Singing In The Rain

March 8, 2016


How can we sing a song to the LORD in a foreign land?

~Psalms 137:4, GNT


Courage is GRACE under pressure.


The Jews were famous for their singing and dancing. When they were carried in to exile by the Babylonians, their captors teased them, “Sing us a song.” The captives were depressed and discouraged and they refused to sing. Their response is classic, “How can you sing when circumstances are deplorable?”

Arthur Freed looked out from his Seattle sheet music shop and saw a man saturated by rain dancing past his shop window. This inspired him to write the song, “Singing In The Rain,” which became a motion picture show staring Gene Kelly. The musical staring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds was released in 1952. It was not a box office smash but grew in popularity with time. Gene Kelly, the lead actor was sick with a cold, performed this famous rain drenched dance number in the movie over 2 days while struggling with a fever of 103 degrees. The rain was made up of a blend of water and milk to make sure it showed up on camera.

The moral of the story is that we can sing in the midst of difficulty and unpleasant circumstances. The Jews missed a huge opportunity to witness. Happiness comes from circumstances but Joy comes from Jesus. Paul and Silas were singing at mid-night and prisoners were listening to their praise. It takes little character to celebrate the good times but great courage to praise Jesus during the difficult time.

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