May 8, 2016



“When you see the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God… you are to move out from your positions and follow it. Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before.”
~Joshua 3:3-4, NIV


Life is either a darling adventure or mere existence.

~Helen Keller

Charles L. Allen wrote a book entitled, All Things Are Possible Through Prayer; it is a great book and filled with wonderful stories. In this book, Dr. Allen tells about a man born in New York city where he lived for the remainder of his life. He left his apartment, went to his shop a few minutes away by subway and then back to his apartment. He worked six days a week in his shop and stayed in the bed all day on Sundays. He followed this same routine for 50 years and never, not once, did he venture beyond his small little world.

This man lived in New York city for 50 years and never saw the Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, 5th Avenue, the Rockefeller Center or Central Park. He lived less than an hour from all these attractions but he was afraid to go somewhere he had never been.

Joshua told the timid Israelites, “You see the chest that represents God’s presence, you follow it because God is leading you to a place you’ve never been.” I can guarantee you, God wants to take you to places you’ve never been.  Do you have the faith to follow or are you paralyzed with fear. Some folks are made for the boat, they cannot step outside their comfort zone. Dr. Jack Taylor referred to these faint-hearted followers as the “Boat People.” Peter, one out of twelve went overboard while the others stayed glued to the boat and all of the boat people say…“Peter got wet.”  Yeah, he got in a bit of trouble but Jesus got him out. He also walked on water. I heard a black preacher say once, “God can’t get you out of something until you have enough faith to get into something.”

Why do we want to live in a rut? A rut is a grave with the ends knocked out. Get out of the rut and do something new, refreshing, exciting, wear something different, sit in a different pew: get out of your stinking comfort zone and go overboard for a change.


  • We live in a small world: Adrian Spillers called me yesterday and ask me to do his grand mothers grave side service. His grand mother was Dorthy Castell who I never remember meeting but her parents {Howard and Essie Sanford} were the janitors at Danville High school when I came here in the late 70’s. They had a son named Buddy who lived with them in the little green house next to the old gym. I saw Buddy at the service. I visited them several times. The Sanfords are Sissy and Dian’s great/great grand parents. Dorthy Castell was their daughter and sissy’s great grand mother.


  • Yesterday was perfect weather wise: Thank You Jesus!
  • Record attendance at GOLDEN GIRLS and I forgot my phone so no pics. We had twelve. Our next meeting in June 4.
  • Today is Hope’s birthday: she is 38. She is looking good, fixing hair and getting 11 cards per day. She reads them, so keep sending them. Holly and June are carrying the kids down today to have lunch with her on her birthday and Mother’s Day.

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