April 26, 2016



The Lord grant mercy to the house of Onesiphorus,  for he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains.

2 Timothy 1:16, NASB


Keep people in your life who truly love you, motivate you, encourage you and make you laugh.

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Paul is a revered and highly esteemed Apostle, Evangelist, Missionary,,Theologian and Apologist. We are prone to forget one of the reasons he accomplished so much; Paul had a lot of Christian friends. Among those was Onesiphorus from Ephesus. Let’s take a moment and admire the characteristics of Onesiphorus {Useful}.

  1. He was a refreshing spirit. The Greek word used for refreshing means to cool down as with a fan, breeze, a shower, a cool drink. All these things were essential in the hot and arid Middle East climate. Onesiphorus was a breath of fresh air. He was a joy to be around. He had the gift of making you see the bright side. He was probably a jolly man like our own Jesse.
  2. He was a man of extraordinary courage. Paul admired him for coming to Rome at such a critical time. Nero was on the rampage and every Christian in Rome was in danger. Most of Paul’s friends had gotten out of town. Onesiphorus was unafraid. We know he got to Paul and encouraged him but we don’t know if he made it back home. Some have speculated that he was killed on his trip back to Ephesus but there is evidence that he became the lead pastor at Ephesus and was martyred very near the city. I admire a man with courage. 
  3. He was not ashamed of Paul’s chains. Some naive people associate jail with guilt. If you go to jail, your life is stained forever but Paul went to jail many times and never as an evil doer. If your friends are not willing to bear some reproach in your name, they are not really your friends. I’m quit sure he knew Paul was in prison when he began seeking him out. He sought him out anyway.
  4. Onesiphorus was appreciated by Paul. Would I be honored if Franklin Graham mentioned me in next months decision magazine?  He will not because I don’t know him personally and have not helped him as Onesiphorus helped Paul. You get the idea, to make Paul’s friend list and get mentioned in one of his letters is a big deal and to be praised by Paul {the perfectionist} may be a bigger deal. You want a picture of Paul, look at Teddy Turrentine and take off at least one foot of statue and there you have it: Type A personality, highly driven and OCD. 


  • We are definitely blessed and we appreciate all the prayers and cards. Hope is back at the Foundry. She was greeted yesterday by an old friend and fellow Morgan County girl so that helped; we considered it an answer to prayer. Hope is very depressed but physically she is stronger.
  • We did not know many details about the accident Saturday night where the two girls were killed in a freak accident. Our hearts go out to Robert and Wendy Greenhaw and the young man driving the car or truck. We just thought we had problems: when we heard how much Robert and Wendy were hurting, we realized our problem wasn’t as big as we thought. It changed our perspective.
  • Actually, my perspective got changed Saturday night when some friends came by and told us about their predicament. Again, our problem pales in comparison and I did not have a clue. I’m glad they shared their situation with me; it got me thinking about someone other than myself which is always a good thing.
  • Judy Blackwood’s mother, Beatrice Freeze took her departure last evening about 7:30. She was in the tiny house behind Keith’s and Judy’s. Bea had COPD. She was really laboring to breath when I was there earlier in the evening. I celebrate Bea’s homegoing, no one wanted to see her suffer.
  • We’ve been so busy, we forgot to congratulate Brent and Bobby Breedlove on the arrival of their baby girls Brentis. She is a pretty little thing, looks like Bobby, thank goodness.