The Ways Of The Wicked

May 24, 2016



The wicked are too proud to turn to YOU or even think about YOU.

~Psalms 10:4


The worse wickedness is that we refuse to acknowledge the passionate evil that is in us.

~David H. Lawrence

Years ago I visited a young man and did something I don’t normally do on a first visit, I shared the gospel presentation known as FOUR SPIRITUAL LAWS. I thought the guy was showing interest although he expressed no desire to repent of his sins or ask Christ for salvation. I went back a month or so later to follow up and this time, he was in a totally different mood. I could sense that he was not glad to see me. You know me, I can’t leave well enough alone so I asked him, “Have you thought about what we talked about on our last visit?” “Nope,” he said, “It hasn’t crossed my mind.”

At first I thought it was a ploy to get rid of me but now I’m not sure. I think Psalms 10:4 may be in play…“The wicked are too proud to turn to God or even think about Him.” Jesus tells us about such a man in Luke 12. The man was a very successful farmer but never gave one thought to God or others. Can any human being be this narcissistic? My answer would be “Yes.”

Wickedness is its own punishment: like a cancer, it consumes from the inside out.


  • June and I graduated two more last night: three down and six to go. It was 10:41 when we go home from the party which is late for me.
  • Everybody and their brother are going out of town: we have some headed for the beach and some for the mountains. June and I are stuck at home: I really hate that, not!


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