December 9, 2015



There, too, the whole community of Israel complained about Moses and Aaron.

Exodus 16:3


Cheerfulness in adversity, is the mark of a mature believer.

~Randolph Tasker


Notice the “there too” in the scripture above. Basically, what there too means: everywhere the Israelites went, they complained. Like modern day Israelites, we complain at the Kroger’s [what have they done with the white sauce], we complain at work, we complained at church and even while on vacation. Bill Cagle was fond of saying, “Some folks would complain if you hung them with a new rope.”

Why did the Israelites complain incessantly?

  1. They were immature, not use to freedom or responsibility.
  2. They had selfish and stubborn natures.
  3. They had a distorted memory. [16:3b, “There we sat around pots filled with meat and ate all the bread we wanted. But now you have brought us into this wilderness to starve us all to death.” [Yeah, right, they were slaves working like dogs and being treated like dogs and Moses didn’t make a single one of them leave: they choose to follow him]
  4. They didn’t like unpleasant circumstances. [Who does?] Who did they blame? [Moses of course] Ultimately, who is responsible for our circumstances? It’s not Moses!

I’m sitting around with a cripple leg and who’s fault is it? I’ll tell you, it is my fault. I tried to act like a teenager and I refused to ask people to do things for me that I am used to doing for myself. Perhaps I didn’t trust them, didn’t want them to get hurt and knew they couldn’t do it to please me. So Mr. Do Everything did it himself. God could heal me in an instant, so ultimately, I guess I could hold Him responsible but I’m not blaming Him.  I doubt seriously that He intends to heal me in an instant because I think He is teaching me a lesson through the unpleasant situation? Do I have a reason to be angry with anyone? NO! It may be my nature to complain but I don’t have the right.

merry christmas 2

  • Buford Burgess is home PRAISE JESUS!
  • Gary Garner’s blood counts are up and he can have company! Double PJ!
  • Mrs. Lewis remains critical and Ben’s dad did not get a good report. Remember, I post the night before and a lot can change in one night.
  • Folks, you must contact our Congressman: Aderholt and Brooks will get back with you on Facebook. Brooks wants to defund Obama’s immigration insanity. It is not policy, it is insanity. Shelby may be dead for all I know, he doesn’t respond to anything. It’s time to run a TEA PARTY candidate for his office. The iron is hot, we best go to bending. So far the only person I can get fired up is David and Bill. Come on folks, this could be our last chance.
  • THE GATHERING tonight at 6:30.
  • Children’s Christmas Play Sunday Evening at 5:30.
  • I am suggesting that we “Be the church by doing church” on Sunday December 20th. I know I can get some kids to help but I need a few more singers. I have one but I prefer a dozen. We are talking 3:00 PM Sunday December 20. I know we can get the two Nursing Homes in Falkville. If it is a horrible idea, I can live with that, just give me feed back one way or the other.
  • Mavis Fitzgerald celebrated her 91st Birthday yesterday. Everyone needs a son like Joe. They don’t come any better! Debbie just sent me another picture: I want you to see them both. Look at him, another version of Hugh, just much gentler and kinder.

Joe F

Joe and Mavis



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