Fisher’s Of Men

May 11, 2016


And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

~Mark 1:17, NASB


Believers can be tempted by evil but most often we are tempted by good.


Prophecy is fascinating and it sells books by the truck load. Bible study is intriguing and is both gratifying and fulfilling but both are introverted activities that can consume our time and passion. Some believers crave more knowledge when they are not using what they have: they go from book to book, bible study to bible study but cannot tell you when, if ever, they have shared the gospel with a lost soul. Why do we crave more knowledge for ourselves when some have no knowledge at all because we have never shared the gospel with them? If you spend an entire year studying prophecy, you wouldn’t know anymore at the end of the year than you do now.

Many professing believers are naive when it comes to Satan’s tactics, he has no problem seducing us with good things. He is not going to waste time trying to get you drunk or in bed with someone else’s spouse. He knows your pride, your sense of honor but he will tempt you to become obsessed with something good in order to keep you from doing what Jesus called you to do.

I don’t know who is more useless to the kingdom, Deeper Lifers or Reforms? Both are obsessed with their own personal growth to the neglect of getting the gospel to others. Both move men toward pride and contempt for others instead of compassion for others. The litmus test: when did you last express deep interest in the salvation of someone other than yourself? As Missionary legion Clyde Dotson once said, “If twenty men are carrying a log and nineteen are on one end, what kind of call do you need to help the man who carries half the load by himself.” The deeper lifers are “praying about it” and Reforms aren’t moved at all, “God predestined him to carry that end of the log.” Remember what God told Moses at the Red Sea, “This is no time for a prayer meeting, tell the children of Israel to move forward.” Prayer is never a substitute for obedience. If God says, “Go, we go. We can pray on the way.” Amen.

Do you know what it means when one of the Bible Study mongers tells you they are going to ‘pray about something’ you have asked them to do like work in VBS: it means they have no intention of doing it but they do not want their disobedience known so they hid it under the spiritual cloak of prayer. Yeah, right. Get off of your seat, on to your feet and get moving.


  • Another beautiful Spring Day: Thank You Jesus.
  • My Aunt Angie was promoted last evening just minutes after June and I left their house. She was a good woman and I celebrate her flight to Jesus. He was so special to her and I know she is special to HIM. Pray for my uncle Billy. 
  • My Sister Joy had a hip replaced yesterday, she is recovering in Athens Limestone Hospital.
  • I think Jerry Randolph came home last evening.

VBS JUNE 13-17


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