Justice For All

January 13, 2016



“Do not twist justice in legal matters by favoring the poor or being partial to the rich and powerful. Always judge people fairly.”

~Leviticus 19:15, NLT


“In the spiritual realm, every act of justice involves putting ourselves in the other person’s place and thus transcending our own selfish objectives.”

~C.S. Lewis


The Apostle Paul said, “There will be glory and honor and peace from God for all who do good—for the Jew first and also for the Gentile. For God does not show favoritism.” My mentor as a young preacher was Calvin Inman: he taught me to take what was offered in good faith but never to ask for special favors.

A half a century ago, Preachers were often given special discounts by stores and businesses. When June and I were in Mississippi in the early 70’s this practice was very much alive. I appreciate all those who have been generous and kind to us but I do not ask for special favors, this would be morally unacceptable. We should all desire to be treated fairly and with justice but not with special favors.

When big corporations give large sums of money to our congressman, they expect and get special treatment. You and I are scratching out a living and paying 40%  more in taxes and the same congressmen will not even return our mail.

The Jewish religious leaders thought that Jesus should give them special favor, He did not and they were offended. Jesus treated them the way He treated everyone else. We have those in our culture, the parasites who like leaches attach themselves to entitlement programs and they expect and get special treatment. The government did not pay a dime on my college and Seminary education. I didn’t have the grade to get scholarships and my daddy, who finished concrete made too much for me to get the government grant. There is a segment of our culture who pays for nothing: housing, food, medical or education. Those of us who work pay for all these entitlement programs. This is neither fair nor just.

God instructed Moses to pick judges who could not be bribed, men of integrity who could not be bought. Men who could judge fairly and objectively. How many of our Not-So-Supreme Count justices are impartial and are to bias? Really, do you honestly believe the Ruth Bader Ginsburg is impartial. She is a Christ hating {Jew} and radically  a left winger. She doesn’t have an objective bone in her body. The Not-So Supreme court has become a joke.

Brian Williams and Dan Rather [lie as to tell the truth] are not the exceptions in the media, they are the rule. The exception would be a reporter who actually reported facts.

I am prejudice. I am a profiler extraordinaire. I am bias to the bone. The difference between me and your typical Yankee is that I admit it. I am not riding a white horse; everyone has a bias, it is a part of our default setting. I was raised in the South in the Cotton belt and yes I heard and used the N word but I visited Cleveland, Ohio as a 13 year old and heard radical slurs that we had never dreamed of in the South. Who had the most trouble with mandatory busing? It wasn’t Birmingham. Where do you find the most intense racial tension today? Could it be places like Detroit and Chicago?

Everything we have is a gift and we are all here because of God’s grace and mercy. We don’t deserve anything from God and very little from government. National security, law and order, freedom and justice for all–that’s it. No one is indebted to you. Take responsibility–Pay for your own apartment, groceries and education.

I know I am running long today but this thought shot through my mind as I listened to a radio ad about an alternative to smoking. My thought: some people don’t want an alternative to tobacco, prescription drugs, street drugs or alcohol. They have no intention of quitting. The same is true with the entitlement community: red or yellow, black or white, you’ll irresponsible in my sight. Get a job, pay some taxes, give to some charities and then I will listen to your whining. Well, for a couple of minutes or so.

One more question for thought: how many Yankee’s were pulling for Alabama last night? How many for the Flake State? Just think, they have no bias.


  • Yesterday was College Football’s New Years day. No decent sports on TV now until March Madness and the Master’s {April}.
  • Over did it on Monday so didn’t get a lot done yesterday: got to feeling better last night and hope to be at the GATHERING tonight at 6:30.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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