April 6, 2016



When the day came for the heavenly beings to appear before the LORD again, Satan was there among them.

~Job 2:1, GNT


There are two extremes that we must avoid in relationship to Satan: one is to disbelieve in his existence and the other is to become obsessed with his person and power.


I was reading in Job 2 yesterday morning when three words exploded in my mind, “Satan was there.” God called a meeting of the heavenly beings and Satan was there among them. Isn’t that just like him, the diabolical intruder always showing up when he hasn’t been invited. When brothers and sisters in Christ gather for¬†worship, Satan is there among them.¬†Have a REVIVAL meeting and Satan will show up. Have a business meeting and Satan is there. Plan a prayer meeting and Satan will try to get it stopped but if that failed, he will show up, he will be there. He is always there.

I have no intention of saying anything good about the devil but I will tell you what I know. First of all, he is an angel, a fallen angel: he is not God, he is simply a want-to-be god. He is antichrist and he hates anyone who worships Jesus. Thus he hates all believers and does everything in his power to destroy our bodies, reputations, witness, testimony, joy, confidence, integrity and courage.

Jesus has changed things forever, He came to destroy the works of the devil and He was successful. We who trust Him with our sin and shame will congregate in heaven in the not to distant future and Satan will not be there.


  • I saw something last night that I have never seen. In Ty’s game, a kid grounds out to first and made a home run. Normally, that would be impossible but it happens. The kid was out by three steps and the ump called him safe, then we commit a comedy of errors and the kid scores. The P.A. announcer [probably his mom] said, “Home run for Tommy, winner of a Firehouse Sub.”
  • Dog Wood Winter is here and it gets cool with the sun goes down.
  • Speaking of prayer–Franklin Graham Prayer Rally April 14.