Ignorance Can Be Bliss

March 23, 2016



The wiser you are, the more worries you have; the more you know, the more it hurts.

Ecclesiastes 1:18, GNT


If ignorance is bliss, shouldn’t there be more happy people?

~Image Quotes

I am not a big Solomon fan but I think he has a valid point. Mr. James Newby, one of my mentors, said often, “You don’t have to know everything.” If you keep prying and nosing around you might discover more than you can handle; its very possible that you could get your heart broken. The truth can set you free but it may hurt you first. When people come to me and say, “Do you know what so-in-so said about you?” I tactfully say, “No, not really.” I am a big believer in TMI, too much information; there are some things I had rather not know. To be able to say, “I don’t know anything about that…” can be a great relief.

Years ago, I was invited to speak at a Valentine banquet and the pastor who invited me gave me this introduction. “When I first met Bro. Jack, I didn’t like him but over the years I have grown to appreciate him.” It’s hard to speak after such an introduction: as I was trying to speak, the thought kept coming back to my mind, “What was about me, that he didn’t like.”  The pastor in question has become a good friend but that night, he gave me too much information.


  • Beautiful weather, PTL. 
  • Robert Pope has done so well that he is coming home Friday.
  • Gary Garner’s COLS is Friday, 3:00 PM at Danville Baptist Church. Gary will be impossible to replace. He had the ability to do so many things and he loved helping people. I know he was a baby-boomer but he would fit right in with the “Great Generation.”  Every time I see the ramp in the FORTE, I will think of Gary. We will be feeding the family after Gary’s body is laid to rest.
  • Remember, no services tonight. 
  • Got started on my “Man Cave” today. Got more done than I expected.
  • Franklin Graham Prayer Rally April 14.

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