Remember My Chains

April 2, 2016



 I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand. Remember my chains. Grace be with you.

~Colossians 4:18, NIV


I am not a product of my circumstances; I am a product of my decisions.

~Stephen Covey

The unusual thing about Paul’s letter to the church at Colossae is that Paul had never visited this church, he knows this congregation through Epaphras, one of Paul devoted followers. Epaphras was a native of Colossae and the founder of the Church. Paul writes from Rome where he is under house arrest and is chained to a Roman guard. Not the best of circumstances, wouldn’t you agree?

The letter Paul writes is very upbeat and perhaps the most Christ exalting piece of literature in existence. The letter is laced with thanksgiving, praise, instruction and encouragement. In the very last verse, Paul pleads for prayer,“Remember my chains.” The great apostle who prayed for others coveted prayer for himself. His chains are symbolic of his circumstances which were not ideal. Paul was restricted in his movement. He was not free to move about and continue his Missionary work.

I have read the letter to the Colossians many times but yesterday, I heard Paul’s heart for the first time, “Don’t forget to pray for me.” Remember my chains is subtle code for PRAY FOR ME! Most of us have less than ideal circumstances but we must not allow our circumstances to dictate¬†our attitude. We are to act on our circumstances or else they will act on us.


  • Great weather: Thank You Jesus!
  • GOLDEN GIRLS this morning at 9:00
  • Deacon’s Meeting Sunday @ 8:15
  • Senior Adult Day Sunday [Tomorrow]. Swamp John’s for lunch. Special offering for St. Jude’s. If you want to help with desserts, text Amy Garnett. If you would like to help serve, text Amy.
  • Gigi’s Baptism Sunday, April 3. I think that is tomorrow.
  • Franklin Graham Prayer Rally April 14.