Christmas Wars

December 15, 2015



“Where is the newborn King of the Jews?  We saw His star as it rose and we have come to worship Him.” King Herod was deeply disturbed when he heard this, as was everyone in Jerusalem.

~Matthew 2:2-3, NLT


Christmas has always been a disturbing time for Christ haters.



I grew up just North of Athens, Alabama. What little shopping we did was in Athens. In the 50’s and 60′ half of the merchants on the square were Jews. Ben Jaffe’s for one but there were others. At Christmas time they would have signs in the show windows saying happy X-mas. Of course these Jewish merchants did not complain about the profits they made during the Christmas season.

Christ-haters have been around for as long as I can remember but these days, it seems like the intensity is much greater and their numbers seem to be growing. My conclusion is that we are getting close to the end and Christ-haters are coming out of the wood work. The left-wing, Christ-hating liberals want to have the holidays but they want Christ removed. They want to celebrate  the winter solace. God forgive but all liberals are stupid. Who in their right mind [Other than deer hunters, God bless them] wants to celebrate winter? Are all liberals idiots or all idiots liberals? Obama and cooperate America are is full step with this tree-hugging, baby-killing, left-wing, Christ-hating agenda. Show me a person who is more concerned about a spotted owl than they are a precious baby and I will show you a tree-hugging, left-wing, Christ hating liberal. Sorry folks, but no one who loves Jesus advocated the whole slaughter of the unborn. There is a major spiritual problem with that view.

Is there any hope? I believe so. I do not believe that Christ will ever be left without a visible presence in this world. The church may not appear triumphant but there is no way the name of Christ will be erased from the center of history. Christmas is under attack but this assault is coming from the Herod’s of this world. These Christ-haters want to be their own king. God, in His grace and mercy gives them a lot of liberty in the present but in the future, their choices will become fewer and fewer. In the end, they will have no choice, just the consequences of making the wrong choice.

merry christmas 2

  • Our Nephew Heath is to have surgery this morning at HWC. I’ll be riding to Huntsville with Joe David.
  • Hannah Marie Garnett’s grandfather’s COLS is today at 1:00. Visitation from 11:-1:00. I don’t have a name but here is a picture of Hannah with Grandpa at her wedding.

hannah marie clardy Garnett gp

  • I am doing as little as possible but I am trying to fulfill my duties and major responsibilities. I tried the office yesterday but had to give it up around 10:00. I am good for 50 steps or 2 hours sitting. I do hope that Dr. Ward does something Thursday night. Joe David and I will be gone for the entire morning and Mandy has some church business that she has to take care of in town. If you need us, call our cell.
  • We will have the GATHERING tomorrow night which will be our last before the CHRISTMAS BREAK. Tyler is out of town on work so if David has to work late, we will be having a songless service.
  • Very few people are upset about Obama’s insane immigration plan. I asked one man to contact his congressmen the other day and he said, “It’s too late.” It is not too late but if we do not have a tax payer revolt in the next few weeks, it may be very well too late. I don’t think you folks understand what it is going to be like when it is “Too late.”If  You have a computer: email Mo Brooks, Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby today and once a week until we see congress do something. Mo will respond: I haven’t gotten anything back from Shelby. I wonder if he is still alive. They have changed their Facebook policy. You can see what they post, but you are not allowed to post but you can email them. Just say: I oppose the immigration of Muslims–close the borders. We are helping needy people, we are enabling our mortal enemy to accomplish his mission of global domination.

christmas dog

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