My Sin and Shame

April 30, 2016



He [God the Father] made Him [Christ the Son] who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

~2 Corinthians 5:21, NASB


I’ll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon the cross.

~Tim Hughes

Can you imagine someone loving you so deeply and completely that they are willing to take your sin and shame, and not just yours but that of the every human being. This includes perverts, pedophiles, murderers, rapist, liars, abortionists and even arrogant preachers.

If there is one thing that could get me down and keep me down, it would be the weight of my sin, guilt and shame. I have done some low down despicable things. There are some sins that I have confessed only to God. One of the reasons I long for heaven is to be totally separated from all my sin and shame. The only reason I am getting to go to heaven is Jesus willingness to become my sin and bear my shame in His own body on the cross. Jesus made it possible for me to become righteous like Him. How could I not love Him!


  • Joe David and I attended the COLS of Myrtle “Millie” Smith yesterday. Although I did not know Mrs. Smith, I know her children and grandchildren. Some of you might remember Judy Payne {Jan Fields sister-in-law}. Judy donated $6,000 on our first church van. I don’t think I will ever forget the Wednesday morning when she called. Millie Smith was Judy’s mom. Judy has two brothers, Alvis and Randall. Alvis was our neighbor on Craze Road back in the 90’s. I know all of you remember Matt and Anna Brown: both faithfully attended DBC back in their high school days. I got to disciple Matt one on one. Millie was Matt’s grandmother. Judy stayed single after Roy’s accidental death until her children were grown, then the LORD gave her a second good man to love and protect her, his name is Bill Welch. Both Judy and Bill are active in church and love Jesus. I got to visit with Matt just a few minutes after the service and I got to meet his wife. Matt is a fine young man. Most of you remember the night Tray, John and Matt wrecked on 36. It is a miracle that these boys survived.
  • I saw Randy Lewis last evening at Ironman. He just finished another round of chemo and was feeling weak but still going. He said he had gained two pounds. Everyone loves Randy. He wants us to continue praying for him which we will do.
  • I wake up in a new world practically every day. I generally make my plans the night before but sometimes they get changed. Harold and I were going to work on my old Ford tractor today but I’ve  had  to alter my plans. I have some hard visits to make and I have to get ready for Sunday. If you want to say a short prayer for me, I have no objections.


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