God’s Plan

January 26, 2016



God sent a man.
~John 1:6, NLT


God’s plan is to send a man


Last night we talked about the authority in being sent. When Jesus sent His disciples our to heal, cast out demons and preach the gospel; He gave them power and authority. God’s plan has always been a man. When Israel was in deep, deep, bondage in Egypt–God did not send an army of angels, he sent A MAN, the man Moses.  When Jerusalem was in shambles, God did not sent a book on TEN WAYS TO RESTORE BROKEN WALLS, He sent A MAN, the man Nehemiah. When God needed a forerunner for the Messiah, He did not sent a marching band, He sent A MAN, the man John. When we were hopelessly lost in sin, God did not send us a manual with detail instructions on overcoming sin: God sent A MAN, the man Christ Jesus…Son of God and Son of Mary.
Some times we get to focused on books, programs, experience, processes but God’s plan has already been revealed completely in Jesus. We need to stick to the PLAN, the man Christ Jesus.


  • My Nephew Heath had another surgery yesterday evening late {Jan. 25} and it was a success we hope and pray. His first surgery was on December 15 and he has had problem after problem since. We hope this takes care of the problem.
  • Little Chloe Bug has surgery this morning: she is having her tonsils removed {8:15 am}
  • Neel Methodist will be the host for Debbie’s family as they share a meal after today’s COLS. DBC is sending chicken and Tea.  If you would like to help, get your food to Neel Methodist between 2:00-3:00 today.
  • I want to thank the LORD for the beautiful weather and that I am making progress toward recovery. It is not hurting me to walk and I did not use ice a single time yesterday. I just want to praise God for his goodness and thank you for your prayers.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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