Some Day!

May 18, 2016



Some day there will be a King who rules with integrity and national leaders who govern with justice.

~Isaiah 32:1, GNT


There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

~C.S. Lewis

There is no question, at least not in my mind, that our congress is sorry; they are useless. They have done nothing to stop Obama. The Richard Shelby ads were a joke, “Richard Shelby, standing true to traditional values and stopping Obama.” For all we know, Shelby could be dead. Have you heard anything on the news about Shelby stopping Obama? I didn’t think so and we just re-elected him to six more years of doing nothing other than getting some pork to his friends.

Shelby is one of many who are on the take. Big corporations own our politicians. Our system is corrupt. We are operating by the Golden Rule–He who has the gold rules. Isaiah gave us some very promising prophecies in Isaiah 32:

  1. Some day we are going to have a Leader who will rule with integrity. Barring a radical conversion, it will not be Obama. He wouldn’t know integrity if it bit him on the neck.  [32:1]
  2. Leaders will govern with justice. [32:1]
  3. Leaders will protect their constituents, not fleece them. [32:2]
  4. Leaders will have their eyes and ears open to the needs of the people. [32:3]
  5. Leaders will act with understanding. [32:4]
  6. Politicians will say what they mean. [32:4]
  7. Leaders will be separated, the fools and scoundrels will no longer be honored. [32:5]
  8. Leaders will no longer insult the LORD. [32:6]
  9. Leaders will no longer take advantage of the helpless, keeping them from their rights. [32:7]
  10. Leaders will be honest and stand up for what is right. [32:8]

This will all happen some day, but probably not today. It will not happen without the intervention of Jesus. It is something to which we can look forward.


  • The Gathering Tonight at 6:30 pm.



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