The Unreliable Media

May 13, 2016


“You must not pass along false rumors. You must not cooperate with evil people by lying on the witness stand.”

~Exodus 23:1, NLT


The definition of stupid is knowing the truth but continuing to believe the lies.

~Jason Bowling

If you have average intelligence, you know not to trust the news media. John Ziegler, author, talk show host and film maker was a guest on the Paul Finebaum show yesterday sharing a totally different view of the Joe Paterno scandal which he says the media blew but had to much pride to take ownership of the blunder. The story broke when a young female newspaper reporter [Sarah Ganim] went public with a confidential grand jury tape. From that point on, it was a feeding frenzy with Joe Paterno as the victim. Ganim won a Pulitzer Prize for her infamous report. The NCAA has already reversed the penalties against Penn State. It seems now that facts were ignored. What a shock! Jay Paterno is working to restore his dad’s reputation but he may be fighting a losing battle. The left is notorious at demonizing anyone they do not like.

Another case in point that came out recently in the IMPRIMIS [April edition]. Ty Cobb is know as the meanest, dirtiest player in baseball. A man who sharpened his spikes so he could injure other players and an devout racist. All lies perpetuated by a no good newspaper reporter [Al Stump] who wanted to make a name for himself. Ty Cobbs father was a minister in the Northern part of Georgia and he was run out of one community for defending the rights of the slaves. He was anything but a racist. Ty Cobb was not a mean player, nor was he a racist: he was the exact opposite. 

If you believe what you hear from the media on TV or what you read in news papers, you are stupid. They don’t investigate, they fabricate…they don’t report the news, they make the news and it is called propaganda. 

  • Kurt Schillings was fired by ESPN for making a politically incorrect statement. He offended the transgenders. I thought ESPN was about sports, it seems that they are an arm of the democratic socialist party. We are in a mess folks. We have allowed a giant corp that is liberal to the bone to gain a monopoly. They know we love sports so now they have a platform to cram their garbage down your throat.
  • PRAISE JESUS for a wonderful rain. Hallelujah, what a Savior.
  • Went to see Hope last night: doing good but keep up the cards and prayers.

YES! TO VBS…June 13-17


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