May 27, 2016



No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.

~I Corinthians 10:24, NIV


“We can raise ourselves by lifting up others.”

~Image Quotes

The Corinthian church had a serious problem; it was filled with selfish members. The church was divided into four groups and each group insisted on having their way. This selfish ambition destroyed their unity and was hurting their fellowship. Paul’s solution to the problem was to challenge them to grow up and learn to put others first.

We are born with a self-centered tendency that demands attention and preeminence. Chloe, our youngest grandchild is four and she acts like a four year old, which is OK. She wants all the attention and everything must go her way or she gets bent out of shape. What can be cute and adorable in a four year old is annoying in a fourteen year old. It is sickening in a twenty-four year old and disgusting in a thirty-four year old. A lot of people have the ability to be parents {father or give birth to a child} but very few these days have the ability to put their children first. It is the curse of the 21st Century.

Sometimes I want to pick them up an shake them and scream in their face–“It is not about you…it is time for you to get over you…grow up, be a man [woman]…put your children’s needs first…no, I really don’t care if you are happy…It is not about you…don’t you get it…it is not about you!” Senior Adults can be guilty also: we have had our opportunities, it is time to encourage those who are younger to lead. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more we are prone to acting like the four year old. We must resist this temptation and put others first.


  • God is good all the time. We had another great visit with Hope last night. You would not believe the difference; I can’t believe it myself–Thank YOU Jesus! Eddie and Sue were on their way in from Orange Beach, they joined us for the worship celebration and visited with Hope for what little time we had after the service. We are blessed to have such good friends. Hope continues to get cards. I think she got seven yesterday including one from Vellene and Cousin Melanie. Thank you so much: we are endebted to you for a life time.
  • As we move toward Memorial Day, keep in mind the changes for SUNDAY–One service at 10:15. Coffee, donuts and biscuits at 9:30 in the parlor.
  • Everyone on the beach hollow I. Just kidding! Hope you guys have a good time. Poor old Big Mama and I are brokenhearted, home alone! Chloe loves the beach but wants to come home at night to sleep in her bed. 
photo (18)

I am pumped about MEMORIAL DAY!


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