January 11, 2016



Thank you for making me so wonderfully complexYour workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.


Everything in our culture exerts pressure on us to conform, to blend in, to fit the mold, to be like the masses.

~Chuck Swindoll


Our natural instinct is to blend in, not stand out–we all want to fit in, to conform, to be like the masses and the world is anxious to press us into it’s mold of sameness. We humans also realize that the world will persecute anyone who dares to be different. Literally, people are afraid to be themselves.

This problem really comes out among the fowls. You can’t put a red hen in a pen with nine white hens. They will peck the red hen to death, simply because she is different. You can tie a red ribbon around the leg of a seagull and release it into the fray but it will not last long. The other seagulls will peck it to death in minutes. 

Today, we face unprecedented pressure to blend it, stay quiet and follow the status quo. It takes a lot of courage not to blend in, to conform, to yield to this incredible pressure. June and I were talking about Tim Tebow a few days back and the pressure he faces daily to conform to the world. Tim is a freak to the world, a misfit who does not belong and thousand upon thousands of Christ haters are praying for him to fail morally.

People think I’m not objective about Tim but after seeing Houston’s QB on Saturday, I am more convinced than ever that Tim should be playing. Tebow never had anything close to the pitiful performance of Hoyer. If I am wrong, show me the film [of Tebow having a worse day than Hoyer].

My point is clear: if you don’t conform to the world’s standard, you will be persecuted. Do you have the courage to be yourself or do you still pretend hoping to get the world’s approval. You can have this world and all that it offers, just give me Jesus.


  • I have a confession to make: I can put the blog on FACEBOOK but it will take some extra time on my part. I quit because I was having so many problems with Twitter. I assumed that anyone really interested would take the time to go to which is as simple as falling off a log but two of my daughters say otherwise. Start putting it on FACEBOOK were their exact words. You know me, if June or the girls say jump, I ask them how high.
  • It is great to be back in circulation but I have to be careful. I have a lot of rules to abide by and some of them require me to think before acting. I’m not supposed to return to work for two weeks but Lord willing I will be in and out–mostly out. The good news is that Joe David is back to do the hospital visitation.
  • Debbie Wilbourn Gilliland’s brother Bill is back in DMH CCU-12 and her mother had another stroke and is also in Decatur Morgan Hospital–room 407.
  • Continue to pray for Gary Garner. Pray for him to regain his strength and get to walking. He will be doing some PT this week with Home Health and we hope this will help.
  • Considering the harsh weather, we had a pretty good turnout for our second semester kickoff of AWANA.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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