Hope In Christ

May 22, 2016



And this hope will not lead to disappointment.

~Romans 5:5, NLT


Life is filled with disappointments.

~Nayola Bailey

A woman called the police chief complaining about the fallibility of his policemen. I will never forget his response, “Lady, there is one problem, we recruit from the human race.” Nobody is perfect. I wish I could say that I’ve never disappointed anyone but I can’t and neither can you. Disappointment and heartbreak are inevitable. If your heart has never been broken, don’t boast, you aren’t through living yet.

I’ve been coaching my Granddaughters. It is probably not sinking in but I have tried. I keep telling them to lower their expectations. I have accepted the fact that humans are human, just like kids are kids. Some people expect kids to be mature but they are children. Where you mature when you were a child?

The best advice is put all your eggs in one basket, put your hope, your faith, confidence in Jesus. Put HIM on a pedestal and no one else. This includes your wife, your children, your grandchildren and especially your pastor.

Bottom line: we don’t stop loving someone because they failed. This is the great thing about agapē, it is an undeserved love. A love you cannot earn. Thank YOU Jesus!

EXTRA animated

  • Big day ahead: Deacons Meeting, LCBS, SENIOR DAY, Communion, WEE Care Graduation and Baccalaureate. I may as well stay at church.
  • Tom Bennich is remarkably better: I’d say, the LORD has done a miracle.
  • Ruth Livingston did not get to come home. They are making her stay two extra days for being mean to her pastor. Just kidding, Ruth was good to me when I saw her Thursday. She is going to be transferred to Summerford.
  • Vote on PASTOR’S SEARCH TEAM June 5,12. Business Meeting June 12.
  • Senior 1996 and 2016

One Response to “Hope In Christ”

  1. Very glad to hear about Tom. I hadn’t realized he was so ill. But glad he is recovering.

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