Giving By Faith

January 19, 2016



So you cannot become my disciple without giving

~Luke 14:33, NLT


“Only giving increases our capacity for receiving.”



Giving can be risky business. People who have to have guarantees before they give, do very little giving. How do we know that our Mission dollars are spent wisely, whether it be IMB, NAMB, CP, or to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association? This has been the number one complaint of the BLOCK PARTY–“What are these people doing with the things we are giving away each year: how do we know they are being used wisely?”

The answer is: we don’t know how each penny is spent; it is practically impossible for us to know or to find out. God knows but we have no way of knowing that every dime is spent properly. Let me ask you a question: do you spend every dime properly? Have you bought things that you didn’t need but you wanted? What is the alternative to giving without risks? It would be not giving!

My grandmother on my Daddy’s side was a good woman, straight as an arrow in many ways. She lost her husband in her 30’s and she had five children from ages 2-16. She had to sub-divide the family farm and sell off parts in order to keep the home and a few acres. She was a hard worker and very energetic but she was not perfect: she had a couple of besetting sins. I only going to mention one, she despised the subject of tithing or giving from the pulpit. She told me every time she got the chance, “There is plenty in the bible for you to talk about without you begging for money.” She didn’t know it but she was making me more determined to do the right thing. If you don’t learn to give; it will hurt you not me.

If you don’t have the heart and the desire to give, any excuse will do.

While serving a church is my college days, I set a Lottie Moon goal and challenged the little church to give. One old fellow was very upset. His argument was and I quote: “We don’t know where this money is going. For all we know, it is going to the Viet Cong.” Are you kidding me? I told him the truth: “I don’t know where every penny is going but I can assure you that none is going to Viet Cong.” The FMB {now IMB} may have spent some money in North Viet Nam but if they did, it was to share the gospel. The old man said, “That money may being buying the very bullets that are killing our boys.”

I hadn’t encountered any one quite so ignorant lately but those who don’t want  to give are going to justify their greed with some kind of lame excuse. It is what it is!


  • This is “Go to your doctor week for me.” I will be {Lord Willing} at DMH this morning for stomach test; Dr. Ward on Thursday and Dr. Keith on Friday.
  • I had a good visit with Mavis Fitzgerald yesterday. She is feeling better after a rough Sunday.
  • Debbie Gilliland’s brother Bill is not doing well. They have moved him to Comfort Care. If I feel up to it, I am going to try to visit Bill today.
  • Just 53 days until the time changes and hopefully by then, we will have a warm day every now and them. If I read the chart right, from January 1-March 13 we will gain exactly one hour of daylight and the time change will give us another hour on the PM side.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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