America, Bless God!

May 7, 2016



Israel, you have forgotten the God who rescued you and protects you like a mighty rock.

~Isaiah 17:10, GNT


Some things are not worth remembering while other things must not be forgotten.


Isaiah said in chapter one, “Even an ox knows its owner, and a donkey recognizes his master’s care–but Israel doesn’t know its master and they don’t recognize the one who gives them care.” God has been especially good to the sons of Israel. He redeemed them from bondage in Egypt, He lead them for 40 years in the wilderness: if ever a country was blessed by God, it was Israel. Unfortunately, the Israelites were dumber than an ox; even a Jackass had more sense than the ungrateful Israelites.

I’m a student of the American revolution. Our founding fathers were viewed as traitors by the Crown. The English would not recognize the continental army as a viable force and mocked George Washington our commander-in-chief. They were simply referred to as ‘rebels.’ No one thought the colonies had a chance, not even a slim chance of gaining their independence. The English probably underestimated the resolve of the Patriots but the greatest factor in the war was divine providence. Even Washington knew that we were not supposed to win.

Like Israel, we are a nation born out of divine providence and like Israel, we have forgotten the God who rescued us from the tyranny of king George and has protected us these 240 years by His grace and mercy. My generation has witness a moral decline that is mind boggling. First, there was Roe V. Wade and the conspiracy of the Supreme Court to rob the unborn of their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A decade later, the gays came out of the closet and began marching down main street with the approval of media and politicians. Then came the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion. Now we have the trans-gender movement, gay marriage and the mass immigration of Muslims. I never dreamed that we would be discussing these things in my life time.

We are still singing God Bless America but we have no intention of Blessing the God who made this country great. One day, we will repent with bitter tears but by then, America, the Great Republic and bastion of freedom, will be a memory.


  • GOLDEN GIRLS this morning at 9:00 am.
  • LIFE CHANGING BIBLE STUDY and Mother’s Day Special tomorrow. LCBS begins at 9:15, donuts and biscuits at 9:00 am. 
  • Busy day ahead: Golden Girls, a COLS and some visits to make.
Kenny evans

Kenny Evans our special guest tomorrow.


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