The Harmless Dragon

May 17, 2016



Tell us what we want to hear. Let us keep our illusions. Get out of our way and stop blocking our path. We do not want to hear about your Holy God of Israel.

~Isaiah 30:1-11, GNT


You can’t change the truth but the truth can change you.

~Image Quotes

Isaiah labels Egypt “Rahab, the Harmless Dragon,” because Egypt was all mouth and no muscle. In other words, they were good at blowing smoke. Egypt was unreliable and was not to be trusted. Again and again, Egypt deceived Israel with big promises and tough rhetoric. On this occasion, Egypt was urging Hezekiah to rebel against Assyria while promising to  back him up. Egypt did not carry through with their promise.

Isaiah was preaching the truth but no one wanted to hear it. Eventually, God saved Jerusalem from the Assyrians no thanks to the Egyptians. God showed mercy to Hezekial who had made a bad mistake in judgment.

This story reminds us that some folks can’t handle the truth. They are locked in their room of illusions and pretense with a do not disturb sign on their door. It makes them angry when you force them to face reality.

The truth may be painful at times but it will set us free. It set Jacob the patriarch free. No man is free who lives under the dark cloud of a lie.

  • God is good. Good crowd at church on Sunday 323 and two very good offerings. Thank you church for giving to the Senior Project. Mandy will get the bibles wrapped this week.
  • My Aunt Angie’s COLS went divine. The Holy Spirit fell at the end. Donnie Browning song  O GLORIOUS LOVE and heaven came down and glory filled my soul. Tim leaned over and said, “I’m getting ready to go.” It may be as close to heaven as I’ve been. 
  • It is hard to believe that we have wrapped up another AWANA YEAR and now we are gearing up for VBS, our 38th at DBC and final. We are going after supplies today so no one will be at the office.



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