Blessed Assurance

January 5, 2016



“A gossip goes around telling secrets, but those who are trustworthy can keep a confidence.”


Notice, we never pray for folks we gossip about, and we never gossip about the folk for whom we pray!

~Leonardo Ravinhill


Don’t worry about me offending anyone, gossips are not going to read my blogs because they do not contain juicy tidbits about the personal lives and problems of others. I repeat what I said in yesterday’s blog: every family has problems; some don’t know they have problems because they are blinded by pride and folly but problems are common.

My pastor, Calvin C. Inman, was a good mentor and he taught me to distrust anyone critical of the former pastor. He said, “If they criticized the guy before you, they will criticize you.” The same is true of gossips: if they gossip to you, they will gossip about you. You never put confidence in someone who breaks a confidence, man or woman. Women get most of the credit for gossip but there are a lot of male gossips, even preachers who gossip.

In Romans one Paul gives a list of transgressions by those who are in rebellion against God and gossip is on the list. Gossip is destructive to everyone involved: those who spread it destroy their creditability, those who listen destroy a good conscience and those who are innocent victims, like the children, parents, or grandparents are hurt by the ruthless nature of gossip.

I was sitting by myself on a bench outside the theater a week or so ago and a pastor sat down by me and said, “I heard this morning….”…I was very nice to the man but I said, “I do not believe that is true and I would not repeat it if I were you.” Am I best friends with the subject, not really, I have known him for years but we have never been best friends. I do have firm confidence in him and I defended his honor. I don’t deserve a medal for doing what was right; I have learned over the years not to listen to someone who is enjoying the demise or misfortune of someone else.

If there is a gossip reading this: mark my word, your day will come–those who hurt others with malicious gossip will eventually be hurt by malicious gossip. Will this blog curb the gossip in Danville and surrounding areas? No, you can’t stop a gossip–they lack the sense to be corrected. My goal is to discourage it. It’s like smoking, if you are not addicted to nicotine, why start smoking. Gossip is a destructive habit, an addiction so don’t start.

I will close with an antidote; at least to me. While I was trying to pastor a very small church in rural Mississippi,  I had a group of older ladies meet me at the front door after a Sunday morning service. One 15 year old girl had been wearing make-up and short skirts. We had a youth department of one, she was it. These older women ganged up on me and said, “When are you going to preach on these young women wearing mini-skirts and make-up?” I gave consideration to their request but after praying through I preached [the very next Sunday] on gossip. I didn’t have to deal with the older ladies that day: they left like scalded dogs and madder than wet hens. To put that sermon in a nutshell, I told them, “Gossip is a greater sin in God’s sight than make-up and mini-skirts.” I think they disagreed with me. My punishment–I became the target of their gossip. Here is what they said, “He is a good mixer but he aint no preacher.” I didn’t mix very well with them, did I?


  • Gary Garner is at home. He can’t walk yet but working on it. He has lost a lot of weight. He wanted to come to church Sunday but when he tried to get up, he fell. The man has a deep desire to be with the body of Christ; I wish more people had that desire.
  • Ran by to visit with my buddy Buford. Got a big hardy smile from him. The Alacare staff came in so I didn’t get to stay as long as I normally do which is too long.
  • My nephew Heath is confined to bed. He has to lay still but seemed to be a bit better last night. He still has not seen the doctor who did the surgery. Hopefully, he will check in today.
  • I will be on call until 11:00 am or so and then I begin my two day procedure. I don’t have to stay overnight but I do have to go back and forth. My nurse said to me and she did not stutter, “You are not going to church Wednesday night.” I have to do what she says until I get able or have the desire to take care of myself.  Adam will take my place. The BUDGET COMMITTEE meeting is postponed until January 13.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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