June 22, 2015

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Hazael responded, “How could a nobody like me ever accomplish such great things?”

~2 Kings 8:13, NLT


How shall I a habit break? As you did that habit make, as you gathered, you must lose; As you yielded, now refuse, thread by thread the strands we twist till they bind us neck and wrist, thread by thread the patient hand must untwine ere we stand.”

~John O’Reilly

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Hazael {one who sees God} was a cabinet level official in the court of Ben-hadad’s king of Syria. Ben became sick and was confined to bed. One day news reached him that Elisha was in the area so he sends Hazael to ask Elisha if he will recover from the sickness. Elisha told Hazael, Tell your master that he will recover but actually he is going to die.” Then Elisha gazes into the eyes of Hazael until he becomes uncomfortable and says, “what is the matter?” Elisha says, “I know the terrible things that you will do to Israel; you will burn our cities, kill our young men with the sword, dash our children to the ground and rip open our pregnant women!” This is when Hazael says, “How could a nobody like me ever accomplish such great things?” Are you kidding me!

Wow! Did Hazael have a twisted mind or what? Everything on the list is horrible: burning, killing, murdering children and aborting infants and killing their mothers. Why would the man interpret any of these terrible things as “Great Accomplishments?”

Sarah Lied and Million Died

Sarah Lied and Million Died

Harry Blackmun, the so-called justice who is responsible for abortion on demand, died puzzled that no one considered him a hero. He thought his ruling would bring him fame and fortune. His thinking was twisted. How could any sane person view the passing of Roe v. Wade as a great accomplishment. Jimmie, the almost worse president in history, Carter thought it was a great accomplishment and so did Sarah Weddington, the feminist lawyer supposedly representing Norma McCorvey {Jane Roe} who confessed that she was not rapped and told Weddington that she was not going to have an abortion. Weddington told her to keep her mouth shut, it was not about her. Sarah lied and millions have died. Blackmun, Carter and Weddington have a trial date coming up: they will stand before the real Chief Justice.

extra 2

  • I was absolutely overwhelmed and shocked yesterday. Our LCBS lesson was on the conquest of Jericho. A part of the plan was a “Shout of faith” by the Israelites. I was teaching Jason’s class [I loved it] and I ask them if DBC was marching around the wall, what percent would shout with all their heart. We went around the room and everyone guess a percentage. I was first and I said, “Susan and myself.” Will said that it would be  less then 1% but then our faith begin to grow and it got as high as 25%. Michael Penney was the optimist: he said Bro. Jack, “why don’t you ask them and let them do it together.” I said, “I will,” and I did…all you beach lovers missed it and I aint telling you what happened. The second shock of the day was the attendance: I went thinking 150-200 but we had more than we do on Mother’s Day. On the way back from the hospital yesterday, June said, “We would have 500 if they all came on the same Sunday.”
  • GREAT FATHERS DAY for yours truly–kids fixed me a steak dinner. I was convicted from J.D.’s sermon about not showing affection to my daughters. I hugged all three yesterday and told them I loved them. I do love my kids and grand’ and June and I are very blessed.
  • One church member was not at the beach, he or she was in the bed. If you can guess who it was you win a free front row seat to David and the Giants next concert. Listen folks, you can’t hide anything from the preacher. You may as well confess up because I know what you are doing. {JKOC}
  • What do you think about a man who invites you to LCBS and you get there and he doesn’t show up?
  • Kane is at home but he didn’t have a good day: I think Keri is on the way home. Carmen Livingston is still at DGH.


October 5, 2014

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

~Matthew 6:33, NLT


Wisdom begins with seeing things from God’s perspective.


my thoughts red

Perspective is the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance to other things. I took a day off to spend time with some friends that I rarely get to see. We enjoyed some great fellowship, some delicious food and a rather less than spectacular college football game. I want you to note the order: FRIENDS, fellowship, food and football. I will take friends over football any day of the week. What I would really like to see is a REVIVAL. I will take REVIVAL over a National Championship. I have some friends who are not Christians and I would take their salvation over all the football in the world and in the long run, I would have no regrets for doing so. It is a matter of perspective. Could I be saying this because my team got beat? I could but don’t so. Time will tell!


  • Today we pray for SENIOR ADULTS
  • No Deacons Meeting
  • Front Pew Baby Shower for Katie and Sparky…they are getting three girls.

Perplexing Questions

  1. Why do people go to football games to drink?
  2. Would it not be more convenient to drink at home where can throw up in your own commode.
  3. Why do grown men wear red pants, a checkered red and white coat with red shirt and white bow tie?
  4. Why do men wear bow ties period?
  5. Why do the tickets cost $75 and you have less than 16 inches of bleacher space to sit on? For $75 you should get a recliner. They have better seats in Theaters and it cost a lot less than $75.
  6. How hard is it to go into the stadium, sit down and stay there until the game is over?
  7. How is it that football fans are not only willing but cheerfully so to walk over a mile to the stadium because no parking is available around the stadium and they would not walk a fourth of that distance to church without heavy complaints?
  8. If football is no longer entertaining, why should you go?
  9. Why will there not be football in heaven? Because football is a win/lose and there will be no losing in heaven.
  10. Why are my question freaking you out? Because you are young and don’t know any better. You’ll get it one of these days. Some things just take time.


October 21, 2013

Pray For MY HOPE

Pray For MY HOPE


I trust in the Lord, so why did you tell me to run and hide?
Why did you say, “Fly like a bird to your mountain?”

Psalm 11:1, ERV


Perspective makes all the difference in the world.



After David initial encounter with Saul’s rage, some of his friends advised him to flee to the mountains for refuge. David mildly rebukes his friends because he sees flight as an act of cowardice and David is no coward. He reminds his friends that the LORD is in his holy temple [heaven]. The Lord sits on his throne in heaven. He sees everything that happens. He watches people closely. The Lord examines those who are good and those who are wicked; He hates those who enjoy hurting others. David sees the sovereignty of God and he is fully convinced that God sees him in his circumstance. The sun is greater in mass than any mountain but it is possible for the mountain to block our view of the sun. It all depends on where we are standing. David took a step back so he could see the bigger picture and he saw God on His throne.

We may not be tempted to flee to the mountains but we are tempted to hide; to blend in to the worldly landscape and so avoid the reproach of Christ. I think the greatest temptation facing Christians in our culture is to become friends with the world and to allow them to press us into their mold.


When I walked in last night, I thought wow, there must be something going on that I don’t know about. I think there are 17 up front singing and some did not come up and four got there too late to sing. We had right at 25 children in the service last night and of course we always have a gang of youth. Vellene is having surgery today at DGH. We will be working on MY HOPE at the office. I am planning to host or work with others in hosting three MY HOPE parties, one on Thursday, Friday and then again on Sunday night. I need you to pray. Some of you did well the first of last week but you let up. You cannot let up! Pray is the key. Follow MY HOPE on Twitter. Do whatever you have to do to keep it in the forefront of your mind.

Kids For Christ

Kids For Christ


March 13, 2012

Pic of Earth From MoonSCRIPTURE: When the servant of the man of God got up early the next morning and went outside, there were troops, horses, and chariots everywhere. “Oh, sir, what will we do now?” the young man cried to Elisha. “Don’t be afraid!” Elisha told him. “For there are more on our side than on theirs!” Then Elisha prayed, “O LORD, open his eyes and let him see!” The LORD opened the young man’s eyes, and when he looked up, he saw that the hillside around Elisha was filled with horses and chariots of fire. [II Kings 6:15-17, NLT]

QUOTE:  Perspective is the ability to see facts and situations accurately and objectively. ~Harper Collins

THOUGHT: Things are not always as bad as they seem, period.

COMMENTARY: In Chuck Swindoll’s book Second Wind, he tells the story of a college coed and ran out of funds mid-way through her first year of college. She writes Mom and Dad a letter…

Dear Mom and Dad,

Just wanted to clue you in on my plans. I have found Mr. Right and we want to get married. I thought you might like to know that he is a high school drop out, he has already been married once, and he can’t keep a job but I really like him. Besides, I think I may be pregnant. [on the opposite side of that page, she wrote this note]

Mom, Dad, you know I’m kidding. There is no such fellow but I do need money. Love you!

Pretty intelligent young lady, even bad news became good news to these worried parents. At the time, sending money was a much more attractive option than attending a wedding. I guess this was the coed’s way of putting things in perspective. There are three factors that really determine perspective. [1] The first is our vantage point. Our astronauts tell us that one of the most phenomenal things about space travel is the size of the earth from outer space. The higher the vantage point, the smaller the earth becomes. Sometimes the higher we get, the better the view. [2] The second factor would be the lens that we are looking through. Elisha’s servant seen an overwhelming army of enemies…he was thinking, “Woe is me”. Elisha came out and looked at the very same situation and saw something different. He saw a huge army made up of chariots of fire. Elisha was looking through a different lens, the lens of faith. The servant was discouraged while Elisha was encouraged.[3] The third factor is revelation, “The Lord opened the servants eyes”. The Lord’s army had been there all the time because Elisha seen them immediately. The servant needed a divine revelation to see them.

EXTRA: Be reading chapter two in Search For Significance– THE ORIGIN OF THE SEARCH. Today is my daddy’s birthday. He would have been 101. My daddy loved fried catfish and that is what we generally had on his birthday.

Eugene Luther Bailey, WWII Germany

Eugene Luther Bailey, US Army WWII

What Are You Living For?

December 30, 2011

SCRIPTURE: For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. [Philippians 1:21, NLT]

QUOTE: Possessions, praise, power, position, prestige, prominence, privilege; these make no difference because they will soon be forgotten but a surrendered life [to Christ] is timeless. ~Frank Laubach [Edited slightly, same thought, different words]

THOUGHT: If what you are living for is not worth dying for, you aren’t living for much.

COMMENTARY: Paul said, “For me, to live is Christ.” Let’s take Christ out and let you fill in the blank–“For me to live is________.” What belongs in that blank? For me to live is pleasure…for me to live is to accumulate wealth…for me to live is for me to live. There is something in your life that is more important than all other things. Whatever it is, that is what goes in the blank. I got into an argument with an older gentlemen about politics. He voted democrat consistently because he firmly believed that they were the party of the common man. I tried to explain that they were the party of the homosexual, abortionists, anti-gun, anti-oil, anti-freedom and anti-Christ. I said, “You have to stop voting your pocket-book and vote on principle. I will never forget his response, “I have to live, don’t I.” To which I responded, “No, not really.” There needs to be something in you that is more important than physical life. It is better to die nobly than to live ignobly. It is better to die with honor than to live in disgrace. There are a multitude of things that are more important than physical life. God created you for a purpose and it is not to draw a breath and a paycheck. Figure it out and get busy, you are running out of time.

EXTRA: Sorry, I thought the devotion was going to be brief. Keep praying for Joyce Chaney and family. Don’t forget Kenny and Jean Holladay. Jeff and Renee Bass need our prayer support also. Renee’s dad is back in the hospital with pneumonia. Jeff’s dad is in critical condition in South Alabama. I think Dothan but I may be wrong and little Bass is having tubes put in his ears today. Lift all these folks up in your prayer time and don’t forget to pray for 40 DAYS.

Martha, Martha

November 22, 2011

SCRIPTURE: The Lord answered, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things.  One thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the better part. It won’t be taken away from her.” {Luke 10:41-42, CEB}

QUOTEIt is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, ‘What are we busy about?’– Henry David Thoreau

THOUGHT: Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials.

COMMENTARY: When someone repeats your name as Jesus did with Martha, it generally means that you need to stop and think. Martha was so busy that she had not taken time to think. First of all, you do not give Jesus instructions…”Tell my sister to help me.” We just don’t tell God what to do; obviously Martha was not thinking. Secondly, Martha was distracted about many things. She lacked the power to focus. Meditation, contemplation, solitude, prayer–all these things help us clear our minds so we can focus on the One thing that is most important instead of being occupied by a multitude of things that mean nothing. Thirdly, Martha’s haste, her business kept her from knowing, being aware of what Jesus really wanted. Martha pretense was to please Jesus but she was actually doing as she pleased. In truth, she had not taken the time to see what Jesus wanted most. Jesus had Mary’s undivided attention and He wanted Martha’s also. Have you ever given anyone your undivided attention lately? It is a precious gift.

EXTRA: Thanksgiving Week, how exciting. I love Thanksgiving because there is no let down following Thanksgiving, you have Christmas on its heels. New Years Day, bowl games or not, cannot overshadow Christmas. I always have a let down after Christmas but not Thanksgiving. I had a short visit with Eloise and Jack Maddox last evening. I love to visit with them, they are such sweet folks. Mrs. Eloise reads the blog every day. That testimony makes my day. Thank YOU Mrs. Eloise. We need them on our cookie list for Wednesday. Big Mama was in the kitchen last night baking cookies: Lexi brought me one and said, “try this granddaddy, it is awesome”. I went to bed early and got up hungry but she has hid all the cookies. They are predicting bad weather for today: hope they are wrong. I prefer rain without wind. Let me thank you one more time for LUKE 14:14. It was a blessing.

Oh no! I have run over Santa


October 16, 2011


SCRIPTURE: The Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does, whether he is slave or free. [Ephesians 6:8, NIV]

QUOTE: A part from Christ, nothing has real significance. Source Unknown

THOUGHT: Some people worship rank or position, others worship fame [rock stars, movie stars, athletes], others worship material possessions [money, land, etc.] but in heaven only Jesus is worshipped. Are you fit for heaven?

COMMENTARY: Elitism is the consciousness of or pride in belonging to a select or favored group. Our politicians are talking out of both sides of their mouth and so does the media. The elites believe that their views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight than those of common folks. They believe that their extraordinary skills, abilities or wisdom render them especially fit to govern or to rule over those of us who are not so gifted. Like it our not folks, Elitism is real and I don’t see it going away any time soon but when Jesus returns, He will level the playing field. Michael Jordon’s ability to jump will not matter and neither will Mariah Carey’s ability to sing. Being in congress will not help; nor will it help to have a billion dollars.  Only one thing impresses God and that is faith in His Son.


SANTA'S Elves getting excited about Christmas

Todays  Top Ten…Top Ten Reasons You May Be RED



Your idea of formal attire is a wife-beater and a baseball cap. You wear the wife-beater so you can show off your tattoos and the cap to cover the scars from bar fights.



Your idea of entertainment is to sit on the couch and shot at the mice with a pellet gun.



You can find more drink cans under the furniture than you can in the garbage.



You take your family to Logans and they get in a peanut fight.



You have trained your house dog to run mice.



Your favorite show “Swamp People”.



The worth of your 4-Wheel Drive pick up is determined by how many steps it takes to get in the cab.



Your favorite color is “Camo” and you wear it everywhere you go.



Your den is decorated with “Confederate Flag” wall paper.



Your idea of a family vacation is to take everyone to the hunting lodge which is a “Katrina Mobile Unit” that you bought for $500.00 after the 2nd owner had a tree fall through the top of it. The vacation and the camper does tend to bring the family closer.


August 7, 2011

SCRIPTURE: “Jesus looked up“…{John 11:41, CEB}

QUOTE: I had the blues cause I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.–Persian Proverb

THOUGHT: Perspective is what you see based on your attitude or ideas. A positive mindset sees the glass half full while the negative thinker sees it half empty. Our perspective plays a huge roll in our success.

COMMENTARY: Some years ago a sociologist accompanied a group of mountain climbers who were on a climb that took several days. The observant sociologist noticed a distinct mood shift when the mountain top was shrouded with clouds and nothing above was visible. During these dark times, the men were focused on what was below. When the clouds would move away and make the mountain peak visible, they would immediately cheer up. Everything depends on your perspective. Jesus had the right perspective because He looked up not down. In John 11, He is looking up to the Father in prayer. In John 13, He is looking up at His disciples as He washes their feet. Jesus had the right perspective because He had the right attitude. This is very true in worship: if we go into worship focused on ourselves or others, we will leave the same way we came, unchanged and unchallenged. If we go in focused on Christ; His goodness, greatness, generosity and grace, we will experience His life changing power.

EXTRA: The DBC Team did great on BLOCK PARTY 1 at Hackleburg. Words cannot express my gratitude and pride in how you conducted yourself. A pastor could not ask for a better team. Those pork sandwiches with Big Daddy’s mustard sauce are out of this world.

Our Honorary Block Party Host and Hostess: Margaret and M.D. Prater

Willard and Joe on the ends: Victim in the middle

Two bossy little heifers: both think that they are in "charge"

The real Heifer in Charge

Kids had a blast!