Hurting People

May 4, 2016



For I am poor and needy, and my heart is full of pain.

~Psalms 109:22, NLT


Hurting people hurt people.

~Joe David Bailey

In Psalm 3, David prays for God to break the jaws and shatter the teeth of his enemies.  An enemy to David and an enemy to me may be two different things. David didn’t want his enemies bad mouthing him, so he prayed for God to break both jaws. It would be pretty difficult to run your mouth with two broke jaws and shattered teeth. David’s enemies were of the Islamic type: they would have removed his head had that got the chance. My enemies are not that hostile and lack the courage to take up arms.

I know three brothers and they have one thing in common; none of the tree love nor support their pastor and all three have different pastors. The pastors are not the problem: the problem is in the family. This Psalm put me to thinking. I am not naive, I know that not everyone loves and supports me. I have many who pray for me to succeed and other who pray for me to fail. Any preacher who doesn’t understand what I just said is not facing reality. I have a few, very few, who will defend my honor but many more who will join in the fray once something negative is spoken about me. I call it piling on. The least respected player on the field is the one who piles on or hits a defenseless player when he is down.

As I prayed for my enemies, the Lord revealed something to me. All my enemies are hurting is some shape, form or fashion. All have suffered a major disappointment in life either from a relationship gone bad or their own personal failure. Some of my enemies feel cheated. They feel disrespected. I have failed to recognize them and their accomplishments. With some, it is an authority issue. Somewhere in their past, they were hurt by an authority figure. I doubt if any would pull the trigger on me; they don’t really hate me, they lash out at me because they are hurting. You can get bit by an injured dog. You may be trying to save its life by pulling it to the side of the road but when you touch it the pain intensifies and it bits in self-defense.

What I really need is more love and patience. Most of my so-called enemies want me to love them more than I do. My indifference has hurt them and now they are trying to hurt me.

What hurting people need to realize is; the more they lash out [usually with the tongue], the harder it is for folks to love them. Eventually, hurting people drive others away. People are people and they don’t want to be hurt. Eventually, they will avoid those who hurt them. This creates a greater and deeper loneliness on the part of the hurting.

So I did not join David. I did not pray for God to break my enemies jaws or even their hearts. Their hearts are already broken which is why they can’t focus on others, let alone help them. Hurting people hurt people. Don’t misunderstand, we are all hurting in a sense but those in ministry have given their hurt to Jesus and He uses it in our lives to help others.

So what about the cocky, arrogant, smug: the “I have it all together type”. They don’t appear to be hurting but they are. The cocky brash exterior is a cover, a shell that they hid in.


  • Mothers Day–Kenny Evans am service.
  • Communion May 22nd, am service.
  • Debt Retirement Offering May 29th, am service.
  • THE GATHERING today at 6:30 pm.
  • VBS–June 13-17

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