Going Psycho

March 15, 2016



 And because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold.

~Matthew 24:14, NRSV


The struggle going in our world will never be decided bombs, rockets, armies or military might. The real crisis we face today is a spiritual one.

~Ronald Reagan

I’m not a Greek scholar but there are four Greek words in Matthew 24:12 that I find very interesting. The word love is ‘agape’ which we are all familiar with: it is divine love or love from above, unconditional love. The word lawlessness is anomia which is a contempt for law, a willful rebellion, a resistance to any form of restraint. The word for many is polys which came up in the message last Wednesday night, it means the majority or a monopoly. But the most interesting word is ‘grow cold,’ the Greek word is psycho. It means to be cooled with the breath. An example would be blowing on your food to cool it down.

Jesus said one of the signs of the end time would be the winds of rampant rebellion cooling down the love of the majority. I think it is happening as we speak. People have cast off all restraints. The constitution is hated, so is the law of Moses and the bible in general. We don’t want anyone telling us what it wrong. This world is going psycho, literally.


  • We haven’t been able to get any details but we do know that Beth (James) Lambert’s son-in-law was killed in a automobile wreck. It happened over the weekend but we have not been able to get any details. This would be Kay’s great niece’s husband and Bobby and Barbara’s granddaughter’s husband. I understand they have two small children.
  • John Robert Pope is going to Lake Shore in Birmingham for rehab. Marti plans to carry him today. Robert was down about it at first but he is feeling some better about the situation.
  • Joe David visited Gary and reported that he was about the same.
  • I posted a TOP TEN listing the other nine signs in MATTHEW 24.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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