June 9, 2016



A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

~Proverbs 17:22, NLT


Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is common sense dancing.

~William James

I really like my glasses, my dentures fit me find; my hearing aid is ordered but what about my absent mind? For two days in a row, the LORD spoke to me in my QT and for two days in a row, I have forgotten what He said, although I did write it down yesterday morning but forgot to bring the note home. I racked my feeble brain but I could not recall even the subject. I thought, I can get frustrated or I can chuckle. 

Can you laugh at yourself? Can you laugh with others when they are laughing at you? A sense of humor is a must for a pastor. If you don’t learn to laugh at yourself and others, you will spend most of your time crying or feeling sorry for yourself. A sense of humor is a safety valve; a way to release pressure. I heard a good anecdote last night. If Trump gets elected, he will be the first president to move into government housing previously occupied by a minority family. Did you laugh: if not, shame on you. What do you call a camel with two humps? A Bactrian! What do you call a camel with three humps? Pregnant! Surely you laughed.

When I was a boy, I knew a hell fire and brimstone preacher who was deadly serious all the time. I think he thought it was a sin to smile. He appeared to be working on a holy look, an expression somewhere between acid indigestion and a migraine headache. He wasn’t a bad preacher but he just could not laugh. He lost it, that is his mind. You cannot survive without laughter.

EXTRA animated

  • This is VBS preparation week and we have a lot more to do before Sunday so if you need me today, call my cell. I will be in and out and out more than in.
  • I did get my computer problem resolved yesterday but it took me half the morning. I am hoping to get back on track. I usually do the blog right after my QT. Doing them late at night is not the ideal.
  • Kane got to play golf yesterday with Phil Mickelson. June was tore up. Phil is her favorite player and yes, she is huge golf fan.

mickelson happy


One Response to “Humor”

  1. Playing golf with Phil is on my bucket list. Not sure I will ever scratch that one off. Good for Kane.

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