Hypocrisy Kills

February 19, 2016



 As soon as Ananias heard these words, he fell to the floor and died. Everyone who heard about it was terrified.

~Acts 5:5, NLT


American churches give 39 billion dollars a year in support of foreign countries. This is 8 billion more than the US government [tax payers] give in foreign aid.

~Karl Zinsmeister {Imprimis January 2016}

Ananias and Sapphira was envious of the attention Barnabas got when he sold a property and gave the proceeds to the church. Barnabas didn’t do it for the recognition but I am sure a fuss was made. The dynamic duo wanted to get in on the action, to get a little glory for themselves, so they sold a property but evidently got more for the sale than they were expecting. They decided between themselves to shave a little off the top, give the remainder and pretend that had given the entire amount. The pretense is what got them in hot water. It was their property and what they did with it was their business but they sinned when they pretended to be generous when all the while they were greedy. They were lying to Peter, the church and attempting to deceive God which, of course, no one can do.

Peter confronted Ananias and he lied, then died on the spot. Word spread about the incident and people were frighten by the events. Sapphira didn’t get the memo and she came in attempting to deceive Peter just like her husband and the moment Peter confronted her, she lied and she died. I heard a preacher say once, “If God killed all the hypocrites these day as He did in the early church, it would wipe out most congregations.” How many people claim to tithe when they really don’t come close.

Thankfully, God doesn’t kill folks who lie about their giving or does He?  I think this kind of pretense and fraud still carries the penalty of death, it’s just not physical death.


  • In giving aid, churches focus on individuals–the government programs focus on crowds.
  • Only 14% of charitable giving comes from foundations like the Bill Gates Foundation or the Rockefeller Foundation.
  • Only 5% come from Corporations. {Corporate America should be ashamed, The NFL pays their commissioner 34 million per year, they should give 5% themselves. Shame on you corporate America.}
  • An alarming 81% comes from individuals and the bulk of this comes from the middle class with an average annual gift to charitable organizations of $2,500.
  • Mrs. Ona Holladay was promoted yesterday morning.
  • Keep praying for Gary.

Gary, Keri and Kane



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