The Mind Reader

January 1, 2016



As a result, the deepest thoughts of many hearts will be revealed.

~Luke 2:35, NLT


Jesus knows everything.

~Simon Peter [Jn.21:17]


When Simeon blessed the baby Jesus, he also prophesied. He told Mary and Joseph that Jesus would be a revealer of deepest thoughts which He was [Matt. 9:4, 12:25, Luke 6:8, 7:40, 9:47] and He was not appreciated for His supernatural ability to read the minds of people.

We think that our thoughts are private and they are with the general public but Jesus is an exception. It is a mystery to me that we try to hide things from HIM. Your secrets are not safe with Jesus around and He is around, before, beyond, above, over, under and in. You can’t hide from HIM and you can’t deceive HIM.


Happy New Year 2016

  • Spent this New Years Eve in hospitals and on the road between hospitals. Got home in time to see the finish of the Clemson/Oklahoma game and then watched the Alabama game.
  • Gary Garner was trying to come home but I don’t know if it worked out. Fuzz Dobbins is better and he was wanting to come home. Ben Blankenship’s father passed away about 7:00 pm New Years Eve.
  • My Nephew Heath is in HH and needs our prayers. He is having trouble after the surgery. Headaches have come back, plus fever, chills, nausea and spinal fluid seeping out of the incision. Please pray for Heath: he is 23 years old.
  • I have never seen a year go by so fast, by the time I get this posted in will be 2016 in New York. HAPPY NEW YEAR. The ball just dropped on Time Square.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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