The Power of Words

February 16, 2016



The officers answered, “Never has a man spoken the way this man speaks.”

~John 7:46, NASB


“Kind words cost little but accomplish much.”

~Blaise Pascal

The testimony  came about from the Temple guards who were sent to arrest Jesus; needless to say, they returned empty handed. When the priest questioned them they confessed, “Never has a man spoken the way this man speaks.” The Pharisees and Scribes replied with scorn, “Have you too been lead astray. You don’t see any of us following this man do you?”

I believe these guards were honest. I fully believe that no one could speak the way Jesus spoke. What set Him a part? Was it His extraordinary wisdom? Perhaps it was His eloquence? Maybe it was His boldness and the ring of authority in His words? It could have been a combination of things but I think is was the genuineness of His love. Jesus was free of all prejudice. He had no bias, none at all. I cannot imagine such purity.

Everything I say is perverted in some way by my prejudice. I am extremely bias. A family entered an elevator I was using at the hospital the other day. They were dirty, disheveled, reeked with cigarette smoke. I gladly backed to the rear of the elevator and gave them room. Several thoughts when through my mind, none of them worthy of mention and then the Spirit spoke, “You failed again, Jack. It is no use being sorry now, they saw the look on your face when they invaded your comfort zone. They may not be highly educated, but they know what you are thinking. You don’t love them, the way I love them and they know it. [P.S.–This is not your elevator]


  • I forgot to look at anything yesterday so I don’t know anything about offerings, attendance or anything else. We were up in AWANA and I had a lot of fun preaching Sunday night. I sure like making that first visit before dark and its only going to get better. Three more weeks and we will be going and coming in the light.
  • Services for Mary Wilbourn will be Wednesday at Roselawn at 12:00 with visitation from 10:00-12:00. This is Debbie and Charlie’s mom.
  • Gary Garner was about the same so far as I could tell: he did not wake up while I was there.
  • Swamp John’s is not going well: some think it will pick up as we get closer to the deadline. We have sold 30% of the required number with about 6 weeks to go.

swamp johns


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