Daily Revival

April 7, 2016



When Moses had finished speaking with them, he put a veil on his face.

~Exodus 34:33, NLT


Moses did not wear the veil to keep the Israelite’s from being dazzled by the glory on his face, but to prevent them from seeing the glory fad.

~F.F. Bruce

Moses spent a lot of time with the LORD; first on the mountain and then in the tent of meeting {Tabernacle}. When Moses came out of the tent [presence of God], there was glory on his face but the glory would fad. Every time Moses went into the presence of Yahweh, his face would be re-charged by the glory of the Eternal One.

I heard a story when I was a young preacher and it stuck in my brain. There was a certain woman in a certain church who was bad to make a lot of noise and then fizzle out. She would get fired up every time the church had revival but in a few weeks, she would drift back to her complacent self. On one particular revival meeting she came to the altar and began praying loudly, “O LORD, fill me, fill me up, to the brim God, to the brim.” An old deacon who was tired of her charade said, “LORD, don’t pay any attention to her and don’t waste your time filling her, she leaks.”

The truth is: we all leak. The glory faded with Moses and in a sense, it fades with us. The answer is not to wear a veil but to get re-charged daily. We need a daily quiet time. We need to spend time alone with Jesus. There is no substitute for spending time with Jesus.


  • PTL…total to St. Jude’s was $4,587.00. Thank you church–you made my day! DBC may get a brick in the next side walk.
  • Franklin Graham Prayer Rally…April 14, one week from today.