the guitar? Can it fulfill it’s purpose independently of the guitar? No, a guitar string is totally dependent on the guitar.

Can you fulfill your intended purpose a part from Christ and His body? Isaiah said, those who refuse to trust the LORD walk in darkness. They try to compensate by building their own fires and creating their own light but there is no peace for the wicked [those who rebel against God]. The ultimate reward for those who refuse to trust in Christ is misery, sorrow and torment. There is no freedom in hell.


Curly Clones with Melissa and Granny

extra 2

  • Another late night at the ball park: you know grand kids are special when you see a good man like Billy Parker watching his grandson from a wheel chair. You know how to spot Senior Adults at the ball park: we are the ones wearing coats.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS Saturday at 9:30 a.m. Cracker Barrel in Hartselle.
  • Get a ROSE for Mom this Sunday. Mother’s day just one week from Sunday.
  • Senior Day May 17th a.m. Worship. We have more high school seniors this year than we’ve ever had at DBC. I think it is either 19-20.
  • HELP WANTED! If you will work in VBS, see Mandy. We are having a hard time recruiting workers this year.


The Pride of Babylon

April 25, 2015

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpgSCRIPTURE

You said, ‘I will reign forever as queen of the world!’ You did not reflect on your actions or think about their consequences.

~Isaiah 47:7, NLT


Two things are said to be very rare sights in the world: one is a young man humble, and the other is an old man content.

~J.C. Ryle

my thoughts red

The ‘queen of the world’ was a reference to the city of Babylon which dates back to Genesis. Babylon was at it’s zenith during Isaiah’s life time. At the time it’s hanging gardens and descending water falls made it one of the seven wonders of the world. The Babylonian captivity for the Jews took place during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and this was probably the peak of Babylon’s grandeur. Daniel the prophet rebuked Belshazzar for desecrating the golden vessels taken from the Temple in Jerusalem and told him, “The kingdom will be taken from you” and it was taken that very night by Darius the Mede. In 539 BC the empire fell to the Persians under Cyrus. Babylon’s existed until Alexander the Great who took it in 331 BC. He intended to rebuild it and make it greater but he died before pursuing his plan and the city, it walls and towers were torn down. Babylon, once great, no longer exist. It has become a symbol of worldly pleasure, power, prosperity and PRIDE. When John speaks of Babylon in the Revelation, he is referring to the antichrist world system driven by PRIDE.

I did not intend to give you a history lesson when I sat down to do the blog. In yesterday’s DBR that second part of the verse jumped out at me…You did not reflect on your actions or think about their consequences. I cannot count the times that I have acted in haste without considering the circumstances. About five or six years ago, I did something stupid and it came back to bite me this past month. I am not mad at God or anyone else: I should have thought about what I was doing and possible consequences. I imagine most of my bone head decisions could be laid at the door step of PRIDE.

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youth helpers

  • Miss Clara has bursitis in her shoulder, got a shot yesterday in B’town and feels better but is still fighting a UTI.
  • Front Pew Shower for Ginny Shaneyfelt this Sunday.
  • Sunday schedule: LCBS 9:15, Worship 10:15 and 6:00. God willing we are preaching on the Cross Sunday morning and the Burial Sunday night.
  • You have just two Sundays to order ROSES FOR MAMA. I wish I knew how many years we had Roses for Mama but I would have to guess 8-10 years. It has been a huge success but we did have a drop in attendance last year. Instead of the kids coming to DBC to be with Mama, Mama is going to the kids. We are going to try it one more time. MOTHER’S, it is your day, let the kids come to you.

Keri and Kane

my hope Christmas


For I know your rebellion and your stiff neck. If today, while I am yet alive with you, you have been rebellious against the Lord, then how much more after my death?

~Deuteronomy 31:27, NKJV


wLord, bend that proud and stiffnecked “I,” Help me to bow the neck and die, Beholding Him on Calvary, Who bowed His Head for me.

~Author Unknown


Deuteronomy 31 is a very interesting chapter. The LORD pulls Moses aside for a chat and He tells Him…[JEV]”You are not going to lead the Israelites into the promised land, Joshua is going to take your place. I want you to encourage him because he will be the new leader. As for you, I’m taking you home to be with your ancestors but I want you to know before you go, the Israelites are not going to make it long term. Oh, I will give them the land but they will not keep it because they are a rebellious people and they will forsake My commandments and go after the gods the natives worship. Don’t take it personal Moses, you did all you could do.” As soon at Moses conversation with the LORD is concluded, Moses has a talk with the Israelites. “Joshua is going to lead you and the LORD is going before you to give you victory but you will not sustain the victory nor keep the land. I know you and I know the inclination of your heart, you have a stiff neck and you are prone to rebellion. You’ve been pretty bad while I was here but after I gone, you will be worse. You will not keep the land; you will turn to evil and it will destroy you.” Moses was a prophet: they did exactly as he said they would do.


I’ll be glad when football season is over. I had gone to bed and I had predicted that Georgia would come back. She came running in an woke me up telling me they were ahead 38-37 and I get up just in time to the famous Auburn luck. The kid was not even looking for the ball. The game should have been extended, that was a head to head on Murray on the last play. Well, its just a game. But it got me wide awake and here I am at 10:30 and I should have been in bed two hours ago. Alabama’s win was ugly. If we don’t get our act together the aubies will beat us.

  • Deacons meeting at 8:00
  • Worship Celebration 10:15
  • Baptism
  • Church, the Sunday night Place at 6:00 [Children go straight to play practice]

Pride and Pedigree

September 4, 2013

Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America



Give her this message from the Sovereign Lord: You are nothing but a Canaanite! Your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite.

~Ezekiel 16:3, NLT


Knowing God without knowing our own wretchedness makes for pride. Knowing our own wretchedness without knowing God makes for despair. Knowing Jesus Christ strikes the balance because He shows us both God and our own wretchedness.

~Blaise Pascal


The Jews took great pride in their ethnicity and their pedigree, they were quick to tell you that Abraham was their father and Sarah was their mother. Abraham was not an Amorite and Sarah was not a Hittite so what is Ezekiel talking about? Keep in mind that Ezekiel is a prophet and they often color outside the lines. The Jews of Ezekiel’s day were filled with pride and they refused to acknowledge their sins. Ezekiel is not talking about their ethnicity, he is making a satirical comment about their ethics or lack thereof. The Canaanites were known for their immorality. Hittite women seem to have been especially prone to prostitution. Remember Esau married two Hittite women and his mother and father were very upset with his choices. Bathsheba was a Hittite. Ezekiel’s point is that the Jews have lowered their standard beneath that of the Canaanites. He tells the Jews [who take pride in their family tree]…Your father was an Amorite, your mother a Hittite and you have two sisters, Sodom and Samaria. I doubt you have been offended when you read Ezekiel 16 but this was very offensive to the Jews. In effect, Ezekiel is saying to the Jews, “You are not better than the Canaanites you despise, matter of fact, you are worse.”

One more note: The Jews who took so much pride in being pure were not pure at all. Boaz mother was Rahab, a Canaanite harlot. I do think she changed her ways when she converted but she was Canaanite by birth. So, Boaz is half Jew and half Canaanite. Boaz marries Ruth and she is a Moabite. They have a son Obed; so what does that make Obed? If my math is right, he is 25% Jew and 75% something else. It doesn’t stop there, where does Solomon get the tendency to worship Canaanite deities? His mother was a Hittite. Ezekiel is just making a viable point: “You are not pure; your ethnicity and your ethics are corrupt.”


  • Youth Room beginning to take shape but still a lot to be done. I left around 7:00; they had a good crew but a lot to do. It is going to be nice.
  • People keep asking me about the Sunday numbers: they were not bad for a holiday weekend: Lottie Moon was really good and the budget offering was also good. I keep forgetting to look at worship attendance but it was not bad and the service was excellent.
  • Chick-Fil-A tonight at 5:30, AWANA at 6:15 with the Gathering at 6:30
  • Pray for MY HOPE.


Stiff Necks

August 20, 2013

Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America


Because I knew that you were obstinate, and your neck was an iron sinew.

Isaiah 48:4, NKJV


It is not hard to obey when we love the one whom we obey.

Ignatius of Antioch


In my younger days, I was a conference goer and my favorite featured Bill Stafford, Jack Taylor and Bertha Smith. Miss Bertha [never married] was a retired SBC missionary. She used a little tract called “Not I but Christ”. There was a huge I on the front of the tract. The capital letter I is a symbol of the unbroken, unbending self-will. It is a picture of obstinacy. It is also the middle letter in sin and pride. NOT I, BUT CHRIST in me, bend that proud and stiff-necked “I,” Help me to bow the neck and die, Beholding Him on Calvary, Who bowed His Head for me. Below is a check list that comes from the tract. The list humiliates me every time I read it.

  • A secret spirit of pride-an exalted feeling in view of your success or position; because of your good training or appearance; because of your natural gifts and abilities.
  • An important, independent spirit? Love of human praise; a secret fondness to be noticed; love of supremacy, drawing attention to self in conversation; a swelling out of self when you have had a free time in speaking or praying?
  • The stirrings of anger or impatience, which, worst of all, you call nervousness or holy indignation; a touchy, sensitive spirit; a disposition to resent and retaliate when disapproval of or contradicted; a desire to throw sharp, heated flings at another?
  • Self-will; a stubborn, unteachable spirit; an arguing, talkative spirit; harsh, sarcastic expression; an unyielding, headstrong disposition; a driving, commanding spirit; a disposition to criticize and pick flaws when set aside and unnoticed; a peevish, fretful spirit; a disposition that loves to be coaxed and humored?
  • Carnal fear; a man-fearing spirit; a shrinking from reproach and duty; reasoning around your cross; a shrinking from doing your whole duty by those of wealth or position; a fearfulness that someone will offend and drive some prominent person away; a compromising spirit?
  • A jealous disposition, a secret spirit of envy shut up in your heart; an unpleasant sensation in view of the great prosperity and success of another; a disposition to speak of the faults and failings, rather than the gifts and virtues of those more talented and appreciated than yourself?
  • A dishonest, deceitful disposition; the evading and covering of the truth; the covering up of your real faults; leaving a better impression of yourself than is strictly true; false humility; exaggeration; straining the truth?
  • Unbelief; a spirit of discouragement in times of pressure and opposition; lack of quietness and confidence in God; lack of faith and trust in God; a disposition to worry and complain when things are going your way?
  • Formality and deadness; lack of concern for lost souls; dryness and indifference?
  • Selfishness; love of ease; love of money?

Not much on the list that doesn’t convict me. I do feel more guilty about some than others. I know two things for sure: we need REVIVAL and only God can give it.


  • Swamp John’s will be at Falkville Baptist Friday night I think. All you Swamp John fans can check it out.
  • They picked up the gates yesterday which means the last remnants of the Block Party are gone. All we like is putting the picnic tables back under the pavilion and picking up the cups and paper. I may do that today.
  • We worked on DIGEST yesterday and I am hoping we will get one out on schedule for a change.



August 15, 2013

Prayer For REVIVAL in America

Prayer For REVIVAL in America


Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.

~Proverbs 16:18, NLT


“As long as you think the problem is out there, that very thought is the problem”

~Stephen Covey


Is there any particular sin that you are fond of pouncing on, such as infidelity. It is a very destructive sin and it leaves a trail of emotional debris but your sin of self-righteousness may be more offensive to God than the sin of those who have broken a vow. While I was trying to pastor a small church during my seminary days, I had a delegation of elderly ladies approach me complaining about the younger women wearing short skirts. They insisted that I preach them a sermon.  I listened politely to their complaint but the next Sunday, I preached on gossip and every one of them left mad. I am not saying that immodest dress is appropriate but I am saying that gossip is as sinful as wearing a short skirt. The old ladies didn’t wear short skirts but I knew for a fact that they were gossips. Do you know what happens to people who go to seed on one particular sin to the neglect of all others? The very sin they despise in others will eventually pay them a visit. Keep in mind that our sins can revisit us in the lives of our children and grandchildren. They say the famous last words of a redneck are, “Hey yall, watch this!” The last words of the self-righteous are, “It will never happen to me.” We should remind ourselves daily that there is no sin that we are not capable of committing. In what ever area you think you have immunity, that is most likely where the devil will trip you up.


  • Good supper, Great Ice Cream, Good Service and Good attendance last night.
  • I think I may have told you but not sure, LORD willing I am going to Guatemala with Jason’s team and Teddy got my tickets so I bet I have good seats. It is a grace trip for me. The LORD did it all, I am just going along for the ride.
  • Met with Lisa Osborn for a few minutes last night: The search committee is looking for resume’s. If you know of a qualified person, please give Lisa their name. The committee is going to prepare a survey for the church that will be done in late September. I would guess either the 22 or 29. Please pray for Lisa and the search team. They have a very difficult assignment. We will run the qualifications from the by-laws again this Sunday if we don’t forget.
  • Election this Sunday. Polls open at 9:00 in foyer and close at 10:30.
  • Pray for MY HOPE November 7.
  • Pray for our REVIVAL November 3-6 with Wade Morris.

Little Jack 8

Presumptuous Sin

May 18, 2012

SCRIPTUREAcquit me of hidden faults. Also keep back Your servant from presumptuous sins; Let them not rule over me. [Psalm 19:12-13, NASB]

QUOTE: The present moment is all you have, make no assumptions. ~Reinhold Niebuhr

COMMENTARY: The Hebrew word that is translated ‘presumptuous’ is zed. It means to be proud, arrogant or insolent. Literally it means to swell up or become inflated. This little three letter word is used only 13 times in the bible and 12 of those times the AV translates it ‘arrogance’. Only  here in Psalm 19 is it translated presumptuous. A presumptuous sin is one of overt rebellion. It is a prideful transgression that refuses to acknowledge the consequences. A good example is found in Luke 12. The Rich Farmer was presumptuous and he was also a fool.

EXTRA: Granny Turrentine is at home and so is Curly after passing a kidney stone yesterday evening. Kenny Holladay’s surgery is today. Gregg and I are going to B’town in the next few minutes. June has been asking me who was the oldest in the Turrentine clan. Eddie told her last night that he was by 15 months. We saw both of them at West Park. When we got home, Big Mama said, “Eddie sure doesn’t look the oldest”. I knew Teddy would enjoy that comment. She says that today is Teddy’s birthday and I know how old he is because he is Tim’s age and that would be 52. It is also Joe Eaton’s birthday and I think Joe David said he was 84. Happy birthday Joe and Teddy.

EXTRA/EXTRA: BBQ Sunday night after Baccalaureate which is at 6:00. Holly needs you to bring homemade ice cream or brownies or both. DEACON’S meeting this Sunday morning at 8:00. WEE Care Graduation Sunday Evening at 2:00


January 6, 2012

SCRIPTURE: Your ways and your doings have brought this upon you. [Jeremiah 4:18, NRSV]

QUOTE: We all grow old, we have no choice in the matter but we don’t all grow up. ~Anonymous

THOUGHT: Taking responsibility for your mistakes is the first step toward maturity. When you are a Senior Adult and you are still blaming others for what is going wrong in your life, it is a sure indication that you have grown old without growing up.

COMMENTARY: Jeremiah lived and preached during the darkest period of Israel’s history. God gave Jeremiah the unpleasant assignment of pronouncing judgment upon Judah for her sins. Jeremiah was unappreciated, unpopular and unsuccessful, at least in terms of the people’s response to his message. Judah’s Achilles heel was that they were irresponsible. They blamed God, they blamed Jeremiah, they blamed the Babylonians, they blamed everyone except themselves. Jeremiah said [4:4] “God’s wrath will go forth like fire and burn with no one to quench it, because of the evil you are doing.” He said the Babylonian army has closed in on you because you have rebelled against the LORD [Jer. 4:17]. In other words, “You have brought this upon yourself”.  Judah was its own worse enemy. Paul said, “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; but when I became an adult, I put an end to childish ways”. Children are irresponsible, it is part of childhood but eventually, we have to put this childishness  behavior away. Teenagers are slightly more responsible but they are still dependent and not ready to pull their own weight. Growing up means that you accept the fact that you cannot have everything you want with someone else footing the bill. As we grow up, we learn to pull our own weight, understanding that no one owes us anything.We do not pout like a bratty child because we do not get our way. We stop focusing on the sins of others and acknowledge our own sin. We are our own worse enemy. It is not our mama or our daddy and it certainly is not our spouse. We will never make any progress until we acknowledge our sins and failures. I have no confidence in any man who does not assume responsibility for his sin.

EXTRA: I forgot to mention some good news, an anonymous donor gave us $7,500.00 for Lottie Moon last week-end and that is what put us over the $50,000.00 mark. We lacked just a little getting 75% of our goal but I am thankful. Eddie and Sue went back to China Wednesday. We didn’t see much of Eddie this time but we are going to miss Sue. We would miss Eddie if he would stay long enough for us to miss him. I returned to an old theme that displays the date at the top. I can’t get my back ground the way I want it but at least it is readable, I hope.

Mavis, Josie, June and Joe

Excellence Or Egotism

October 7, 2011

SCRIPTURE: Supplement your faith with a generous provision of moral excellence. {II Peter 1:5, NLT}

QUOTE: There is a world of difference between doing your best to glorify Christ and doing your best to glorify yourself.–Adapted from Grace For The Moment

THOUGHT: It is easy to be overcome by our self-importance. As Paul said in Romans 12, “We think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think”.

COMMENTARY: Moral excellence is not preaching a flawless sermon, singing a song without missing a note or even presenting the gospel without misquoting a verse. Moral excellence is purity of heart. Many folks make “excellence” their goal but it is their motives that are impure. I saw a great preacher get visibly upset because the congregation laughed at a verbal slip-up. He meant to say, “the car swerved off the road and hit a tree” but he said, “a tree swerved off the road and hit a car”. The congregation [preachers] erupted in laughter and the eloquent and polished speaker was agitated. He got angry in the pulpit and rebukes us for laughing. Excellent preacher but without moral excellence. His motives were not pure. Jesus did not rebuke those who laughed at Him and His circumstances were much worse. The quest for moral excellence is commendable but the quest for excellence in and of itself is vain  and can lead to childish behavior. Rule number one: It is not about YOU! Get over yourself and get on with the work.

EXTRA: I have not kept up with the current string of beautiful days but I think it must be a record. We have not had our AC on for over a week. I have not heard the units at church running either. Perfect weather. As Keith says, “Unbelievable”. Then Luther would have said, “You better believe it.” I want to send our best to the Blackwoods in Asia and ask them to pray for us. Our LMCO goal is the greatest challenge we have ever faced. Matter of fact, everyone needs to pray daily about two things: [1] REVIVAL [Nov. 6-9] [2] Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.