A Provocative Generation

January 14, 2016



Therefore I was provoked by this generation and I said, “They always go astray in their hearts, they have not known My ways.”

~Hebrews 3:10, TLT {Messianic Jewish New Testament}


The Lord’s wrath is not inflicted impulsively. Rather, history repeatedly has demonstrated that God exercises “much long-suffering” toward those deserving of punishment.

~Wayne Jackson


God shows mercy from generation to generation but He can be provoked by certain generations. Jesus said,

  • To what can I compare the people of this generation?” 
  • “This evil generation keeps asking me to show them a miraculous sign.”
  • “The queen of Sheba will stand up against this generation on judgment day and condemn it.”
  • “The people of Nineveh will also stand up against this generation on judgment day and condemn it.”
  • “This generation will be held responsible for the murder of all God’s prophets from the creation of the world.”
  • The Son of Man must suffer terribly and be rejected by this generation.

The generation that provoked God in Hebrews three is the generation whom God miraculously delivered from Egypt. The two generations who saw the most miracles were the one God delivered from Egypt and the generation that witnessed the incarnation. Above, you see the stern words of Jesus for His generation.

God is patient, infinitely patient but He can be provoked by individuals, nations, and generations. I wonder if my generation has provoked Him? We are blessed materially but we seem to be lacking morally.


  • I overdid it on Monday. June and I have tried to pin point the problem. I drove Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but stayed in yesterday with back ache. I need to be more patient. I am anxious to get going but it’s not going to be anytime soon.
  • I think we were down in attendance last night. The cold weather is hard on the Senior Adults. January has never been my favorite month but lately it has passed so swiftly that I don’t have time to think about it. Being infirmed gives me more time to think.
  • Have a great day and by the way, I’ve been posting on Facebook.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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