December 8, 2015



Then Isaac built an altar there and worshiped the Lord. He set up his camp at that place, and his servants dug another well.

~Genesis 26:25, NLT


 “Sabotage is the act of destroying or damaging something deliberately so that it does not work correctly. It is usually directed toward a rival, competitor, or enemy.

~Daniel Webster


Isaac, son of Abraham, is unique and not like everyone else. There is no one in the Old Testament who is remotely like him. He was gentle to a fault. Very meek and mild, a man who would not hurt a fly. God blessed his obedience in such a phenomenal way that even his enemies began to fear him.

Isaac tried to live in a  Philistine neighborhood but they would fill in his wells and when he dug new ones, they claimed the rights. So Isaac moved further out and dug more wells. Then the Philistine’s would come and content for the well or  fill it in with dirt when Isaac was looking. Each time, Isaac would move to a new open space and dig another well. This happens four times and Isaac keeps moving and digging but all the while God is blessing him phenomenally. Finally, the Philistines began to fear him and left him alone.

In conclusion: two points of interest [1] The meek will inherit the earth [2] Sabotage has a life span, and two challenges. [1] Do you want to be a  well digger, a producer, a person who makes life better for others or [2] do you want to spend you time trying to destroy the work of others. Any Jackass can kick a barn down but it takes skill and effort to build one. Sometimes it is easier to be against something than to be for something. Negativity is our default setting.

merry christmas 2

  • Quiet day in the office, trying to stay off the bad leg. Felton and Don are going to do the Taylor ramp today. We are going to wait awhile on Janice King. May be a week or two before we can meet with Kim and get it measured.
  • Buford Burgess did not get to come home yesterday but he might today.

Gary, Keri and Kane


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