Wait For The Judge

January 21, 2016



So don’t make judgments about anyone ahead of time—before the Lord returns. For he will bring our darkest secrets to light and will reveal our private motives.

~I Corinthians 4:5, NLT


Don’t judge others by what you see because what you see may be distorted.



It is hard to see in the dark and when it comes to judging others, we are in the dark on a lot of things. First of all, we do not know the person’s motives. Jesus sees the heart, we don’t have that capability. You may not see their conditioning or their history. The problem with you and I judging others is light; there is too much we do not know. When Jesus comes He will expose everyone’s true motives. He will bring everything into the light where it can be properly judged. In view of our lack of light, we should wait for the LIGHT.


  • Just when I was about to get discouraged: The LORD sends us some warm temps [above freezing] and we have a great crowd for the GATHERING. Thank You Lord for the gathering, it is a shot in the arm. Plus, I got to drive the van last night and pick up the kids [Seven] and our van children are a delight. They always encourage me! If people knew what I know, they would fight for the van job.
  • Speaking of our children, we plan to baptize Robert Sunday if we can get the Baptistery fixed. Joe is sending us a electrician today. He and I hope it is a simple problem: if so, we should be good to go.
  • I hate doing blogs when I don’t know what’s going on with our sick people but hopefully, I can make some visits this evening. My Nephew Heath is having a procedure done today, pray that it works.

Gary, Keri and Kane


[Sent by Bobby Storks and edited slightly by yours truly]

There ain’t no magazine named “Northern Living” for good reason. There ain’t nobody interested in livin’ Up north: besides, nobody would buy the magazine!

  • Southerners know their summer Weather report: humidity, more humidity, excessive humidity.
  • Southerners know their vacation spots: beach, rivur and creek.
  • Southerners know every beautiful young ladies first name: Honey, Darlin,’ Shugah.
  • Southerners know their religions: Bapdiss, Methdiss, Football.
  • Southerners know their cities dripping with Southern charm: Chawl’stn, S’vanah, Foat Wuth, N’awlins, Addlanna. [it took me a minute to make out the cities]
  • Southerners know their elegant gentlemen: Men in uniform, Robert E. Lee and Rhett Butler.
  • Southern girls know their prime real estate: The Mall, The Beach, The Beauty Salon.
  • Southern girls know the 4 deadly sins: Having bad hair and nails, visible tattoos, smoking and cooking horrible food.



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