Don’t Waste Your Sorrows

May 28, 2016



Israel, you have seen so much, but what has it meant to you?

~Isaiah 42:20, GNT


Rebels never take notes.


It would make sense to make a note of what does not work and especially that which leads to destruction and disaster but Israel refused to see what was happening to them. Isaiah said, “You have eyes but you don’t see, ears but you refuse to hear. God has made you feel the force of His anger and to suffer the violence of war. Like a fire, His anger burned throughout Israel but you never knew what was happening; you learned nothing from it all.”

You may find this statistic hard to believe but 76.6% of prison inmates are repeat offenders.An unbelievable 56.7% are arrested and incarcerated within the first year of their release. If I had to do a week in prison, I guarantee you, I wouldn’t spit on side walk once I got out: the last thing I would want is to return to prison.

Some years ago, someone studies the history of Israel during the period of the Judges and came up with what we call the CYCLE OF SIN. Slavery, Israelites cry out to God {Prayer}, miraculous deliverance, peace and prosperity, sin and rebellion, apathy and indifference, oppression and persecution, then back to slavery and bondage. America is somewhere between indifference and oppression which means persecution will be next.

What do you call a person who refuses to learn from their mistakes? Dumb, stupid, hardheaded, rebellious, proud, slow, a dimwit or dipstick! One thing is for sure, he or she is not bright.


  • Tom Bennich, a friend of DBC, was promoted May 27, a little after 4:00 PM. Tom hadhis bags packs and was ready to go. If ever I saw a man homesick, it was Tom. Most of us are thrilled when we wake up from a surgery: I got the feeling Tom was disappointed. I talked to him a couple of times earlier in the week and so did Joe David, we both thought he was going to make it. Mrs. Edith wanted him to pull through and so did we but the LORD and Tom had something else in mind. On the way back from the hospital June said, “Tom is going to be missed.” The first thing I thought of was LUKE 14: it will not seem right without Tom. He was the most Mission Minded man I’ve ever known: He loved his church [1st Hartselle] but he didn’t stop there, the loved DBC and many more. There is no telling how many mission trips he made or how much money he gave away–truly, only the LORD knows.
  • Well, we got started on our visitation and had some great visits but didn’t get a lot of ground covered. We appreciate Rebekah and David feeding us last night. Rebekah served a delicious meal and we got to see their new house. This is twice this week that we have got to see a new house. Also had delightful visits with Vanda and Bobby, Bruce and Sandy and with Roger. Dot wasn’t home so I can’t count that one. You could help me out by giving me an appointment, especially those who work in the day time.
  • One service only Sunday: 10:15 am.


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