Better Times

April 14, 2016



But I will wait for better times, wait till this time of trouble is ended.

~Job 14:14, GNT


Good things come to those who believe, better things to those who patiently wait and do not give up.

~Image Quotes

Some one robbed the famous Methodist preacher Matthew Henry taking every dime he had. After the robbers fled the scene, Henry told those with him that he wanted to have a moment of prayer. He kneeled and said, “God thank You that the thieves took only money and not my life. I thank You that although they took all I had, it wasn’t much and Father, thank you that I was the one robbed and not the robber.”

Oh for the spirit of Matthew Henry, to be able to put a positive spin on negative circumstances. I’m not in the league with Henry but I do have a response for sad days: “It could be worse, a lot worse.” I borrowed this response from Jerry Clower’s Aunt Pet Ledbetter. It keeps me going.


  • We need wisdom. Pray that God will give it to us. I could also use a big dose of firm love and a double dose of tact. I have a tendency to get straight to the point. It is a fact that no one will remember me as a patience man which means I am  also needy in that area.
  • Today we go to Montgomery to pray for America. We leave at 8:00. It will be my third trip to Montgomery in 11 days. Nothing in me wants to go but I go for the sake of my children and grandchildren.
  • The worship last night was fantastic. I know we are backslidden because we don’t have a desire to worship. Our young people do a great job in leading us. I wept through most of the last song. It really touched my heart. Thank you David and the band.